I thought you might've become aware of the web you spun
around me.
I thought you might've had some reckoning, some time later,
by what you've seen.
A brisk departure, an askance glance, a tossed-off word,
summed up a cavalier oh-really? which in my reality, is absurd.

No one knows what another thinks, especially if they don't say so,
things go along, assumptions are made, simply by the way
they play along.

Lines are said, lives are led,
and a path unfolds it's Self.
By word and deed, we created a creed,
one of laughter, innuendos mutually felt.

Later, a whim came again,
and your presence needed to be contained;
the singularity you thrive on, your artwork,
must've been diluted by your eternal love's claim.

But I didn't know you at the time;
I was just taken in by being noticed, from outside.
It's flattering to a girl to be a Chosen,
and to feel the impetus of being recognized.

There are no words, nor should there be,
for the rhythm that writes what your soul replies
when a singular gaze, a laugh, or a phrase,
connects you to what your spirit knows, inside.  

For from there, the evidence mounts,
in connective familiars, theories, surmising what counts,
cutting to chases, we are mated,
and elation abounds.

Then, as with everything, the arc peaks and wanes,
then peaks, and wanes, again.
Longevity only remains when it's acknowledged,
and keeps repeating it's nugget's refrain.

Nothing lives upon nothing.  
Something always does.
The only thing you can depend upon
is knowing the harvest of how you tend your love.


Created: Monday, August 7, 2017 12:16 AM
I didn't know that I wrote this; I found it in the Template's place.

The eyes without must've felt this, and seen to it.

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Comment by marilyn sands on August 10, 2017 at 5:34pm

A web can come in different forms & you've proven that.

Comment by The Songbird on August 10, 2017 at 6:29pm

Hi, Marilyn, thanks for reading, and saying.  Yes.  It was delicious.  I liked it.  I wanted so to return it, but .. I am forever colored by it.  They glisten, don't they?  


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