We Interrupt Our Regularly Sceduled Programming For Political Commentary!

There is nothing wrong with your picture just your country!

How many times have I told you socialism works! Can't you tell by my honest face?

The exhausting task of trying to find a Democrat voter with a brain! God help us!

Damn it get off me! You smell like something that crawled out of Nancy Pelosi's rectum!

For a very short time I had a vision of Democrat utopia. Then I wet my pants!

Damn! I should never have worn those free Obamacare reading glasses!

Yes I admit it! I sent nude photos of myself to young women! How'd you like to be married to Huma Abedin?

Here I have it! The thumb drive to Hillary's home brew server. I think you'll find what you're looking for!

Don't bitch to me about Sharia Law you! You allowed it and now you have it! Now, I feel like an honor killing!

Eating that damn food at the government run school districts that Michelle Obama ordered did this to me!

Obama said I could keep my doctor and keep my health plan! How about keeping my legs damn it?

Man this manure gas electric generator stinks! Are you sure its environmentally safe?

What the hell did you Democrats do to the state of California? Jesus!

You are not allowed in a women's public restroom you freak! I don't care what the Democrats say!

You will now be returned to your regular broadcasting. This is a warning to you empty headed fools if you allow Democrats to rule!

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