We Could Have had the First Black President

We could have had President Carson.......

With vice president Kasich, or vice versa.

In any case. Two reasonable and honorable men, even if Republican

How did we get Trump?

The Democratic National Committee created him, with the enthusiastic co-operation of the Main Stream Media, as a caricature of a “candidate” so that The Hillary could claim her rightful position as National Matriarch without the appearance of an a actual coronation. Much as Bernie Sanders was created as an “opposition Candidate” so that the democratic selection of the Clinton Foundation Inc would not appear to be the oligarchic choice of the Washington and Wall Street Elite. (can't you just picture the Mad Men of the political and economic elite deciding mirthfully that Bernie was a “Micky Mouse” candidate that would be perfect to take a dive for the Dem nomination, and oh wow! Who better for the Repubs to offer up than Donald Duck!)

When the Republican primaries were making their selection,the Media had nothing bad to say about Trump, in fact they were generous in their description of his business empire and his Art of Deal making. They helped him gain the Repub nomination as the perfect Clown to emerge from the Republican Clown Car and be disposed of as the blow hard representative of the worst comedic villain reality TV had to offer, the perfect Deplorable for The Virtuous Heroine Hillary to vanquish.

The Basket of deplorables had other ideas

These ideas:



Read these.

Think about it.

I've been somewhat bemused about how to express myself on Our Salon since Trump's Election

I know many of the bloggers here think of me as a member of the basket of deplorables who voted for Trump, and let me be very clear, I AM.

And yet, far from hating this clump of progressives in the Our Salon community, I like you guys, and actually enjoy reading the stuff that gets posted here.

What gets very tiresome is the mindless blind spewing of hatred toward anyone who doesn't agree with the agenda that Obama set and meant to pass on through Hillary/the Clinton Foundation.

To be perfectly clear, I would have voted against Hilary if the devil himself were the alternative.

Now that we have the lesser of two evils installed, I'm more than willing to discuss how to control him.

With a little less hatred on both sides, we could be celebrating the inauguration of President Carson, the first Black president.

I will simply delete any mindless spewing about my deplorable outlook, take it for granted that at this point of my career of posting my works of art and thought on Our Salon, I view it as no more than washing pigeon droppings off the bridge that COULD connect us in thoughtful discussion of our joint “Donald” problem.

I welcome your thoughtful comments

Update: Pigeon Droppings

 Apparently we need a remedial course in basic communication

While it is enjoyable to prattle back and forth and trade insults like toddlers, thispost  is an attempt at serious discussion of a serious problem. I've therefore transferred the "Pigeon Droppings" from the comments into the body of the blog so that they may serve as examples of what would otherwise be fun and games, but break up the flow of thought for those who actually are attempting to communicate across a great ideological divide and do not speak "asshole"(Not a problem for me, I'm quite fluent)

besides, I can't just delete these "gems" without holdig them up for inspection.


 Comment by nerd cred 4 hours ago

Sorry. This dreck doesn't merit any more of my time.


reply to Nerd Cred: Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

Comment by alsoknownas 4 hours ago
...and your parents could have had a human for a child.

reply to AKockAroach: Could and did 6 times, obviously yours couldn't and didn't

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Comment by koshersalaami on January 27, 2017 at 3:17pm

Kasich is the one Republican candidate who wouldn't have sent the Democrats off the deep end. 

Comment by koshersalaami on January 27, 2017 at 9:21pm

Interesting thing about Obama: He's too Black/not Black enough. Bit of a Catch 22 here

Comment by Token on January 27, 2017 at 11:14pm

I am unable to reply to comments on my machine, this is taexted via my wifes smartphone

  • the "I am not a robot"re Capture software takes 15 minutes to cycle and stalls 4 out of 5 times -way to much aggravation

  • there must be a better solution for whatever the problem is

I'll try to get back on when if I can......

Comment by Token on January 27, 2017 at 11:29pm

Short answer to Monkey and Kosher

That Carson/Obama are Black or not is simply a side issue.. if I could have chosen a president I would have chosen Kasich, who was my congressman when I lived in Westerville Ohio, and who is a good, unbiased administrator.

carson would have been second choice simply because he would have amiably let congress take back the powers that the imperial presidency stole from them. I put him first because he probably would have been more electable across the board than Kasich.

Not to be unkind, but do you now see the dangers of an unrestrained executive branch?

I will answer at more length as my computer permits

Comment by Token on January 27, 2017 at 11:32pm


From anyone else I would have simply deleted this as pigeon droppings, but you can be both intelligent and entertaining, sometimes more so one than the other.

Simple Question:

How is it that you can at the same time excoriate Christians whose religion makes them uncomfortable with LGBT people while championing the cause of Palestinian Mullahs who would throw you off a building if they could catch you?

The choice we were given wasn't between a supreme godlike being such as Bernie (For whom I voted in the Ohio primary(Even though he is batshit crazy, he is an honorable man of conscience), thus rendering myself a Democrat and ineligible to be a precinct captain for the republican party, something I've done off and on for the past several years to the tune of $115 an election- no small consideration to me)

The choice was between Evil incarnate and lesser evil incarnate......

Knowing what you know now, that the alternative is Trump, wouldn't you prefer an amiable and well meaning shlub like Carson?

Reply thoughtfully and without the Bullshit, please?

Comment by Keith Joiner on January 28, 2017 at 8:20am

There would be nothing to celebrate about a Carson presidency. I understand he is a brain surgeon. I also understand he doesn't have the common sense to tie his own shoes.

Comment by Token on January 28, 2017 at 10:25am
Comment by Keith Joiner 1 hour ago
Delete Comment

There would be nothing to celebrate about a Carson presidency. I understand he is a brain surgeon. I also understand he doesn't have the common sense to tie his own shoes.

Reply to keith:

From this I can only assume you are a Trump fan, the question isn't whether he would be a good president, the question was, would you prefer him to Trump?

This is a provisional "pigeon dropping", not particularly offensive, but if you comment on a post, you should probably read it first.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on January 28, 2017 at 10:36am

First of all, making fun of dumbasses like Carson who make up their own facts, spew hate and utter stupidity is far from excoriating Christians.  Y'all can believe and feel as uncomfortable as you damn well please.  Knock yourself out, dude.  What you DON'T get to do is do the kabuki "play victim" dance and insist that you "discomfort" is more important than other people's basic human rights.

Next, where have I EVER "championing the cause of Palestinian Mullahs"?  Please point out where I have done that in a post or in comments.  Till you do you are babbling nonsense (not that is a great surprise).

Lastly, you don't get to limit and define the discussion between Trump OR Ben "The Brain Dead".  I do not, will not nor have I ever supported either of those asshole.  You asking that is like asking which eye do I prefer to have gouged out.  It is a patently stupid premise, not to mention question.

Comment by Token on January 28, 2017 at 11:26am

we'll see if this gets past the censor


Close.. still pigeon droppings, but better

I am not "Christian", I have no trouble with LGBT people so long as they don't insist that I "FEEL" differently than I actually do... People who hate are often prey to that sort of projection of their emotion onto other people whom they need to view as their tormentors in order to justify their own feelings of hatred. ... e.g. yourself.

I'm simply conflating you with Palestiian Mullahs the same way you conflat anyone who isn't your particular brand of liberal/progressive with the South Park ( Westbridge? something like that) baptist Church. Most Islamic fundamentalists would probably agree that you need to be killed, it says so in the Koran.

As to the choice between Ben and Donald? It was a choice we might have had, had the media elite not built up The Donald to be the Republican Ogre for Sir Hillary to vanquish. Turns out the majority of people in the US like and understand Ogres better than they do Hillary.

had the dems been willing to consider my real choice, Kasich in a reasonable manner, we wouldn't have been faced with the choice of Big and Little, the EVIL twins.

Nice having a semi lucid conversation with you Amy, try to stay that way.

PS Doc Vega bought up all the aluminum foil before I got there, if you recycle jokes, at least try to make them funny.

Comment by Token on January 28, 2017 at 12:55pm

Angry Booger

Oh SHit! Now I've got YOU mad at me! I think I'll go cut my wrists!

You were deleted because you are a waste of time

You are no more nor less than a small child who trots up on stage during a discussion and bares his ass to the audience, thereby provoking the one thing he understands, attention.

Go ahead, Explain to me why Trump is a better selection for president than an amiable fool like Carson. (Or even a not so amiable fool like yourself) I want to hear your logic. Then explain to me why it's a good idea to let the imperial presidency rule with a pen and a phone to begin with....

You're ON!, show us your ass again, you're sooooooo cute when you're "Angry"


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