war 2017 denouement... happy holidays, ISIS folds! but war goes on

hi all. as one of my favorite modern authors hedges wrote in his book, "war is a force that gives us meaning". hedges is highly educated, a sharp/ cutting/ acute/ piercing critic of the "institutionalized insanity" of modern society along the lines of Gore Vidal, and writes about war and economics, coincidentally some of my own areas of focus.

ISIS was a fearsome force the last few years and the tabloid headlines were very scary. ISIS is one of the most feared modern terrorist entities. however, after worldwide response, after several years, it is finally "nearly" eradicated at least within the cities, but ofc its terrorist effects will be felt for years. the last strongholds of mosul in iraq and raqqa in syria have fallen. the stories are about unthinkable, heinous human atrocities, and are hard to read. but this is ("part of") the world we live in.

its a somewhat strange day when "limiting" a terrorist force to intermittent/ periodic mass suicide bombings in cities can be seen as an "effective mitigation" but thats the world we live in. compared to the alternative, its a respite. who will ever forget stories/ images of hundreds of iraqi soldiers slaughtered like cattle and bodies piled into mass graves? and the horrific ways that ISIS invented to execute its prisoners and scapegoats (such as accused homosexuals thrown off tops of buildings). ISIS will go down in history for its distinct psychopathic cruelty that arguably in some ways surpassed even the Nazi regime (at least on a smaller scale)...

it is said there are only 2 things certain life, death and taxes. it would seem that war is the basic historical means of "funding the transaction/ business" of converting one to the other (ie mass taxes converted into mass death via war).

until we begin to face the reality of our own situation/ reality, it will continue. we are all sleepwalking, comatose. the world and its horrors numbs us. we have to find creative ways to identify/ counter the propaganda.

am thankful have never personally witnessed or participated in a war, something that is true for most/ many americans. but somehow our country is at the center of international wars for decades. "when you have a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail". that hammer is our military, our warmachine, it is the ultimate hammer that turns every world situation into a nail to be pounded with military action.

but military action is a blunt force. there is little flexibility. the modern military has transformed a bit into seeing the idea of cultural aspects of its operation, focusing on language translation, cultural analysis etc... this to me is a weak, tentative step in the right direction.

these are the topics on my own radar, sorted by weight of instances collected. the absence of a major world war is a vacuum that cannot be long tolerated by the Powers That Be which are "at heart" (irony phrase there), in case you hadnt noticed by now or realized this basic element of our reality... psychopathic warmongers. (yes Virginia they really are out there, and they run the world...)

for those who are in denial of this, pay special attn to section [a3]. the mass public misunderstands war, it focuses on its face, not its ulterior reality. who are the shady figures funding war, where does all the money/ weapons come from? why is it such a lucrative business? to what clear degree is our economy tied/ coupled to it? its a sleight of hand that mass quantities of both flow in the world without the public perceiving their real origins. the public can only focus on the distraction. these distractions have been perfected for decades, centuries, millenia, its a truly ancient formula/ dynamic at play.

a relatively modern/ recent word that has been going thru my mind lately: "radicalized". it seems to capture the nature of our times. it would be interesting to trace its etymology esp as a verb. it seems to be the answer or explanation of what goes on. but its a kind of a deception. what can we say about all the americans/ voters who have been ground down into submission to tolerate endless mass/ world warfare, to see it as conventional? to not see the warmachine as an abomination, to not see war for the epic evil that it really is? it would seem that its american citizens whove been radicalized.

another great link was [b15] by national geographic which is a near scientific analysis of the motivations of recruits/ soldiers (mostly men). and one does feel it is somewhat of an indictment of hyper capitalism that it provides so little meaning in this world, such that desperate or even merely bored young men turn to psychopathic war instead.[e14] (reminds me of an old 2015 mini scandal triggered by comments by marie harf, obama state dept official, that jobs programs might decrease terrorism, giving right wing mini seizures at the time [1][2].) but for those of us paying close attn, this is not so surprising, because capitalism itself has increasingly psychopathic qualities these days.

as for the next war (yes, one is queued up, all ready to move next on "stage/ theatre"), based on reading the cyber entrails, it does sound like it could be Iran and/or North Korea.

my compassion/ sympathy/ empathy goes out to those in the world caught up in wars horrors, its hells on earth. these people are part of all our humanity. so (and this is some major personal gratitude to feel) have never engaged in real war myself, but these days, infowar plays a major role. think of me as an armchair cyber warrior, changing the world one tiny )( "hit" at a time. this effort is part of my personal tribute/ therapy/ near-ritual now.

and there are very many excellent sources of antiwar facts/ information, so much that the Powers That Be are clearly in a mild panic. as seen in the selection below, my favorites are Alternet, Veterans Today, dailymail, Infowars, and (newly) Veterans Today. encourage you to look into them and find your own. (they are more numerous these days and the spreading diversity of the internet "ecosystem" is working in their favor.)

thanks for reading. hope to hear from you (eg comments), even better pass this on, link to this post. think of it as simply, like lighting a flickering cyber candle in the real world darkness :)

oh yeah and whos gonna see the new Star Wars movie for the holidays? the 1st one had a big impact on me at age 7. in ways not fully expected/ predictable, as you can see.

a. isis/ syria
  • 1. Russia claims it has completely liberated Syria from ISIS | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. Winning the Battle, Losing the Message: Inside America’s Utter Failure to Counter ISIS Propaganda
  • 3. Meet the Brave Journalists Taking On ISIS
  • 4. They Fought ISIS. Now They Could Be Branded as Terrorists.
  • 5. Amal Clooney: 'Finally, We Have A Coordinated Effort To Bring ISIS To Justice' | HuffPost
  • 6. US advisers tell anti-ISIS rebels to kill foreign fighters | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. How ISIS spread around the world as caliphate collapses | Daily Mail Online
  • 8. The Philippines Is Destroying the City of Marawi to Save It From ISIS
  • 9. Turkey Is on the Brink of a Chaotic Battle for Territory, and ISIS Isn't the Main Threat This Time | Alternet
  • 10. What remains of the once-magnificent city of Palmyra | Daily Mail Online
  • 11. Thirsting for War, CNN's Jake Tapper Turned to Strange and Shady Syria Sources | Alternet
  • 12. These Are The Western Fighters Who Volunteered To Fight Against ISIS
  • 13. How a Journalist Uncovered the True Identity of Jihadi John
  • 14. Hezbollah Sucks the U.S. Into Its Own War on ISIS
  • 15. Under Trump ISIS losses have 'dramatically accelerated' | Daily Mail Online
  • 16. From ISIS-Lands to the Netherlands: Jihadists Try to Get the Press to Help Them Come Home
  • 17. Revealed: Trump’s Still-Secret Plan to ‘Crush’ ISIS
  • 18. Has Bashar al-Assad Already Won?
  • 19. CNN Hired Top al-Qaeda Propagandist for Award-Winning Syria Documentary and Wants to Cover Its Tracks | Alternet
  • 20. U.S. Commandos Running Out of ISIS Targets
  • 21. MATTIS: US Deconflicting With Russia to Avoid Endless War In Syria » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 22. Mainstream Media on Syria and Russia; “Fake News” | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
  • 23. How the Russians Suckered Trump in Syria, and Iran Comes Out the Big Winner
  • 24. ISIS Turns its Guns—and Propaganda Machine—on Iran
  • 25. Boy, Is This Stupid or What?, by Philip Giraldi - The Unz Review
  • 26. ISIS fighters panic as they try to escape death in Syria | Daily Mail Online
a2. iraq/ mosul
  • 1. Iraqi forces retake last ISIS-held town - CNN
  • 2. After the liberation of Mosul, an orgy of killing | World news | The Guardian
  • 3. Mass graves holding '400 IS victims' found in Iraq | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. US General says ISIS fighters in Iraq are surrendering | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. ‘Iraqi soldiers who suffered under ISIS see Mosul victory as payback time’ | Veterans Today
  • 6. Mosul Massacre II: US Is Bombing Civilians in Raqqa | Veterans Today
  • 7. Iraq War Veterans Warn: Mosul Victory Is Prelude to Iraqi State Failure | Alternet
  • 8. ISIS Soldiers Aren't The Only Ones Who Brutalized Mosul's Civilians, Report Says | HuffPost
  • 9. Mosul is FREE from ISIS: Iraqi PM celebrates victory | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Iraqi Forces Capture Islamic State's Last Stronghold In Northern Iraq | HuffPost
  • 11. Where ISIS In Iraq Will Make Its Last Stand—or Its Comeback
a3. US/ israeli complicity
  • 1. Bombshell Report: US Weapon Stockpile Used by ISIS Found in Syria » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 2. Evidence of US Alleged Support to Terrorists in Syria, Iraq Continues to Emerge | Veterans Today
  • 3.  Real Masters of the ISIS Exposed | Veterans Today
  • 4. US allows ISIS to operate under its nose: Russia | Veterans Today
  • 5. US Aircraft Evacuates Over 20 Daesh Commanders From Deir ez-Zor - Source - Sputnik International
  • 6. Alleged Daesh Evacuation by US May Prompt 'Political Earthquake' if Confirmed - Sputnik International
  • 7. Blockbuster: Russian Satellite Proof, America is ISIS! | Veterans Today
  • 8. US Army Conducts Heliborne Operation in Eastern Syria, Takes Another ISIL Commander Away | Veterans Today
  • 9. Trump ending program to arm moderate Syrian rebels | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Turkey Leaks Secret Locations of U.S. Troops in Syria
  • 11. VT had it right all along – ISIS weapons supplied by the West | Veterans Today
  • 12. Military Expert: Israel Allied with Terrorists in Syria | Veterans Today
  • 13. How a Free Syrian Army Unit Uncovered the Rebels’ Israeli Connection and Switched Sides | Alternet
  • 14. As Syria Rebels Learn from Media the CIA Cut Them Off, Al Qaeda Goes on the Offensive
  • 15. Journalist Interrogated, Fired For Story Linking CIA And Syria Weapons Flights | Zero Hedge
  • 16. California CEO Allegedly Smuggled Rifle Scopes to Syria
a4. raqqa
  • 1. Secrets of the Black Stadium: In Raqqa, Inside ISIS’ House of Horror
  • 2. In the Rubble of Raqqa, Victory Over ISIS, But an Uncertain Future for the City
  • 3. Islamic State defeated in its Syrian capital Raqqa
  • 4. Piety and Porn: In Raqqa, the Laptop Secrets of an ISIS Wife
  • 5. 100 ISIS fighters surrender in Raqa in 24 hours | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. US-backed fighters 'seize 80% of Raqqa from Islamic State' | World news | The Guardian
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  • 8. Sources Report US Vast Military Buildup in Raqqa City | Veterans Today
  • 9. Raqqa: IS 'capital' wall breached by US-backed Syrian forces - BBC News
  • 10. New Details Disclosed about US Downing of Syrian Fighter Jet in Raqqa | Veterans Today
a5. gas attack
  • 1. An Army of Smear Artists Is Working Overtime to Undermine Sy Hersh's Syria Bombshell | Alternet
  • 2. After Sy Hersh's Bombshell Investigation, Why Won't Media Tell the Real Story of Trump's Military Strike in Syria? | Alternet
  • 3. Weapons Watchdog Finds Sarin Used in Deadly Attack in Syria - The New York Times
  • 4. Exclusive: Seymour Hersh Dishes on New Exposé Upending the Official Story About Trump and Syrian Chemical Attacks | Alternet
  • 5. Pentagon: Trump presumably got “the Syrian chemical attack” lie from Israel | Veterans Today
  • 6. Syrian War Report – June 28, 2017: US Launches Campaign To Justify Military Action Against Syria | Veterans Today
  • 7. PressTV-‘Trump ignored vital intel in bombing Syria airbase'
  • 8. Have We Been Deceived Over Syrian Sarin Attack? Scrutinizing the Evidence in an Incident Trump Used to Justify Bombing Syria | Alternet
a6. women/ children
  • 1. How ISIS Wives Helped Their Husbands Rape Yazidi Sex Slaves | Alternet
  • 2. ISIS fighters' wives and children stuck in secret camp | Daily Mail Online
  • 3. Inside The ISIS Machine Turning Children to ‘Monsters’
  • 4. Beware the Women of ISIS: There Are Many, and They May Be More Dangerous Than the Men
  • 5. This ISIS Executioner Started Killing When He Was 15
  • 6. ISIS brides reveal reality of being married to a jihadi | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Meet the Kurdish Women Battling ISIS in Syria - Viewfind
a7. civilian deaths
  • 1. The Uncounted - The New York Times
  • 2. Damascus Shelled, Civilians And Children Killed By U.S.-Backed Terrorists - Silence From MSM
  • 3. As the U.S. Backs Away From Syria’s Civil War, War-Weary Residents of Damascus Struggle to Survive | Alternet
  • 4. 'Our City Is in Ruins': Crushing Wars Are Raging on in Syria and Iraq with No End in Sight | Alternet
  • 5. Why Is the U.S. Killing So Many Civilians in Syria and Iraq? - The New York Times
  • 6. The Mass Killing of Civilians, Now in Syria and Iraq, Is Part of a Long Depressing Pattern of American War Making | Alternet
  • 7. When Civilians Are Slaughtered in the War on ISIS, the Pentagon’s Mum, the Press Silenced
  • 8. Trump’s Air War Has Already Killed More Than 2,000 Civilians
a8. kurds
  • 1. In the Field With Yazidi Fighters, Tales of Genocide at ISIS's Hands and More Conflict to Come | Alternet
  • 2. The Countdown to Kurdish Secession Has Begun. Don’t Rush It.
  • 3. America Depends on the Kurds to Fight Against ISIS in Syria, But Will the U.S. Repay the Favor After the War? | Alternet
b. addiction
  • 1. Article: Dennis Kucinich Talks About America's Addiction To War
  • 2. What If America Hadn't Done the Dumbest Things Imaginable After 9/11? | Alternet
  • 3. Bernie Sanders: The War on Terror ‘Has Been a Disaster for the American People’
  • 4. Is Trump About to Repeat George W. Bush's Most Catastrophic Mistake? | Alternet
  • 5. Making war illegal changed the world. But it’s becoming too easy to break the law | News | The Guardian
  • 6. Despite Our 'Patriotic' Propaganda, the U.S. is a Force for Destruction in the Middle East | Alternet
  • 7. With the Pervasive Use of War as Metaphor, We Are All at War, All the Time | Alternet
  • 8. The World is a Mess, and U.S. Leaders Scapegoat the Rest of the World: But it is Hard to Escape Who is Really Responsible for the Global Crisis | Alternet
  • 9. Many of Our Present Problems Are Because 9/11 Marked the Beginning of a 'New Kind of War' in the United States | Alternet
  • 10. Infoporn: the sharp decline in war deaths | WIRED UK
  • 11. Kids Are Learning Combat And Sniper Skills At 'Military Disneyland' Summer Camps | HuffPost
  • 12. Why Are Americans So Afraid? | Alternet
  • 13. NEO – Gangsterism, Mob Rule and War | Veterans Today
  • 14. How Men Recover From War | Alternet
  • 15. Why Terrorist Recruits Share These Three Motivations
  • 16. Even a 'Minor' Nuclear War Would Be an Ecological Disaster Felt Throughout the World | Alternet
b2. cost/ budget
  • 1. Congressional Cowardice on Wars Has Cost Millions of Lives and the Deadly Wars March On | Alternet
  • 2. U.S. Spent $5.6 Trillion on Wars in Middle East and Asia: Study - WSJ
  • 3. The War On Terror Has Cost Americans an Astronomical Sum Every Day—for 16 Years | Alternet
  • 4. How America's Bloated Defense Budget Leaves Us Defenseless...and Broke | Alternet
  • 5. Masters of War: Senate Defense Budget Set to Exceed One Third of Global Military Spending | Alternet
  • 6. Congress’ Gargantuan New Military Spending Bill Forks Over Unprecedented Sums to Israel and Ukraine | Alternet
  • 7. New Study Shows What We Already Learned the Hard Way: Stop Overfunding The Military | Alternet
  • 8. ‘US Orwellian ‘Russia threat’ used to increase military spending’ | Veterans Today
  • 9. 10 Ways the Military Gobbles Up Your Tax Dollars to Pay for Multiple Wars | Alternet
  • 10. Humanity Is Being Split into Two Groups: The Privileged and the Billions Who Face Plunder, Trauma and Suffering | Alternet
b3. warmachine
  • 1. Is the U.S. the Largest Purveyor of Genocide on the Planet? | Alternet
  • 2. They Fought After 9/11, Now Their Children Are Fighting the Same Endless War
  • 3. Special Operations Are the New American Way of War | Time
  • 4. Trump Is Restoring the Darkest Elements of Bush's War on Terror | Alternet
  • 5. The Problem of Collective Indifference: Wars Go On and On | Alternet
  • 6. America Manufactures Mass Murder—Are We Going to Let It Keep Happening? | Alternet
  • 7. 3 Big Ways the Military Industrial Complex Is Ruining Our Country | Alternet
  • 8. Washington's Warmongers Are Warming Up to Trump | Alternet
  • 9. The U.S. Military Is Fighting Itself, and Losing | Alternet
  • 10. It's Bizarre: American Generals Who Have Led Us to Disaster in the Mideast Are Treated as Superstars in Washington | Alternet
  • 11. There Is Now a Fourth Branch of the Federal Government, and None of Its Officials Are Elected | Alternet
  • 12. Danny Sjursen: War Making in the Age of the Imperial Presidency - The Unz Review
c. nkorea
  • 1. What War With North Korea Would Look Like: 20 Thousand Dead in a Day | Alternet
  • 2. How Sony, Obama, Seth Rogen and the CIA Secretly Planned to Force Regime Change in North Korea | Alternet
  • 3. North Korea Says It Successfully Tested a Hydrogen Bomb—Is It Time to Nuke Kim's Economy?
  • 4. How does West neutralise Kim without risking a world war? | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. South Korean military confirms North Korean missile launch | Daily Mail Online
  • 6. Shady North Korean Military Contractor Found a Home on YouTube
  • 7. Putin’s ‘Dangerous’ Game With North Korea
  • 8. 4 North Korea Flashpoints That Could Trigger Nuclear War Later This Month | Alternet
  • 9. North Korea crisis sparks calls for Seoul to build nukes | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. Trump's North Korea Threats Make for a 'Very Dangerous Moment' | Alternet
  • 11. The Pentagon dusts off plan North Korea attack plan | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. North Korea Assembling Arsenal for a Nuclear Sneak Attack
  • 13. High Noon in North Korea: Is Trump Ready for War?
  • 14. North Korea now making missile-ready nuclear weapons, U.S. analysts say - The Washington Post
  • 15. As Kim Threatens ‘Destruction of the American Empire,’ Trump May Start the Next Korean War
  • 16. North Korea's Miniature Nuke Spells Big Trouble For the World | WIRED
  • 17. The U.S. Is Inches From A War With North Korea In Which Millions Could Die » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 18. Key US general calls North Korea an urgent threat | Daily Mail Online
  • 19. North Korea fires missile into sea off east coast in unusual night test
  • 20. North Korea 'could launch nukes within ONE YEAR' | Daily Mail Online
  • 21. Top U.S. General Hints at Military Action Against North Korea in a ‘Few More Months’
  • 22. Urgent Warning: Time to Hit the Reset Button on US-Korean Policy | Alternet
  • 23. Pictured: Two US B-1 bombers fly over the Korean Peninsula | Daily Mail Online
  • 24. War With North Korea Starts to Look Inevitable
  • 25. Who is Begging for War? We Have Such a Poor Understanding of the Conflict with North Korea | Alternet
  • 26. Why the Rumored Idea of Assassinating Kim Jung-un Could Backfire Spectacularly | Alternet
  • 27. US-North Korea war 'would kill 20,000-a-day in South' | Daily Mail Online
  • 28. Russia & China Confront Trump Over North Korea With Joint War Games
  • 29. What Happens If Trump ‘Totally Destroys’ North Korea? The Real Fighting Begins.
  • 30. Doctor Strangelove Returns or How I learned to live with the North Korean bomb | Veterans Today
  • 31. North Korea: Why War Is the Only Option Now | The National Interest Blog
d. trump
  • 1. Has Trump Been Tamed by His Generals and the Pentagon? | Alternet
  • 2. Why Trump's New Strategy for Afghanistan Is the Disaster You'd Expect It to Be | Alternet
  • 3. Trump KNOWS 9/11 was an inside job — yet lies and blames Afghanistan | Veterans Today
  • 4. Trump's War on Terror May Prove Even More Deadly Than George W. Bush's | Alternet
  • 5. Trump’s Base Goes Ballistic Over His ‘Unlimited War’
  • 6. Is Trump About to Push Us into War with Iran? | Alternet
  • 7. North Korea or Iran… Where Will President Trump Attack First? » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 8. This October, Trump Will Try to Start a War with Iran | Alternet
  • 9. Trump Pushes Back on Plan for Afghanistan Troop Surge » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
  • 10. $700 Billion and 16 Years at War is a ‘Modest Amount,’ U.S. Officers Say
  • 11. Reversing His 2016 Campaign Position, Trump Pursues Regime Change in the Middle East | Alternet
  • 12. US Power Will Decline Under Trump, Says Futurist Who Predicted Soviet Collapse - Motherboard
  • 13. Why Does Donald Trump Insist on More Military Spending? | Alternet
  • 14. Is Trump Playing the Madman, or Is He Really This Nuts? | Alternet
  • 15. Is Donald Trump dumb on purpose? | Veterans Today
  • 16. Trump Is Racking Up an Appalling Civilian Death Count | Alternet
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  • 18. Henry Giroux: Donald Trump Is Addicted to Violence | Alternet
  • 19. Did Trump Just Have His Benghazi Without the Mainstream Media Even Noticing? | Alternet
  • 20. How Trump Created His Sickest Self-Own
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  • 24. Congress Could Accidentally Unleash Trump’s War Powers
  • 25. Steve Bannon Is Back—and Trying to Privatize an Entire War | Alternet
  • 26. McMaster Goes to War—Against His White House Enemies
e. americas
  • 1. Colombian Security Forces ‘Massacre’ Coca Farmers Under Pressure From Trump
  • 2. Revealed: The Legal Letter That Triggered Netflix’s Standoff With the Escobars
  • 3. Location scout for Narcos is fatally shot in Mexico | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. Mexico's murder capital Acapulco shown in chilling photos | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Deported by the U.S., Kidnapped by the Cartels
  • 6. How Mexican Cartels Prey on Chicago's Chaos
  • 7. The Border Crackdown is Forcing Migrants to Become Mexican Cartel Slaves
  • 8. Mexican Drug Smugglers High on Ford
  • 9. Chicago Lays Off Prosecutors as Bodies Pile Up
  • 10. Beheadings, Torture, and Bodies Stacked Like Cordwood in Mexico’s Gruesome Jail Wars
  • 11. Trump Is Playing Dangerous Military Gambit in Central America | Alternet
  • 12. The Night Two Cartel Bigshots Got Kidnapped at a Strip Club
  • 13. Mexican cartel leader who chopped up girl, 6, is jailed | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. American Hyper-Capitalism Breeds the Lonely, Alienated Men Who Become Mass Killers | Alternet
  • 15. Inside the Myths and Madness of MS-13
  • 16. Cartel Hitmen Force ‘Confessions’ From Victims Before ISIS-Style Beheadings In Mexico
  • 17. Human Sacrifice: A Practice as Old as Time
  • 18. The Obvious Connection of Mass Shootings and Men Acting Out Rage Against Women | Alternet
  • 19. Sonic attacks in Cuba hit more diplomats than earlier reported, officials say - CNNPolitics
  • 20. What's a 'Lone Wolf'? It's the Special Name We Give White Terrorists | Alternet
  • 21. Does the Militarization of Police Lead to More People Killed? Research Says Yes | Alternet
  • 22. Police Action in American Cities Is No Different Than Attacking the Enemy in Iraq | Alternet
  • 23. What the Alt-Right Has Learned From Al Qaeda
f. wartoys
  • 1. Is the US Navy set to kill off the railgun? | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. The Hypersonic Arms Race Heats Up
  • 3. China's ballistic missile will be ready in next few months | Daily Mail Online
  • 4. The Air Force Just Bought 100 Stealth Fighters That Can’t Fight
  • 5. Russia Unveils Massive Military Force: ‘The Enemy Has No Chance’
  • 6. US conducts missile defense test off Hawaii coast | Daily Mail Online
  • 7. Watch: Laser Weapon System (LaWS) Destroys Distant Target In Seconds
  • 8. U.S. THAAD interceptor test shown in new video | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. US conducts 'successful' test of missile intercept THAAD | Daily Mail Online
  • 10. The Navy's Railgun Does Not Mess Around - Digg
  • 11. Russia's nuke train and Satan 2 missile to be implemented | Daily Mail Online
  • 12. The Army Wants a Tank It Can Roll Out of a Plane
  • 13. Why the AR-15 Is the Weapon of Choice for Mass Shooters | Alternet
  • 14. Iran reveals production line of new missile | Daily Mail Online
  • 15. The Future the US Military is Constructing: a Giant, Armed Nervous System - Defense One
  • 16. Elon Musk Launches Secret Robot Space Shuttle. No, Seriously.
  • 17. Why Do Marine Planes Keep Crashing?
  • 18. Where Will Your Country Stand in World War III? – Algobeans
g. saudi arabia/ yemen
  • 1. Saudi Arabia is the Cause of Yemen's Atrocities Yet The U.S. Continues to Exacerbate the Conflict | Alternet
  • 2. NEO – Saudi Arabia and Israel replace Syria with Lebanon as their next victim | Veterans Today
  • 3. How the Saudi Plot to Topple the Lebanese Government Backfired | Alternet
  • 4. Saudi Arabia calls for sanctions against Iran | Daily Mail Online
  • 5. Bombshell NSA Memo: Saudi Arabia Ordered Attack On Damascus International Airport With US Knowledge | Zero Hedge
  • 6. NSA Document Says Saudi Prince Directly Ordered Coordinated Attack By Syrian Rebels On Damascus
  • 7. Despite Campaign Promises, Arms Shipments to Saudis Skyrocket Under Trump
  • 8. US drone strike kills five Al Qaeda fighters in Yemen | Daily Mail Online
  • 9. Only Americans Can Stop America’s War on Yemen | Alternet
  • 10. Accused of War Crimes, Saudis Investigate Themselves and Find No Wrongdoing | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
  • 11. War Crimes: Saudi Arabia Should Pay the Penalty for Catastrophe in Yemen | Alternet
  • 12. Saudis Are Killing Their Own People, With Help From the U.S. and Canada | Alternet
  • 13. Osama bin Laden's son criticises Saudi royal family | Daily Mail Online
  • 14. The World's Largest Humanitarian Crisis Is Basically Being Blacked Out by Western Media | Alternet
  • 15. US Navy destroyer sent to patrol off coast of Yemen | Daily Mail Online
h. africa
  • 1. Strong Evidence that U.S. Special Operations Forces Massacred Civilians in Somalia
  • 2. Green Beret Discovered SEALs’ Illicit Cash. Then He Was Killed.
  • 3. No Need to Understand the Conflict in Niger, Says the United States, Just Open Fire | Alternet
  • 4. The American War Machine Is Already on the Death March Across the African Continent | Alternet
  • 5. Donald Trump Throws U.S. Generals Under The Bus In Regard To Niger Attack | HuffPost
  • 6. Niger Ambush Could Become a Scandal Trump Can't Evade | Alternet
  • 7. Rachel Maddow Reveals the Sickening Reason Trump Hasn't Talked About the U.S. Soldiers Killed in Niger | Alternet
  • 8. Slain Green Berets Were Outnumbered 4 to 1
  • 9. Did Americans Know About Torture at Africa’s ‘Guantanamo’?
  • 10. Kenya Steps Up the War Against al Shabaab Before Its Elections
  • 11. Big Game: U.S. Soldiers’ Secret Hunt for Jihadists in a Kenyan Forest - The Daily Beast
  • 12. On the Eve of Congressional Hearings, New Evidence About Alleged U.S. Massacre in Somalia
  • 13. The ‘Terrorist Treasury’ Funding Killers Worldwide
  • 14. What The Hell Was This Rachel Maddow Segment? | HuffPost
i. afghanistan
  • 1. US invaded Afghanistan to restore heroin industry – now pretending to fight it | Veterans Today
  • 2. How a Failed Drug War Will Defeat Trump’s Afghan Adventure | Alternet
  • 3. The High Price of 16 Years of Failure in Afghanistan - WhoWhatWhy
  • 4. Trump Wants to Plunder Afghanistan for Its Vast Mineral Wealth | Alternet
  • 5. ‘Ghost Soldiers’ Are the Taliban’s Secret Weapon
  • 6. America Can't Quit Its Afghan War Addiction | Alternet
  • 7. Does Trump Think Taking Us Deeper into a 16-Year Disastrous War Is Going to Convince Us He's a Real Leader? | Alternet
  • 8. Trump's Endless Afghan War Strategy Is Also a Widening War Strategy. But Does He Know That?
  • 9. Trump’s Afghanistan War Plan: Fight Forever and Call It ‘Victory’
  • 10. Team Trump Worried He’ll Change His Mind Again on Afghanistan War Plan
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  • 12. The Deadly Folly of the Next Afghan 'Surge' | Alternet
  • 13. Why Afghanistan? Why Now?
  • 14. China to build military base in Pakistan as US influence declining
j. gitmo
  • 1. Former Guantanamo Bay prisoners' lives revealed | Daily Mail Online
  • 2. The Art Of Keeping Guantánamo Open | HuffPost
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  • 5. Gitmo Judge Convicts U.S. General—Because He Stood Up for Detainee Rights
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  • 8. CIA 'torture' psychologists to stand trial | Daily Mail Online
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  • 11. CIA’s Mad Torture Scientists: We’re Like Those Who Made Gas For The Nazis
k. mideast/ iran
  • 1. Death Toll & Tensions Rise in the Holy Land In Clash Over Al-Aqsa Mosque
  • 2. Satellites Reveal Secret U.S. Bases Emerging in the Desert
  • 3. Gertrude Bell and the West’s Fatal Failure to Understand the Arab World
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  • 8. The Mainstream Media Is Talking About A Coming Middle East War That Could Involve Saudi Arabia, Iran, The U.S. And Israel » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
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l. military/ pentagon
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m. russia/ putin
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n. history
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p. propaganda
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q. trends
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r. china/ asia
  • 1. Why We're on Track to War With China by 2030 | Alternet
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Comment by mary gravitt on December 9, 2017 at 12:27pm

Trump has given ISIS new life by declaring Jerusalem Capital of Israel.  To me a good book to read or listen to is Barbara Tuchman's The Guns of August.  Somehow I feel the election of Trump will usher in a new era for the West, just like 1914 did.

Comment by vzn on December 15, 2017 at 9:51pm

it seems like very slowly americans are starting to wake more as to the nature of Israel and its "influence" on our politics. planning to blog on that sooner or later. 


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