Voices in the Gloom

Voices in my empty room at night

Are they demons or beings of light?

Sometimes they awake me and overtake me

Disrupting my slumber in the nocturnal sea,


Where we once slept together now gone

But the memories live on and on

Like a funeral pyre that will always burn

For peace in my soul I always yearn,


Glancing into this smoky mirror I see

What remnants are left of me

Or is it the loss of hope on this slippery slope?

Perhaps I’m too far gone to plea,


Once a dashing lad all dreams could be had

Now it seems there’s no hand to hold

The epoch of love has grown cold

Of this scheme I was never told,


But deep within my dreams

Where someone cares or so it seems

Where miracles await that could save me from this fate

I’m assured the illusion of a perfect mate.


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