I have contended that the "mainstream media" has been complicit in perpetrating and perpetuating racism and racial stereotypes in this country...

Racism and racial fears, like sex, sells...

So much the better for the bottom line if sexual taboos and racial fears can be conjoined in the same "story"...

The notion that mainstream mass media is somehow liberal re race and racism is itself a myth, which has been used by the media to obfuscate its role in perpetrating and perpetuating racism in America...

How racist is this "viral" video now being aired and discussed on and in mainstream media?

Note the white/black imagery and implications...

Note the neighborhood in which this, "edited for TV", 2 minute clip, of a 10 hour video, is shot...

The media makes no attempt to compare and/or contrast reactions/responses in non-minority, non-urban neighborhoods...

And, certainly, there was no effort by the video producers and/or the media to address the matter/issue using a black actress as the decoy for the sake of analytical comparison and journalistic balance...

Yes, the white woman in this video is an actress....


Some perspective on the matter of media tretment of white women in peril:


Click on WWW.OurCollaboration.net and catch up!

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Comment by Ron Powell on October 31, 2014 at 9:35pm
She's rigid and single minded....

Have I made excuses for the behavior of the men in the video?

During my career, I held academic and administrative positions
at Yale and UConn as Director of the Afro-Am Centers at the rank of
Assistant Dean and Assistant Professor....I've been there and done that ....

She's walking a personal and professional tightrope....

As a feminist who's black, or a black woman who's a feminist,
her posture re black men in this matter leaves much to be desired ....
Comment by Arthur James on November 1, 2014 at 8:36am


It a DC goof off day.

I have not much to say.

I am near ` KALAVER'A

Mexican Cuisine Eatery,

and ` Mr. Powell's Barber

Shop and Beauty Salon.

It's near Your Old School

Stomping Grounds, and

Howard University, and

it's near ` The Pug ' a bar

next to ` Granville's Mooches

and good ` Fritters Eatery.

DC H- Street & 13th - fun

goof off Saturday. Howdy.

You related to ` Powell's

Barber Shop & Salon?

Comment by Ron Powell on November 1, 2014 at 9:04am
@AJ; No relation....I fear that when I return to DC for an extended visit, I won't recognize the place......
Comment by Arthur James on November 1, 2014 at 3:01pm





THE  trolley

car look as if

a ` DC's odd

vehicle Off a

MoBile ` mass '

distraction ` /?\'

as a chorus ` huh\'

a modern ` H- Street's

Trolley's ` gaS-AUTO/'S



 ODD O,  ` ODD ` O, OHO! 

O, ODD, ` ODD ` GOOD '


Ol O, GO ` NAP ' OHO '|


` , ';





if yA do?\re-


i agree - DC's\

still a - Grand\

Mystery - Aye\

aS a ` daily '\

unfurling / aye`l '

aye, i just \ fog \ ` I '

and, go day\night\ ` i '

go and daydream\ calm '

and i swear i no caught up '

but, i loves to do ` hiccups '

AS?` :'  CAT-SUP `Ketchup '

I agree` : DC's So ` Different '\


I pause

and sure

do mArvel.

And no s

thanks fully fully...

them ` sold- outs ...

seem ` odd-insane ...





act so!

hAck O!


Odd! O!





heehaw as

OI, honest,




Comment by L in the Southeast on November 1, 2014 at 3:02pm

That video did come off racially skewed and the mainstream media, in their recent laziness and lack of professionalism,  have no scruples when it comes to filling its air with viral videos.   They pass it off for news without having to  lift a finger (or phone) to do the fact-checking.  I'd be willing to bet that not one person who was responsible for adding that tape to the lineup ever had one thought that the video looked racially skewed.   They are either clueless (likely) or unable to think critically.

Comment by Ron Powell on November 1, 2014 at 5:03pm
Amen! Lezlie, Amen!!!!
Comment by Arthur James on November 2, 2014 at 3:27am


The Video Helps Farmers.

We wear Purple  Short Bibs.

We No Try To Be Stuck UPS.

Farmers Invite Over For Left

Over, Bit Into, Red Candy Apple.

I ReViewed For Hoppy Smiles.

If we folk act rude we no harps.


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