Victory Becomes Winners

Three weeks after the election victory of the Republicans across and in every political corner of the land, the attitudes and activities of the victors and vanquished provide fascinating contrasts.

The Victors:

Trump has been vetting a rich assemblage of business, political, and military stars in a due diligence effort to put together, from an embarrassment of riches, the best possible team to promote his agenda. If put to a polygraph, I believe that most Republicans would be comfortable with any of the contenders, with the possible exception of Mitt Romney, who I predict will not win a nomination to Secretary of State.

The stock market is on the rise, reflecting public confidence in both the promises and preliminary progress of the Trump ascendancy.

Between drumsticks, Trump managed to pull off the saving of jobs here at home. Just listen to what some of the Carrier workers have to say about their new president, and you’ll be inspired by the enthusiasm that is abounding around the country.

The Losers:

There are so many that it’s necessary to sub-divide:

The politicians:

The blue ribbon loser goes, of course, goes to Barack Obama, who is so “legacy” obsessed that he has retreated to the pages of some pop rag to spread blame around like Sherwin-Williams paint. He had a go at Hillary, and when that exercise in non-gallantry didn’t get much traction, he turned to FOX News, a cable network that spent considerable energy trying to get Dems to grace their band, but usually without success, no doubt due to the delusional conviction that the election was the Dems to lose.

Nancy Pelosi and BO are really good at spiking the ball after losing the game. I can’t decide whether it’s comic or pathetic.

The media:

The art of learning nothing. From the apologetic New York Times to the unapologetic CNN, the overwhelming mandate seems to be continuing the biased treatment of news stories in terms of their potential to put out disparaging reports about the winners. Donna Brazile may be gone, but there’s always the first-fired Van Jones to carry on.

My personal favorite is Anderson Cooper, who confuses a squint and knitted brow with intellectual sophistication. He led the charge against Trump’s tweet about flag burning as if the tweet had ACT OF CONGRESS introducing it and as if the word “possibly” were not a part of it.

The ordinary losers:

I’ve previously commented on those that have taken to their beds, the streets, but so far have not taken the promised powders. Fortunately, there are tissues to mop up their tears, and cookies, hot chocolate, and Girl Scout cookies to sooth their indigestion.

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