Venezuela: terrorUSt$ must win, OR else

or else, terrorUSt$' "regime change"* investments and crimes against Humanity will continue. 


Venezuela’s Elections: Resurgent Chavismo and Unrecognized Democracy

A tale of two elections

On July 16th the Venezuelan opposition held a “consultation” in which it called on its supporters to symbolically reject the Constituent Assembly, appeal for military coup and support a so-called “national unity” government. Here is how Associated Press reported on the turnout:

“The opposition said 7.6 million Venezuelans participated in Sunday’s symbolic referendum, which the government labelled an internal party poll with no relevance for the country.”

There is no mention of the fact that people were free to vote more than once, that no electoral roll was used and that no audit was possible because everything was burned at the end of the day. Apart from this, in a recent article we explored other reasons why this total was very doubtful, based on simple estimations given the number of voting booths available. A phone conversation between opposition leaders in Aragua state also revealed how the numbers were being cooked.

In contrast, Sunday’s elections had the full weight of the electoral authorities behind them, over 12.000 voting centres and 24.000 voting booths, and the approval of international monitors. The main obstacle was the opposition’s violence, and so additional voting centres, such as the Caracas Poliedro pavilion, were set up for people who were not able to vote in their own neighbourhoods (1)Picturesshowed voting queues forming since early morning and the voting deadline was extended so everyone could vote.

It is also worth reminding how the Venezuelan voting system is as close to foolproof as it gets. Voters access voting machines using their fingerprints, exercise their vote electronically, and then a paper ballot is printed. The voter checks that it matches the vote he/she just made and places this paper ballot in a box. Once the voting is done, a random audit of voting centres is made to ensure that the paper ballot tally matches the electronic tally to a margin of 0.1%. In particular, a big discrepancy between the voting totals, paper and electronic, would stand out immediately. And yet, this is how Associated Press reportedSunday’s turnout:

“National Electoral Council President Tibisay Lucena announced just before midnight that turnout was 41.53 percent, or 8,089,320 people. Members of the opposition said they believed between 2 million and 3 million people voted and one well-respected independent analysis put the number at 3.6 million.”

Based on what, exactly? If they have evidence they should present it. Some pictures of empty voting centres in middle-class neighbourhoods, which for all we know could have been taken the day before, do not prove anything. Surely, among the thousands of electoral commission workers, one of them would report that there were 3 times more electronic votes than paper ballots in his centre. When Donald Trump claimed that he lost the popular vote because 3 million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton the media checkedand disproved the wild claim. But apparently these standards, or any standards for that matter, do not apply to the Venezuelan opposition.




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Comment by moki ikom on August 2, 2017 at 1:06am

Perhaps only U.S. Americans can rationalize hypocrUSy, but European Union is close second, albeit EU formerly the greatest beneficiary, propagator exempliar of crimes against Life generally, Humanity specifically. 

Comment by moki ikom on August 3, 2017 at 2:11pm

' "terrorUSt$" sounds like the old popular front nonsense from decades ago. '  Really Terry? That what your ears tell you, sounds like what nonsense exactly?  does it sound like terrorists at all in your ears?

At any rate, back to your claim that "Venezuela made its own hell."  Really Terry, your ignorance about terrorUSt$' crimes against democracy and humanity in Latin America -no doubt the world over as well- can only be profound. 

For what it may be worth to you, you could read this and see if you could give some credit to your country's regime-changing efforts to destabilize Venezuela among dozens of other nations:

Tracking US Intervention in Venezuela Since 2002

It's been over a decade since a U.S. sponsored coup temporarily overthrew Venezuela's democracy, and Washington is still plotting.

The United States has a long history of interfering in Venezuela.

Shortly after being returned to power by popular force in April 2002, then president Hugo Chavez quickly warned the United States was already planning its next move. Chavez had been ousted from office for just under two days in early April, in a coup carefully choreographed by Venezuela's business elite, renegade military elements and the United States.

By early October, 2002, Chavez announced Venezuelan authorities had already uncovered another coup plot. Two weeks later, Chavez narrowly escaped an assassination attempt. The attempt appeared to coincide with anti-government protests.

Then, as U.S. president George W. Bush entered his second term in 2005, Washington appeared to redouble its efforts to remove Chavez. A month after Bush was sworn in for a second time, Chavez said his government had uncovered another assassination plot. The plot was uncovered just weeks after then U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice described the Venezuelan leader as a “destabilizing force.” In September that year, Bush again lashed out at Venezuela, accusing the country of failing in its fight against the narcotics trade.

Another major coup plot was foiled in 2006, when Venezuelan authorities said they found evidence the U.S. embassy in Caracas had been secretly collecting military information. That same year, the Department of State began barring certain arms sales to Venezuela. This was the beginning of what would later become a key pillar of U.S. policy towards Caracas – sanctions.

In 2011, state oil company PDVSA was hit with U.S. sanctions,




Comment by moki ikom on August 28, 2017 at 2:55am

terrorUSt$' new economic war sanctions on marxist Venezuela


Comment by moki ikom on August 29, 2017 at 8:56am

Venezuelan dignity and democracy vs. terrorUSt$' militarist anti-egalitarianism



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