Vanessa Kachadurian "Havresc Stand On Courage" a modern day David and Goliath story.

Promoting Documentaries that Inspire

A short documentary by filmmaker David Ritter, was brought to my attention by a friend of mine.  He was inspired by this small village in North Iraq that fights back against ISIS and other terrorist gangs.  I felt compelled to learn more and had long conversations with the filmmaker who spent a lot of time in this village of Havresc and what drove him to film a insignificant historical Armenian Christian village. His answer was simple "I don't like bullies and I was tired of watching these atrocities so I went to Iraq and found Havresc". 

That was enough for me to push for the documentary at the Glendale International Film Festival, and since then "Havresc Stand on Courage" has received a lot of attention internationally and in the United States.  Havresc will be screening in Canada, United States, (Alaska, Michigan, California, NY) and even in Iceland.  Yes, I said "Iceland" it seems everyone loves a story of bravery against evil.  You can check for screenings in your area or if you wish to book one at havresc website


The town of Havresc was formed during the Armenian Genocide of 1915 but 20 years before under the Sultan Hamid (Hamidian Massacres) Armenians and other Christian subjects of the Ottoman Empire fled many areas.  Originally called Hay Vrej (Armenian Revenge) it thrived for many years in Iraq, but under the ethnic blending policies of Hussein the village was damaged and abandoned until 2006.  The unofficial mayor of Havresc is Aslan (lion) Murad Vartanian, who was an ex - sniper in the Iraqis military who is training men to fight and push ISIS and other terrorist gangs back.  

Havresc has a current population of about 500 people, that includes 150 families, not all the population is ethnic Armenian.  Havresc have taken in persecuted minorities in the area the Assyrians and Yezidi people all indigenous to the area.  The town has a church, a small clinic and is for now self sustainable as farmers, sheepherders and expert beekeepers producing a high quality of honey.  There is a non profit that is set up to lend a hand to get the town's infrastructure and try to start a sustainable economy at Echo non profit for Havresc

Live like a Lion, Die like a Lion....

The first priority for Havresc is for its Safety and to flush the area of thieves, scavengers of war and ISIS.  Frankly, the invasion of Iraq by US forces and it's subsequent occupation has turned back the economy of Iraq, terrorism is up, and the country stands to lose all of it's Christian population which was the first inhabitants of what today is known as Iraq (a British invention) to start their lovely BP Oil.  Frankly the occupation of US forces has been a hardship on the people destroying much of the educational system (once the most educated of countries in the middle east).  Iraq military, government and other systems were broken down by US forces and contractors.  My hope for the Iraqis people that the US et al will stop occupying and sucking the resources out of Iraq and other countries.  That the good people of Iraq will again build their great historical country into another model of democracy of the middle east were all faiths and ethnic groups lived side by side. 


Other articles of interest about this group of brave people in Havresc can be found at: 

Special "thank you" to Dr. Mike, from Orange County that traveled to Iraq and narrates part of this special documentary and for setting up

Dr. Mike's interview with the people's radio Havresc Radio Interview

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