I am but a Valkyrie --
the Wings belong to my Steed
it is mine only to direct Him,
and to find the ones in Need.

To Retrieve brave souls from Battle,
in the forces of Life or of Death,
so the Evermore can befall them,
to Protect them; to further their Quest.

we Daughters take the strong to Valhalla,
where Mother Freyja embraces their Charms,
while Father Odin prepares them for the Afterlife,
and to carry a Daughter away in his Arms.

He’s been named the God of Battle,
of Wisdom, and The Leader of Souls
but we Daughters know in our Lives and Hearts,
it’s Love Eternal that he Knows.

For he loves our Mother Freyja,
the Keeper of the Winged Robes
that cloak Swan Maidens' and Ravens' flights
to gather Others to the Love they evoke.

They Rein o’er the Kingdom of Asgard,
embracing the plundered, asundered, the lost,
and enchant them in the ways of Evermore:
that Valhalla is won at One’s own cost.

Rising up for the Life you’re afforded,
realizing your Battle has been for Place
in the Beliefs you conjured your own Self,
those of Relief, Release, and Grace.

So armed with Wisdom and shields of Light,
we gather Those who would live, breathe and grow
to Hail in the reign of Fine Fortune;
to join forces with Others who Know.

Riding the wave of my own Trinity,
Mother, Daughter, Self,
the Light of my very Existence,
my Valkyrie is unleashed, and Felt.


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Comment by Anna Herrington on December 3, 2017 at 9:56am

You find the best images to go with your poems...

"Riding the wave of my own Trinity"  -  nice!

Comment by The Songbird on December 3, 2017 at 10:52am

Oh, thank you Anna.  It's my favourite part!!  And this one, I loved learning the history of the Valkyries, not warriors at all, but saviors.  

Comment by The Songbird on December 3, 2017 at 10:53am

Hi, ABG - Thanks; you're always so nice to come read them!  


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