Fun facts:
Top five countries exporting steel to the US
1. Canada 16.7 percent
2. Brazil 13.2 percent
3. South Korea 9.7 percent
4. Mexico 9.4 percent
5. Russia 8.1 percent
Guess which one is not included in the tariffs. (Hint -- it begins with "R".)

     So your president has decided -- despite congressional disapproval -- to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum coming from Canada and other US allies.
     At the same time -- assuming he has the guts (questionable) -- he's expected next week at the G7 meeting in Quebec, the province where most of Canada's aluminum is produced. That should be interesting.
     This all started because neither Canada nor Mexico would bend a knee to Trump's demand that NAFTA has to have a built-in "sunset clause" that would force renegotiation every five years. I'm sure business and industry would love to have their long-range planning constantly in doubt. (Poe's Law in effect.)
     Mind you, he lacked the courage to issue the demand himself -- he used Pence as a proxy.
     Anyway, among the many other lies he's told, one of the biggest is that Canada has a trade surplus with the US.
     It's a fact that we don't buy as much stuff from America as America does from us, but we're one-tenth the population.
     Also, when the other part of the NAFTA agreement is considered -- that would be services -- we on the frozen tundra are miles ahead. Overall, we have a net deficit with the US, or are at worst neutral, depending on whose figures you use. (See this chart from Time Magazine)
     I could -- but won't -- witter on about how much our countries owe each other in other ways. I did that last weekend, and few noticed.
     Instead, let me point out a Toronto Star story coming from Monessen, PA. Steelworkers there know their industry isn't coming back, and they're they're not blaming Canada.
     "Americans and Canadians have always worked together and always been on the same side. And there’s fairness there, both sides. It’s certainly not fair with the Chinese. It’s out of control.
     "What’s fair is fair, what’s honest is honest, and the relationship’s there with Canada. Why ruin it?" said one ex-steel maker, who generally supports tariffs.
    Oh yeah. And America? Va te faire foutre yourselves for electing this job-killing idiot.

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Comment by Boanerges on June 1, 2018 at 1:45pm

For the record, I opposed the original Free Trade Agreement with the US and later NAFTA. I recognize that today, the economies are intertwined that messing about like this will hurt everyone.


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