Unidentified Swimmers~Way Up North

I had planned to relax.
I've lived a joyous life for approximately 10,000 years without you.
Like the remarkable Louis-Ferdinand Celine, get me the N.Y. Times, and a warm roll with butter in the morning.

First of all, my wrists are bad ... I am restless, incorrigible,

malcontent ... I am out of Baileys n' Cream... I have more than

several deeply respectful homages that I ought to unburden ...

the cast: 'exceedingly smart writers' ... the 21st Century

is about marketing ... demographics ... of all words of tongue and

pen ... my heart is broken ... my spirit thrives ... my boot soles

are thick with Oriental steel but ineffective ... my name

changes... I do not live the dream ... I am dressed for 0 to 90

degrees ... you stare at my boots ... it is too cold for music ... too

dangerous to walk ... the minnows look comatose ... has the

wind accelerated ... or just the night ... there, that's better ...

this snow cover will be here for 150 days ... an Alberta Clipper

is on the big screen, the trees say... ...we're the only ones out

here...that clear sky, kiss your ass goodbye... that wind has a

devilish howl to it ... too cold to urinate ... does the boy wish to

be an astronaut ... the girl a psychiatrist ... we should put on more

light ... some of these hellraisers might just drive out here doing donuts ...

... here's one...QUICK!..grab the gills, the gills!..northern...his
head's stuck...watch your hands...the makeshift coffee can and
candle tip over and the considerable fish begins to squawk
poetry...Dostoevsky yells: ... how many times are you going to
spell check my name?! ...the fish going: the hammerhead
shark~~~dives off shore Havana beach~~~mackerels so
thick ... I stab the fish's gullet and agree with Toy that it was a
mistake... and the fish does not shut up...Toy strikes a stick
match on his open pocket watch and lights the candle...the
wounded fish going: you can cut me throat~~~Sisyphean
samurai like~~~flame invisible...the fish's vicious teeth large
enough to take your elbow ... Toy and me slipping on the bloody, sublimated icy water, by now my hand lacerated, bitten, the glove gone...Toy laughing his tush off, his head tilted, nodding lupine-like, one, then two pegs of our nylon tent shanty free ofthe ice, the tent caving in then wrapping to his back, the fish by now chopping and tearing at my boot, pulling me away, and with a merciless tug my boot is off...Toy grasping under my arms with a full nelson, both of us on the ice sliding away, down toward the fierce-eyed fish, the tail of the great fish thrashing-splintering the shallow ice, ice cracking, the coffee can candle turned over, rolling away, me and Dostoyevsky yelling in the pitch dark, our shelter collapsed and we're hollering with all our might, impossibly losing to the spiteful fish, Toy now clasps the remaining tent peg and holds on with all his strength to my blood soaked jacket, the teeth of the fish just above my knee, the tinned candle disappears behind the truck tire, its flames lick instantly higher KABLAM the truck ignites, the explosion echoing as high as stars---hot sooted blast scorches past---and I know him ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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Comment by J.P. Hart on May 26, 2019 at 9:45pm


Comment by Robert B. James on May 27, 2019 at 8:36am

I’m up. Soft soles on bay trail. No worries, For Sale, For Sale! Fish or cut bait, mate. Bloody Sunday, up up and away! Away! Dare I say Raytheon5 for sale. Fish on! Get the friggin net.

Comment by catch-22 on May 27, 2019 at 2:28pm

I see where Tarantino gets it.

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 27, 2019 at 4:17pm

I fought fascism for decades, and never won (i dinnit know it was loaded)

charlie rose, quentin tarantino, william gass! Was it an hour interview? PBS? Haven't located at this writing. Meant to type at this typing.

A Building Roam: In Memory of William Gass (1924-2017), One of the ...

The trio had one of the most humanistically--profound television seminars that mine eyes have seen. Now momentarily alert oo cable and landline. My keyboard has taken on humidity and I for reels wounded my knee tripping on my Sketchers' lace. Aspirin in wine is not recommended for coagulation...in particular when shin bone/knee cap full-forcedly impacts hobnail. Surprised that Perfect Sentence (Gass') is not readily googleable. Charlie, Quentin, and William had one helluvable show essentially regarding (how'd ya say it in Francais?) cause of liberty. Genuine as a thunder clap. An arms-wide Chinese firework finale'! Gass' work which I apparently misdescribed the title of detailed the SS sacking of Warsaw. Tarantino--in character with his angst chagrined erudition--discussed the all in all with an emphasis on responsibility. You know, catch-22 the whole brotherhood of man premise.

I've William Gass' book on one of these selves. Curious if you have a cyber destination catch-22. This-in Our Salon Swan Song has been more than a garageband and pony keg pell-mell toward final midnight.
Ghost of Elvis indeed! Well OK OK! Too clever (x half) is better than never...

Comment by catch-22 on May 27, 2019 at 6:31pm

A Doc Martins and summer dress curtsy and tip o’ the cap to you, j.p. hart, for fighting and thereby keeping the light aflame for all who come with and after you.

This has been some workshop, this place and one before it.

2 clever by half is the best kind of math. I’m pretty sure you know that but I don’t mind tellin’ you.

I don’t know about a next destination...I as yet don’t have my heart around the goodbye. 

Cheers to Lorianne. 

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 27, 2019 at 10:01pm

Well we're almost 20% done with the 21st century. Shall we coin global warming-climate-change to Climate Calamity? Going back to the William Gass / Quentin Tarantino / Charlie Rose program, Gass discussed his Life Sentences[sic]'The major indictment in “Life Sentences” is the essay “Kinds of Killing,” a long reflection on the Holocaust inspired by Richard J. Evans’s history of the Third Reich. Noting that Jews in occupied Poland received 184 calories a day in rations, Gass observes, “an officer’s spit might contain that much” — the kind of arresting hyperbole he favors, now put to gruesome use. From the depths of the world to the heights of language: that is Gass’s distinctive itinerary.'
William Gass’s Lifelong Attachment to Literature
By ADAM KIRSCH JAN. 20, 2012

Memorial Day End...Humanity so blue blue blue!

Comment by Anna Herrington on May 28, 2019 at 9:42am

Enjoyed, Mr. Hart ~

and catch...

"I as yet don’t have my heart around the goodbye."


Glad we have a couple weeks, anyway, it's all still sinking in.

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 28, 2019 at 11:00am

'...there she goes my friend...'
3 June 2019 just around the corner
days from Woodstock: Woodstock was a music festival held between August 15–18, 1969, which attracted an audience of more than 400,000.
Woodstock - Wikipedia
& a statuesque sweet petite sheriff wearing shades mother shall lead them away &
anyone here see Roosevelt
and the cheetah stalked the huts
where'd we BE
sans the photographs of UT

one room over, at the Silent Night,
voice over
Bart Starr has died. He was 85...
Godspeed Sir!
We'll be free, won't we
One tear streaked, first and last
the other 95
dear old papa, sisters and brothers

You're show and telling me LO;}

comment to JME re: security deposit

I trust you'll prosecute your tenant rights. As I understand the arithmetic $600 /36 = $16.66 over agreed terms, has been swiped. Why does he not play fairly?
You've represented ideal lease fulfillment and have knowledge of a written agreement which indicates that your security deposit shall be returned. Does LL rely on obscure technicality which would allow his capture of your
*security deposit*?
Six bills is a lot of walking around $....
I contend there's pattern of heavy-handedness on his part and a man that landed, at this juncture, possibly makes 'sport' out of small sums he finagles.
His account or yours?

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 28, 2019 at 12:09pm

ome so-called streamofconsciousness writers use/

Besides, the ! exclamation point is paternal.

Your lawyerly discipline sometimes reflects rather a grudging irritation with nondashstandarization(s),

often glimmering with blunt awkward symbiotic truism somewhat

borderline inhibitionistic OTHO at its best OTHO loud & clear with acoustic perfectionism.

What do you Art james our salon charge for yeoman's 1040 this close to deadline? Maybe next year?

search results: Art James Our Salon (beneath the auspices of Google Images)

Scars that won't heel (nor Heil!) Gaullee! Curiosity Mars Rover Discovers Pyramid & Structures ... - YouTube

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 28, 2019 at 12:10pm

PATSY CLINE - You Belong To Me - YouTube


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