I'm blocked from commenting on Jonathan Wolfman's post so, because I feel it is important, I'll do it here.

Any one who has been here very long knows that:

     a.  I HATE the Catholic Church.

     b.  I wish a horrible, pain filled life of incarceration for anyone who rapes a child.

^^Those^^ reasons are why I take exception with his statement,

"I am not in favor of the Church simply ridding themselves of these priests. If that's zero-tolerance, it's flawed. The Church should have to be held accountable to its faithful and to the rest of us -- including those who have taught distraught teens after they've been pulled from diocesan schools by horrified parents -- by taking full responsibility for these men."


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I take exception because the Church has already proven that it will NOT do what is right, but that is almost secondary...  the biggest reason is because I am adamantly opposed to even the slightest implication that the rules of the Catholic Church somehow supersede and/or are "above" the Rule of Law.  

Fuck a WHOLE bunch of that noise.  Those pedophile, rat bastards should be civilly prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for life.  No excuses... no "don't worry, we got this!" Catholic wink and a nods...  no nothing.

If there is ANY suspicion the police should arrest the whole damn bunch of them and interrogate, investigate and incarcerate.  Let them pray and do "priestly" things for the inmates at Pennsylvania's Greene Supermax prison for a few years until it gets sorted out.  They need "religion" there, right?

Okay ^^THAT^^ said, I REALLY want to ask the Jewish posters here (which, of course, JW is one) the following question:

If the Church should be held accountable for the actions of it's people, doesn't the same apply to other religions? 

If a terrorist is Muslim or a mass murderer is an atheist it sure smears the entire  Muslim religion/atheist's beliefs, but what about the Jewish religion?

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I ask that because a LOT of Jewish soldiers have committed heinous war crimes, their leadership is responsible for past and current (at least within the month) acts of terrorism and piracy in international waters and have inflicted, and continue to inflict, horrible human rights violations.

Cases in point, 

Rabbi who urged Gaza genocide excused rape by soldiers


Jerusalem rabbi indicted on dozens of rape counts


In the first example,  Israel Defense Force chief rabbi Eran Krim is guilty of inciting both murder AND rape.  The second example is EXACTLY what JW has written about.

Why don't the actions of these two men become the responsibility of members of the Jewish religion? 

Why aren't ALL of them held jointly accountable like Muslims and/or atheists are routinely held accountable... and as he is proposing Catholics be???

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