Trump Tweets Tillerson Wasting His Time Negotiating with North Korea:

Trump Tweets Tillerson Wasting His Time Negotiating with North Korea:  A day after his secretary of state said the US had direct communications to North Korea and was “probing” to find ways to resolve escalating nuclear tension between the two countries, Donald Trump tweeted that the secretary of state is “wasting his time” and should “save his energy.”  While I’m no foreign policy expert, I’m guessing that means Secretary Tillerson ought to be taking the President’s lead and start spending a lot more time out on the golf course instead of wasting his time trying to avoid a nuclear war.  Is it just me, or are Trump’s tweets starting to evolve from kind of crazy-funny to downright scary - at least for those of us who have hopes that planet Earth will remain habitable for the near future.

Over 11,000 Prepare to Evacuate as Vanuatu Volcano Erupts:  A flotilla of boats were headed to the Pacific island of Ambae, Vanuatu, as efforts get underway to evacuate all 11,000 residents of the island because of an erupting volcano.  In an angry early morning tweet storm, President Trump claimed this whole eruption might have been prevented if only political correctness hadn’t stopped local islanders from sacrificing a few virgins to the volcano gods.

HHS Secretary Tom Price Resigns Over Private Jet Travel:  Fierce Obamacare opponent and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has resigned following numerous revelations that he had taken pricey private jets at the taxpayer’s expense to conduct official business.  Gee, seems as if President Trump has appointed yet another pampered, self-centered, self-serving sleazeball to a trusted cabinet post - and now the public is paying the “Price.”  Now, one can only wonder if Secretary Price will be eligible to take his health insurance with him to his next job?

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Comment by moki ikom on October 2, 2017 at 1:25am

How could 1970's enviromental science majors ever imagined they'd be cheering for the oil baron in 2017 corporatUSt$' politics?

Comment by moki ikom on October 2, 2017 at 1:44am

As for Vanuatu specifically, the southern hemisphere generally, once Gen. Kelly could train Mr. Trump to accept gps proven north south designations on a hypothetically spherical surface that could align with Trump's hypothetical planar superficiality, maybe,, unlikely, but maybe, our president will adapt to reality rather than expect reality to adapt to him.

Comment by moki ikom on October 2, 2017 at 2:03am

What a dude !

Tom Price (American politician) - Wikipedia

Thomas Edmunds Price (born October 8, 1954) is an American physician and politician, who ..... As a congressman in 2009, Price had criticized the use of private jets by government ..... 28: Directing the President, pursuant to section 5(c) of".

''' Voting record and political views


Congressman Price speaking at the 2010 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

In response to questions as to whether or not vaccines cause autism, Price stated in January 2017 “I think the science in that instance is that it does not”.[28] Price said in March 2017 that it should be up to individual states to determine whether vaccinations should be required.[29]

Price introduced his first post-Obamacare bill as early as 2009, thereafter reintroducing updated versions in every Congress since that point.[30] In May 2015, as House Budget Committee chairman, Price released health care legislation which was described by Bill Kristol of the National Review as "the strongest Obamacare alternative offered in Congress to date." Greg Sargent of the Washington Post wrote "it's good to have a fleshed out plan, because it helps clarify the differences between the parties on health reform." Sargent also wrote that "GOP reforms would likely translate into lower-quality plans and a coverage expansion that would benefit fewer people. But that would be the trade-off Republicans would make to achieve their goal of less government spending and interference in the market than that which occurs under Obamacare."[31] Price voted to repeal portions of the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 on multiple occasions.[32][33]

Price voted against the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, a law that for the first time gave the Food and Drug Administration regulatory jurisdiction over tobacco products, i.e. the power to regulate tobacco as a drug.[34] The law, passed in 2009, "mark[ed] a significant benchmark in how aggressive a role the United States government wants to take in cigarette regulation."[35]


Price opposes abortion and supported the proposed Protect Life Act of 2011, which would have denied Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) funding to health care plans that offered abortion (the PPACA already prevented public funding covering abortions) and allowed hospitals to decline to provide abortions.[36][37] The bill excludes cases where the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest and in cases where a woman suffers from a medical issue that would place her at risk of death unless an abortion is performed.[38]

Price co-sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Health Care Conscience Rights Act.[39]

He was rated at 100 by the National Right to Life Center. He was rated at 0 by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America.[40] He participated in the 2011 March for Life.[41]

Price voted against federal funding of groups such as Planned Parenthood.[34] Price has said that the birth-control coverage mandate in the Affordable Care Act violated religious freedoms and suggested that it is not necessary because all women can afford birth control.[42]

Gun policy

Price opposes gun control. He praised the Supreme Court's decisions in District of Columbia v. Heller, which found that the absolute prohibition of handguns in the Washington, D.C. was unconstitutional, and McDonald v. City of Chicago, which stated that the Second Amendment applied to the states.[43] He was given an "A" grade by the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund, a 92% approval rating overall from the National Rifle Association and an 83% approval rating[44] from the Gun Owners of America, and a 0% approval rating from the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.[45]

Gay rights

Price voted against a bill prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation.[34] He voted in favor of constitutionally defining marriage as one man and one woman.[34] Price voted against H.R. 2965, which would have ended Don't ask, don't tell.[34] In 2006, he received a 0% rating by the Human Rights Campaign, a gay rights organization.[46]

Farming and environmental regulation

Price does not support federal regulation of farming. He has voted against regulating and restricting farmers, earning him a 70% from the American Farm Bureau Federation and a 0% approval rate from the National Farmers Union.[47] He supported the Farm Dust Regulation Prevention Act, stating that it would keep the Environmental Protection Agency from applying too many regulations to farming and ranching.[48] He also voted for the Agricultural Disaster Assistance Act of 2012 which, had it become law, would have made supplemental agricultural disaster assistance available, if needed.[49][50]

In 2008, Price signed a pledge sponsored by Americans for Prosperity promising to vote against any global warming legislation that would raise taxes.[51]  '''


In science we'd call it mythology or alchemy, in religion we call it " false prophets", in America we call it freedom and democracy.

Comment by koshersalaami on October 2, 2017 at 5:57am

Born seven days after I was

Comment by Johnny Robish on October 2, 2017 at 6:19am

Thanks for all your relevant comments my friends.


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Trump's "reality TV" show

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