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Comment by J.P. Hart on September 19, 2018 at 10:35am

i should be writing the Jeopardy categories by now~fell oo bed; red-headed woodpecker perched laterally on OLD MAN RIVER (omniscient lawn carving,glowingly his eyes follow you! He must know sunbathing...cracked and wild 1st century beard, rock-opera hair, that rain-sodden BRILLO box (what-have-they-dun?)finally found the smart-fone, and ought change the ringtone from that submarine dive bell. I just don't know. Up and over the top, off the side the red-headed woodpecker pecked and GONE. So-so much for Instagram for the times (R-A-changing)& without hesitation, back to the tsk-it-task-it at hand: pro bono skip-tracing high school class of 1968. I began with the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Lookout, it is already fall, black onyx, another autumn of high water, MIA, spring around the corner, one more Zhivago winter, fade: Good Morning Vietnam, that yellow school bus, those 'cruits ... overhead 50 gallon drums tumbling ... fast-forward Tillman spun ... free at last ... spring rushed ... hey-hey-hey ... it's on to Chicago. Even now, 50 year whoosh, how bad is it? Petro-Chem; Petri-Chemo?
Bottled water, now that's genius!

Comment by J.P. Hart on September 19, 2018 at 11:17am

How are you?
Like a chicken bone(:
...well I was running late you know Michigan Broadway Water? That red box Milwaukee-Journal-Sentinel?
You dinnit know?
No. We'd been unplugged high distance tele-photoing a spinnaker bobbing in that fog-roll
rollin' with the flow,'aye ...?
Sprinting, everything is everything & such
whoa!? You saved that last issue of George
upstairs that Marine carrier guard I told you about dialed up the killer's home # and Ma Bell already had it as disconnected ... the number you have reached ...
Look what?
just a cherry baby asprin
he'd told me how he watched a fighter jet halve --- fireball --- off shore Beirut
reversed stirrup
missing man formation
it's alright
it's alright


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