Trump Signs Executive Order to Keep Families Together

Trump Signs Executive Order to Keep Families Together:  After an unprecedented round of bad publicity over his practice of separating children from their parents at the southern border, President Donald Trump finally gave in and signed an executive order to “keep families together.”  Gee, this smells a little like the arsonist who claims he’s a hero after putting out his own fire.  Meanwhile, Trump tried to reassure his base that he has not given up the practice of tearing children away from their parents and shoving them in cages, he’s just waiting till staff can cherry-pick a few more Biblical quotes to justify it.

World Health Organization Says Being Transgender Not  Mental Illness:  The World Health Organization (WHO) just made a major revision to its international manual of diagnoses which represents a major shift in the way transgender people are treated, declaring that being transgender is not a mental illness.  Yea, but being obsessed with where the hell they’re going to the bathroom sure is.

Scientists Says Dinosaurs Couldn’t Stick Out Their Tongues:  A new study concluded that most dinosaurs, including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, couldn’t stick out their tongues the way many modern reptiles and birds do.  This is why many scientists feel it would have been basically useless to try and French kiss a Tyrannosaurus - no matter how damn pretty you thought it was.  They simply  couldn’t reciprocate.  On the other hand, few species were better at the art of being tongue-in-cheek - like the old joke which was quite popular during the Late Jurassic period “What’s the matter, Allosaurus got your tongue?”


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