Trump Labels FBI Raid on Cohen’s Office a Witch Hunt

Trump Labels FBI Raid on Cohen’s Office a Witch Hunt:  FBI agents have conducted a raid on the office of President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen, which prompted the President to describe it as a “disgraceful situation” and a “total witch hunt.”  Well, Trump’s certainly right about it being a "disgraceful situation,” but fortunately for all of us, it appears that Mueller’s finally getting to the bottom of it.  As for it being a “witch hunt,” I suppose when you’re a witch, nearly everything seems like a “witch hunt.”

Eyebrows Allowed Humans to Communicate Better:  New research suggests that our more mobile eyebrows enabled the communication that allowed for the formation of large social networks, allowing Homo sapiens to get on so much better with each other than other now-extinct hominins.  Now I can’t speak to how mobile eyebrows may have helped us advance as a species, but I do know they sure didn’t hurt Groucho Marx’s career any.

Right Whales Seem To Think Before They Speak:  Researchers say that rather than always making the same call in response to the same stimuli, North Atlantic right whales seem to think before they speak and are capable of changing their vocalizations.  No kidding, whales are social animals.  I mean, about the last thing they need is to accidentally blurt out to another member of the pod “hey, you’re getting fat as a whale.”

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Comment by moki ikom on April 10, 2018 at 1:48pm

It is necessary to hunt for witches in the Trump regime since when they are at work casting their rhetorical spells on the media and the populace they leave their favored means of transport in their broom closets along with their black pointy headgear.  To the untrained eye, but for exhibiting such aforementioned items of their trade, our regime’s witches are virtually indistinguishable from honest, trustworthy souls in the regime in as much as such increasingly rare souls are employed to advance the regime’s lies, subterfuges and profiteering. 

Due to the extraordinary hubris inherent to the character of the regime’s warlocks, compared to its witches said warlocks shine like burning crosses at midnight, plus they are known to wear heavy, long, black trench coats as most normal males might wear a sweater, or even short sleeved shirt.

Comment by Johnny Robish on April 10, 2018 at 6:31pm

Very good.  Word has it from almost all circles (including Repubs), Trump is seriously on the verge of losing it after Cohen's FBI raid.  They're getting close!


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