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Comment by Doc Vega on January 9, 2019 at 5:29am

Dicky yeah okay Dicky Let's examine snake oil! Benghazi was a demonstration that got out of hand, you can keep you doctor and keep your health plan prices will go down for health care, MS_13 should not be called animals even while hacking up ;little teenage girls on Long Island! Anyone who doubts global warming should be jailed! If you improperly address some fuck wearing A SKIRT AND A WIG IN CALIFORNIA YOU CAN BE FINED OR JAILED! 2nd Grade children being taught how to use a dildo in class by a Lesbian substitute teacher! These are examples of SNAKE OIL by the Democrats Dicky while Trump has revamped the US economy and gotten the biggest tax break in decades!  As people like you bitch and grumble! YOU GET THE SNALE OIL AWARD! Dicky!


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