Trump Claims He Would Rescue Students Without Weapon

Trump Claims He Would Rescue Students Without Weapon:  President Trump renewed his criticism of an armed sheriff’s deputy who failed to enter a high school in Parkland, Florida, during a mass shooting this month, saying he would have run into the building even if he did not possess a weapon.  Good for him, because as we all know - about the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun - is a bad President without one.

Drunken Man Rides Horse Onto California Freeway:  Authorities say a drunken California man was arrested and booked after riding his horse onto a busy freeway near Long Beach.  The man’s attorney says he plans to plead not-guilty and is blaming the entire incident on those damn Apple Maps.

New Snail Goo Technology Could Replace Stitches:  Biologists are working on a new medical first-aid made from “snail goo” which could render stitches and staples obsolete because of its ability to stick to wet surfaces and its flexibility to bend with skin tissue.  Sadly, researchers say it may be a long time before this ever hits the market because development is moving at just a snail’s pace.

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