Trump Calls for Parade to Showcase Military Might

Trump Calls for Parade to Showcase Military Might:  President Donald Trump says he wants to see a parade showcasing US military might rolling down Pennsylvania Avenue next July 4th - complete with tanks, planes and missiles.  

Wow - a good old Soviet-style military parade!  What a wonderful tribute to our Dear Leader, watching all those great big tanks rolling past in honor of his Presidency.  I’ll bet this will sure make Kim Jong un really jealous!  And we could have all the soldiers salute President Trump as they march past his observation stand.  And I bet the crowds will be the biggest ever!

Anyway, not to rain on his parade, but it’s starting to look like the only parade Mr Trump’s gonna be attending in the near future will be when he’s “paraded” over to the Senate where impeachment proceedings are held.  Perhaps it’s just as well because - gee, Mr President - it’s just like you predicted, we really are getting tired of all this winning.  I’m not sure how much longer our country can take this level of winning.

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