Trump As Racist

As I’ve said many times before, here and more significantly elsewhere, I’m no fan of Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Despite an impressive business resume, he has a penchant for making stupid political moves, ranging from the gratuitous remarks about John McCain to the candidate’s grandiose and totally impractical suggestions about how to deal with the very real 3dangers that prior overly permissive immigration policies undeniably present to the U.S.

His comments on the judge presiding over his private litigation concerning Trump University is definitely following the pattern of stupid and gratuitous remarks. What possible purpose do they serve? Surely when he is President, the public has a right to expect that his focus will not be diverted to matters that may be of consequence to him personally or financially but are of no national importance. Better he should go off for a round of golf like his truant predecessor.

But this latest gaffe seems to have more sticking power because of the charge of racism. This requires a bit of analysis, so far unpursued by the media and even major politicians.

Trump alleges that the judge’s rulings in the Trump University case are unfair because the judge has something to do with Mexico. No rational analysis can characterize Trump’s pronouncement as anything but an expression of Trump’s opinion, an opinion that is focused on this judge and this case.

Racism is an entirely different matter. It is the conviction that, in the judgment of true racists, some minority status infects with inferiority all members of that status. Examples from the American South to South Africa abound. Perhaps the most hideous examples of racism come from radical Islam which have somehow escaped the attention of our about-to-be former President.

Trump’s alleged racism is much more akin to those who believe that the OJ jury reached its ludicrous verdict out of reverse racist sympathy for a fellow black. That is an unknown, just as Trump’s accusation of the judge is based on conjecture. The motivations of a person can never be definitively known. What can be known is that Trump has repeatedly voiced his support for law-abiding Mexicans.

Paul Ryan, presently damaging his reputation as a principled and adroit politician, should consult another dictionary before declaring Trump’s pronouncements as racist. A better analysis of the furor is presented by Newt Gingrich, whom Trump would be well advised to annex to his candidacy in one way or another.

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Comment by Ron Powell on June 8, 2016 at 8:04am
Surely, you jest!
Comment by Gordon Osmond on June 8, 2016 at 8:58am

We can always count on some substantive reactions.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on June 8, 2016 at 8:59am

As Trump would likely cast aspersions on any Judge hearing a case against him, I doubt Trump is truly a racist, but like any bully he can't resist the chance to throw a low blow.   His remarks are racist, but he fights dirty as a reflex.


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