The week’s two big deal Trump issues have a common thread. It’s called self defense.

The dumbest remark of the week was uttered by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, not the brightest bulb at the best of times, when he characterized Trump’s defense of his wife on the ground that Cruz or his crew “started it” as the response of a “five-year old.” Well, Andy, oftimes real wisdom comes, “out of the mouths of babes.”

The incident between Trump’s campaign manager and a reporter seems also to raise the same question. The video makes it clear that the reporter was seeking to establish physical contact with Trump as many aggressive reporters are wont to do. You can clearly see Trump withdrawing from the reporter’s assault. The manager’s restraint of this pushy broad was clearly responsive to her aggression.

It may come as news to the likes of Anderson Cooper, but the difference between initiation of, and response to, physical aggression lies at the core of the Anglo-American legal system. It also finds expression in Shakespeare—“beware of entrance to a quarrel, but bear it so that the bad guy may beware of thee.” Quote a bit approximate, but you get the idea.

This false moral equivalence between aggression and retaliation also affects the foreign policy of our feckless CinC, but that’s a problem that will be ending soon, thank Allah.

Given the overwhelming bias of the liberal media, Trump’s points may never see the light of day. It may take the voters, who have an uncanny ability to see through the fog of liberal commentators, to save the day.

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Comment by Maui Surfer on March 31, 2016 at 9:19am

Hahahahahahaha Gordito- this is the best clown show circus ever! So, what exactly are you trying to 'conserve' this time anyway? Is it that Trump and his klan are going to take Amerikkka back to where men were men and not fraidy' cats of little girls? Or, are you embracing feminism entirely and think skinny blondes are now just as dangerous as crazed and bearded Sanders supporting neo-hippies?

Which is it man?????????

As far as wedging in the prez, not even a nice try here and I will take foreign policy that ended the DUMBEST war we've ever been in organized by the STUPIDEST president and his cabinet of PNAC imbecilic idiots any day.


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