Trump Admits Wall Will Cover Less Than Half of Border

Trump Admits Wall Will Cover Less Than Half of Border:  Donald Trump conceded his much-touted southern wall along the US-Mexican border may end up covering less than half of the 2,000-mile frontier.  Hell, if they scale down this frigg'n wall any further, even Gary Busey might be able to pay for it.  My only question is, if only half the wall will is gonna be built, will it be the part on the Mexico side or the US side?

Escaped Camel Terrorizes Motorists North of LA:  Local authorities report that a camel escaped from a property 50 miles north of Los Angeles and reportedly terrorized frightened drivers who were trapped in their vehicles before police were finally able to capture the animal.  I guess its gonna come as no surprise to anyone that the camel decided to escape on “hump day.”  Wildlife officials say the camel appeared to be in good health, but he did appear to be retaining water.

Texas Man Arrives for Jury Duty Drunk With Beer:  A 23-year-old Texas man has been arrested after he reported for jury duty intoxicated and with a beer poured into a Coca-Cola cup.  I guess no one bothered to explain to the poor redneck its supposed to be a jury of one’s peers, not a jury of one's beers.

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