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Tr ig, Nana and Jaime's Mom

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Yesterday I noticed a comment on Dr. Bramhall's blog about cancer that tr ig had left.

He and nana's mom - and Jaime's - had suddenly died, from an infection while undergoing chemo.

Tr ig and I had just PMed a couple days before - she had been doing so well with the treatment, remission was even mentioned.

Then suddenly..... she was gone.

From a comment tr ig left on my November 26th post:

"As I began to read this I got an update by text from little sister.

Mom admitted to room 4229. The diagnosis is acute myelogenous leukemia. Don't know treatment yet, probably chemo .. she says."

I thought you all might want to know.

Much love to you, tr ig and nana and Jaime.

So, so sorry for your loss. 





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Thinking of you today, tr ig and nana....
Uhmhmm...I hope we all have sent our best to them.

Very sorry to hear this.
Thank you JT. Our sister Jaime who has an account here and used to post is the youngest of her children. We had another brother too who passed away last January. His name was Roger. That was very sad in it's own right, but I especially hurt for her, as a mother losing a child. I don't know that I could endure that degree of pain. I'll write something no doubt after processing all this which came about very suddenly.
Hope you don't mind my posting this - and I'm sure many PMs have come your way by now.
So sudden.
Just thinking of you - and sending hugs.
Were you able to get in touch with nana-on-the-boat yet?
R&R Condolences to the whole family.
Thank you for the post JT. And to answer your question about nana, no, we haven't been able to reach him. Unfortunately, social network will probably be the source when he learns of her passing.
Thanks for letting us know. My thoughts go out to them both. From what tr ig wrote, she was a special lady.
...and a hug to you, too, asia!
Been thinking of you a lot lately...
Deepest Condolences and thoughts to you and your Ohana (family) and friends during a time of loss. What a magnificent job of parenting she was responsible for. It has been, in that virtual way, a very positive feeling in how you've shared some key events in your family with the Aloha feeling imparted strongly in your words here, a great contribution of multiple voices; an inspiration.

May she have eternal peace.

Aloha Kakou
Acknowledgement to what Oahusurfer and everyone said, difficult time of year to suffer such profound separation, my sincere sympathy...
I wrote this somewhere already, maybe on one of the facebook posts, but nanatahay where's my damned E, our brother, left town only a day prior to the diagnosis on a working adventure (of a lifetime maybe), helping to transport a 47 foot wooden sailing yacht from Atlantic Georgia to South America. More on that to come, from him, maybe. We'll see. It's important to say here .. he offered to do an about face and get back here post haste, but Mom told him to do no such thing, as she would be home and in remission soon, which is exactly how it seemed at first. That moment, to intensive care where she ended up yesterday, was a very short time. He and II (Will Gentieu the poet and sailor who we at OS know well) had left Miami by then for open water, tacking toward the Bahamas, and off the communication grid. He surely knows by now I would think. Him and Mom were very close and well, it's just so terrible. She had much left to do.
Fucking cancer. I've unfortunately come to know it better than anyone should (in fact, no one should have to know anything about it - it just downright shouldn't exist). My heart goes out to tr ig and nanatahay and their family, friends, and loved ones.
Thanks for your time this a.m. tr ig.

Pass it on to nana.

My deepest condolences to the families. Losing your mother is one of the toughest blows in life. My mom died fifty years ago and I still miss her.
Red and I send our condolences to you, Nana and the rest of the family. She lost her Dad last January; I lost mine the February before. Expected or unexpected, it doesn't lessen the sorrow.
Shit. I am so sorry tr ig.

She was all ready for her remission. It must be such an awful shock. 

Your mom made two smart alack creative irreverent loving men. Thank you Mrs. B. Given the relativity of oaks and acorns, you must have been one cool smart woman. I’ve seen your picture and remember you had a great smile.

You know what is maybe the hardest thing about growing older? Losing your people. Nobody tells you about that, as if they could. You think it’s going to be about achy knees and brown spots and loss of bladder control, but as long as you’re still one of the upright ones, it’s about hospitals and memorials and tears, followed by years of picking up the phone to call them before realizing they aren’t there, and holidays without them to give that perfect gift you just saw. You realize that the grief will be always with you, and that grief has a lineage. The ones in line ahead of you maybe didn’t talk much about the ones they lost, but then you lose them and understand how much they did, because that’s exactly how much you miss them, and is how much you will be missed.

Re: nana on the boat. One of my students told me a story that I’ve never forgotten. His sister was hit by a car while jogging and died. When his father called to tell him, he heard the phone ringing, but couldn’t find it in his messy living room in time to answer. He made a tuna sandwich instead, and enjoyed his lunch. An hour later, his father called back and gave him the news. He said that he cherishes that hour, the tuna sandwich, the lunch, because during it, his sister was still alive for him, that he had her for one hour longer than the others in his family. So nana still has his mom right now, just a little while longer, on his unforgettable sea adventure.

Thank you JT for telling us.
My sympathies. Thinking now of all of you, Asia included.
Peace, all

I had heard this. I am very sad for all of them. 
she was loved. this was and is a family of immense love and that's the best one can ever hope for in this difficult existence - an oasis of love. 

may the love shine on.
My condolences to Trig, Nana, and their entire family.
thinking of them, and their sister, and their mom, and eli, and the way this whole big OS family works. i cried when i read his comment, thinking of all of them. thought of them off and on all day, hoping they are bearing up. envying them a bit, the strength of their real life family, and hoping they all know that we all care for them, and send our best thoughts to their corner of the world.
thinking of them, and their sister, and their mom, and eli, and the way this whole big OS family works. i cried when i read his comment, thinking of all of them. thought of them off and on all day, hoping they are bearing up. envying them a bit, the strength of their real life family, and hoping they all know that we all care for them, and send our best thoughts to their corner of the world.
Condolences trip & nana. It's a truly awful part of life and my thoughts are with you.
~hugs to them both and their family~
my condolences... my thoughts go out to tr ig and nana...
Having lost my mother last year, I know how hard it is to lose someone who has been in your life forever. I miss mine everyday. My deepest regrets to Trig and nana~~
A Poem For The Passing of Tr ig's Mom

Sadness passes
Loss remains

Time converts sadness
To treasured memories
Soon to be highly valued
Family lore.

Bestest to ya from yer Canuckian friend,
trig and nana, i am so sorry for your terrible loss. and the way things went down. to think things are better and then they just aren't? very very rough. i send Love and Healing Light and my critters: cocoa chanel and gary cooper send love and licks!
So sudden, I am so very sorry Trig and Nana, Asia and Eli, hearing so much about your wonderful mom over the years I know this is going to be a really tough road for you all. Love to all of you.
I'm so sorry to hear this. My sympathies to tr ig and his family.
tr ig and Jeff, I came on here today on an impulse and am very sorry to learn about your loss. Wish her peace and tranquility in her passing. To you, hugs - ... during depressed states it is hard to turn away from your own locked up sorry self, but am going over your posts, remembering you, thinking of you two. 
~ Nabina
Deepest sympathy, trig & nana.

If I were hanged on the highest hill,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!
I know whose love would follow me still,
Mother o' mine, O mother o' mine!

Rudyard Kipling, Mother O' Mine.
I simply cannot express the depth of my sorrow for Steve and Jeff and the rest of their family. In some small way I feel like I knew her, after corresponding with her for a time and especially after reading her book. What a magnificent woman, mother and writer. I'm so terribly sorry.
Morning all - thanks so much for coming by with thoughts and support for trig and nana.
In a day or two, I'll print and send along our condolences to them both.
When Open Salon folks rally, we're not such a bad group.
Hugs all around ~
Sad news indeed. My condolences.
[r] my condolences to the family!!! best, libby
Hi l'Heure, hi Libby - thanks for coming by and leaving a note. Much appreciated.
So tough to have such a sudden shock of one's mom passing on unexpectedly.
To give your child love and respect for the written word … well done, mom.

Hey tr ig, hey nan, hey Jaime ~ she gave you guys the Gift.
tr ig and nana, I'm so sorry for your recent and sudden loss of your mother. I lost mine what seems like the same way - fast infection due to chemo knocking out the immune system. Cancer sucks.
Thanks for reminding me about Jaime, I ought to add her name here - not sure I ever knew that connection, if Jaime is Jaime French...
Trig, Nana, Jamie... I am deeply sorry for your family's loss. Wakan Tanka nici un. (Loosely translated it means "go with God" or "may God watch over you")
thank you for this. i just now found out. not sure what to do, i should have been there. thank you all.
nana, So, so sorry for your loss! 
In my understanding, your mom encouraged your adventure and would have been sad if you didn't go - so absolve yourself, please, if I may be so bold to offer.
Thinking of you and tr ig today, sending warm vibes and wishing you both a moment of peace.
So sorry to hear this. Their mom showed Sirenita/Cris much welcome on her visits there, and was very kind to me on the phone when I spoke to her on the day Cris was diagnosed with her own cancer.
This is sad news. You are in my thoughts and prayers: Tr ig and Nana and Jaime.

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