I saw this meme and I thought it perfectly exemplified just how racist, sexist and white male privileged our country has become.

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I find Robert Small to be a fascinating individual.  In addition to the story of his life shown on the meme, are interesting side notes like: his first "owner" was his own father and his second "owner" was his half brother.  The afore mentioned house he bought was his late slave owning fathers!

On top of those, he was part of the state convention representing South Carolina that ratified the 14th Amendment, which had to be ratified before he could even be IN Congress, and which is the amendment that made civil, women's and LGBTQ rights Constitutionally "legal".

Here's the kicker, regard Smalls...  In spite of all of his great and heroic accomplishments, he was fired from his position as a federal Customs Inspector when Woodrow Wilson fired virtually every Black civil service employee because of his racist belief that Blacks had no business supervising white people.

Pretty cool, huh?  Why has there never been a feature length motion picture made of his exploits then?  It would seem to be the basis of a GREAT dramatic movie, IMO.  There is only one reason I can see...

I also stated that I found that this illustrated how sexist this country is, especially the entertainment industry.  Excluding "comedies", the number of male "Black hero" dramas are like hen's teeth.  You have a few "Black-centric" movies like "The Color Purple", but even those with a male lead, like "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" seem to be around female interaction.  The only ones I can actually think of that IS male lead "Black-centric" are "Shaft", "Malcolm X" and "New Jack City" and that is seriously stereotyping in it's own right.  Most of the rest are more along the lines of "Foxy Brown" porn for white people movies.

Lastly is white privileged.  How can't there not being a major motion picture about Smalls be anything BUT? 

People of color buy half of the freak'in movie tickets sold!  You'd think that half of the movies produced would be ABOUT them, right?  Nope.  White privilege is why.   

Clearly, if you want to be a movie director you need to be a white male... preferably over the age of 60...


It gets even more egregious when you look at the studios and production companies...

I honestly believe that a Black movie executive would agree with a Black producer and/or director that a movie about Robert Smalls would be a worthwhile project. 

Too bad the old, white men who run things won't "allow" it to be made because they don't want to give people of color any Black Male Heroes to emulate.  They don't want Black male youth to get uppity, after all.

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Comment by Ron Powell on October 9, 2018 at 9:12am

As a direct result of the overt racism and bigotry of the Trump presidency and administration, this country has quickly slipped back to a a pre WWII political and social mentality, attitude, and posture whereinwhich women were kept in the kitchen, gays were kept in the closet, and black people were kept in their place.

Re movies, "Hidden Figures", the most recent film featuring the heroism of black women, is bereft of the presence of black men in any meaningful way....

However,  I believe that white people would turn out in large numbers to see a movie featuring the heroism of a black man as long as he is called a nigger more than 200 times like the 'heroic black' figure Jim in that great American classic "Huckleberry Finn" and treated accordingly....

In fact the black 'hero' in that book is precisely what white America would accept because the characterization of a black man as  'heroic' is a fiction...

Just as Chief Justice Taney wrote FOR THE MAJORITY in the Dred Scott decision, too many white people continue to believe that "the BLACK MAN has no rights the white man is bound to respect".

You can't get much support for investment in, and viewership of, a movie about a real life black male hero from that kind of bigoted and racist thinking which persists pervasively to this day....

Comment by Mike Shields on October 10, 2018 at 4:27pm

 Any movie that shows a black picking themselves up by their boot straps and actually making something of themselves goes against the dimocrat play book of keeping blacks a dependency class. 


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