Good to get the day in early, what with these Arctic Circle (Teflon puffy yet malleable ski jacks, opaque glint googles)! First layer: Balboa grey sweats. DeeLee on all sort-a-automatic transcription never tedious! A cast of mutes?  Penultimate climatic scene at DeSales, SF CA, I probably should have said. Do you know ---(whatsamatter$4 you?). She goes: see the world spinning 'round?? We'd (DeeLees my very good friend) rescued the cutest blue dog - an Australian cattle pooch, all of us  over doing a cardio-romp in snowshoes. We're as happy as doves on white roses. The Park City snow-squint-swale just (it goes like this): Ou-la! Well of course I read you. She was up from our dream early, humming Wonderful World, just because-just so light through her kimono. Feet to the floor, I popped a Coors Light. The flat screen going on with Thelma & Louise. The server who resembles a younger happy Gary Snyder hands Deelee the crystallized tray of waffles with a collectible Aunt Jeremiah bottle of maple syrup. They exchange giddy-hi-hi-di hoes, possibly not knowing that I know Nepalese.  And I'm wondrous' 'bout Scanner's widow, on the room phone as I have some quant-level racquetball quick replies with my stoker-broker whose been prompting me to come-on home for 'civic responsibilities', and I'm going I told you that when I did the dishes those soap bubbles from the sailor-coat-blue Dove were premonitory! Well at least youshouldaoughta get your arses back here for the Foxconn DNR hearing 7 March 2017; should I book that space (the one near the Wrigley Geneva mansion?) if you wouldn't insist on doing your own driving (I interject: too cold to fly) He goes: how cold is it?? Later. So I make that loud sound cracking my thumb joints (loud as Tom Sawyer's big toe innervation) sos I call big C (why is DeeLee pumping her arms with palms-up ?! Sorta translates to this rock's gotta roll?? Or the dog's gotta go. Big Core (already on speaker, how the knack far West are we??) crackle and spackle I go---no we're not in Hayward!! Trouble with the soap sellers, is that what you said?? They're angry--- PO'd --- more than a little bit---miffed about---what was it a frolicking-rooking dictate---TPTB at radio WHAG wanna kibosh---please, please STOP TALKING in acronyms! OK. Just trying to let you know that the big wigs object ---HATE on your idea to buy four hours of drive time and marathon the Everly Brothers' Greatest Hits. See what you can do. DeeLee's supposedly walkin the dog and this microwave sogged up my waffles. Did you finish that speculative essay on Patton's assassination? I reply, paranoia strikes deep? Haven't we have had enuff fantastical propensities and dead-end corollaries? I'm naked to the world, C. I hear 'ya. Loud & clear?? Loud, proud...what's that Redford movie where he confronts the day in a bear rug from that low hovelish cabin?? That cabin that looks like it's got an ass load of avalanche thundered on it? Give me fever. Calm the frack down....Peace, silence and the sound of one rescued blue dog whimpering... DeeLee silhouettes the door. From the floor, from my two-fisted winded push-up regimen I yell: snow in your hair! Close the door! Put the do not perturb sign on! Please, thank you!

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Comment by J.P. Hart on February 8, 2018 at 3:29pm

show me an island, with no blood on the sand, get me a bombardier, I've four more acres of snow, DeeLee's having her nails done in day-glo. If life is good, is there no there-there? No they-they. O I hear it too!

Hey! Hey!

Comment by J.P. Hart 1 second ago
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...very fucking weird time to have re-opened Natalie Wood's investigation...and there's that St. Hunter S. Thompson quote from Norte Nam (when commenting about his 'vibe's' surrounded by Hoosiers. AMAZING HOW HAWKISH they are.

OhellO: ping-pong, Cheech + Chong! My current hope is for Oliver Platt to win what's it? O a Golden Globe for his understated performance as Doctor Daniel Charles on Chicago Med....none better! And who was that young lady with hypo-mania when was it last week?

What? If flu shots are so good I should take and get one in ea. deltoid?

No laughing matter.

Anything new within the chatter? Loudly Maynard Ferguson:


Comment by J.P. Hart on February 9, 2018 at 2:28am

Edited or rewrote toward plausible legibility with apologies to anyone who may have gotten physically ill reading this yesterday.  I should be inputting visuals throughout my blog in a week or two.


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