Those women are so full of themselves as they parade through the hallowed halls of our home.  Jenny and I sit there making fun of them, 

I hate them all, the bean counters.   I tell Jenny "Tell them Jenepher, tell the fuckers how they thrive on our kind to make our lives miserable to earn another nickel."  Jenny lets our a long drawn out squall.  Jen is incapable of speaking any known language.  Just squalls, bawls, rants and raves. I got in trouble for swearing around her as if it made a difference.  Beyond the insane self centered bullshit  about Jenny, get a grip you tight assed women.  Fuck is a word, get over it.  Maybe you just need to get fucked and loosen up the restraints you put on others. 

Women  are worse then men when it comes to corporate bean counter whores. All The men, like our admin are just embarrassing but the women are dangerous. 

They  think we are trapped with no personal power left. The time has come to prove them wrong. 

Kragar showed how ignorant he was again by accusing another aid of abusing  him.  I yelled down the hallway "Kragar you are a dick".  Heard "incorporate" , so i yelled assHeard "incorporate" again. I  finally just called him a sissy. 

Strong winds a blowing through the tops of the trees. There was no rain, lightening or thunder and then the light blinds  you and the sound erupts.  Still no rain.  Then buckets owater falling.   Finally nothing. 

i have been left to fend for myself, Something I was promised would not happen. 

My daughter has stepped up and has been a beautiful ally.  I  feel both empowered and devastated.    

Oh great day of desperate passion as ode to joy plays as Hamburg burns to the ground. 

I look at my grandson's picture and wonder what is there left for him in this world. 

I think of how ridiculous my life is compared to the immense power of the all.  We are all so insignificant in this world. 

Yet, what else do we have but our self-centered purpose, our willingness to achieve at nothing. 

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on July 7, 2017 at 6:11pm

Wow.  Misogynist much???

BTW, what is your definition of a sissy?  A man that acts in an effeminate manner like those "dangerous women" you think need are so powerful that they need to be fucked into submission???

Comment by Phyllis on July 7, 2017 at 6:29pm

Left to fend for yourself? That isn't good. Where did your family go?

Comment by Michael Todd Cheeseman on August 1, 2017 at 4:29pm

Safe Bet's Amy I apologize forr doing suach a bad job of getting my point across


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