This Voice in the Night


How am I doing you don’t want to know

Wish I could fly out of this body just like a crow

I get no thrill from new fallen snow

I guess the new norm is feeling low,


Had a few drinks just the other night

Like the ones I had before and before and before

There’s just no solace in sleep anymore

Only nightmares from the one I once adored,


Holidays alone and shadows on the street

Never thought I could ever feel so incomplete

Clouds turn to rain and rain to sleet

I lost all my courage and sounded the retreat,


And just when I think I’ve had enough

A look in the mirror says I’m looking a little rough

Comes this voice in the night sounding a little gruff

You were no angel she had to put up with your stuff,


Just when you think you can’t take anymore

There’s more truth for you in store

Had you been perfect it wouldn’t matter anymore

How many more times can you pick yourself up off the floor?


Just when you thought you know the meaning of life

God comes for you with his surgical knife

Rearranges everything from love to strife

A lesson you learned when you lost your wife.



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