These are a Few of My New Favorite Things (OS Archives 2011)

 ~ The first and most exciting entry ~

Quilting a baby quilt ! 

Yes, our oldest son and his girlfriend are expecting their first child, a girl.  She is due in two weeks. The quilt I am making for her is the first I've made since this tapestry quilt I made many moons ago that graced my sons' bedroom walls. I'd forgotten how much I love to piece fabric and stitch to create something warm and beautiful. 

The tapestry quilt is newly discovered after its residing in a storage box for years. I created it from some clothes I loved that I didn't see wearing any more:  the velvet cats came from my favorite going-out pants I used to wear before children; the purple sky is a re-purposed Eighties satin dress I had made and worn to Christmas parties, as is the black velvet border (the coloring of the sky went wonky a long time ago), the green leaves are made from a summer sundress.

I wore that shiny satin??


 I've gotten a bit further along than this on the new "diamonds" baby quilt now. The purple flannel to the left is the back: 



 ~ Fruit and berry edibles in our yard ~

 One cherry tree, two blueberry bushes and two red blackberry vines. It took almost twenty years for the often-visioned-and-chatted-about dream of settling down, buying a home, and planting our first blueberry bushes, to come true.


 We have been harvesting from three to a dozen blueberries every day lately. Treasure! The bonus of the cherry tree and berry vines that came with the house help with our contentment while we live in all the unfinished potential our home has.



~ New 'avoiding stress' habits ~

This has been a tough year for our  family. I've been avoiding stress by taking photos of pretty flowers, by hiking in woods for hours, in yoga, by tossing out the chaff in our lives, and in writing.

Writing about anything other than the tough times we're having, that is. That is more easily handled differently for me at this point.

I do have a new flower photo though-- an emerging "red"calla:



~ Youngest is a teenager! ~

While not new, he might as well be.  Our youngest child has been morphing out from the cellular level into a fine lad of thirteen.  Since we've had two teenage sons already, I am going to enjoy the new growth in this young man right now, before the hormones really kick in.




~ Google ~

How is it that I only learned about this fountain of knowledge recently? Middle Son got tired of Husband's and my endless queries and let us in on this little known secret last summer. We're still marveling. 

A pathetic admission, I realize. 


~ Re-discovering cousins ~

It's been fun to get to know cousins by email this year -- cousins I last saw when we were all kids.  Really? Has it been that long?

Our clan is clearly not the reunion type. 


~ Drinking tea from a tea cup ~

I had no idea how a Monday morning could be enhanced just by drinking my morning tea from delicate china. These are inherited items that have been sitting in my cupboard while I guzzled from mugs.

Not anymore. 



 ~ Eating meals outside ~

Our first boughten home does not have air conditioning...yet.          Weekend breakfasts and summer dinners are served outside in the back yard, under the shade of the tree.




 ~ Arrested Development ~

Our family just discovered this show online last month. I know, we are way behind "trending", but that's how we usually roll. What a hilarious and weird show, our favorite kind.  Husband and I both find Portia de Rossi to be one lovely-looking human.


~ New books ~

There is always a book I've just found I am excited about, although my tastes do veer wildly.  This is the one constant my family can count on about me, other than my feisty love and protection for all of them.

And tea.


~ Going downtown and seeing what my town is up to ~ 

Since we bought our home, we've not taken advantages of the events our small town offers. This summer we have made a concerted effort to get out and about more often in the evening. We have had so much fun, I think this might be an upcoming post....



Thanks to Alysa for the fun Open Call! 





~ All images taken by me.  

Husband says I played up the good parts very well ~ 


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JULY 24, 2011 9:01PM

This just made me feel as though I was sitting in your beautiful garden sipping tea from a china teacup. The quilt! Oh the quilt is a little masterpiece. Ani is so lucky. I love the pictures of the fabulous boy on the trampoline and the emerging calla lily. Really nice new favorites...~r
Wonderful thoughts and a fine young lad. 
I think the Calla Lily picture is my favorite - and your outdoor table. It looks so inviting.
I think some of your favorite things are my new favorites as well. LOVE that quilt, too!
Love the quilt and what a gorgeous son.
Beautiful baby quilt; one that will stay in the family I am sure! I really enjoyed your favorites. Time flies and it is nice to stop and sip some tea and enjoy life!
I love the name Ani. I have an Anna. That quilt is sure to be lovely! I think I will now drink from a tea cup too.
I love the quilt. My grandmother made off five of us kids great quilts, but mine wasn't too good because she had dementia by this time. But, I loved it anyway and I know Ani will love that one.
What wonderful photos of your son, very vibrantly captured. Your gardens look so inviting, especially the table with the roses. Thanks for this peek into your life JT. Look forward to more.
A lovely post. Nothing finer than tea in an antique china teacup.
Ahh ... tea in a fine china teacup. Yes ... simply the best! : )

I love the idea that you will give to your little grand-daughter a gift made from hand and love.

A lovely post, JT.
Thanks Joan ~ Thanks so much! This has been the best part of not moving so much, I've gotten back into creating more...and our first grandbaby! Wow. Maybe the thought of being Grandma at age 50 (although I think I'll be Nana if I can sway opinion) is what sparked my wanting to enjoy some of the fancy china : )

Hi Scylla and thank you, nice to have you come by : ) 

Thanks trilogy : ) You are officially invited! ...and isn't that calla something else? I've never seen callas like this, only white ones that bloom in spring...

Felicia: How a cool comment to receive! Thanks for was inspiring to unpack that older quilt and remember that creative spark : )

Thanks, Linda! He looks like his daddy : ) 
That trampoline is great.

Hi Susie -- you are right! I have not been enough this year, I'm now reminded by delicate teacup and fresh blueberries.
Some ancestor is smiling that her china's getting used, I like to think, but depending on who these belonged to, there just as likely is someone horrified at me for not saving them for company : )
Okay, I'm getting the look from my family...
I thank you so much for coming by, I'll be back : )
Thanks for rising to the occasion and sharing these wonderful moments from your life. I think we share similar thoughts and appreciations and I am so glad to know we are closer than further apart.
My morning is made more beautiful reading your post and enjoying the stunning pictures.
Gorgeous photography! I enjoyed this.
Just Thinking...,
What a wonderful list! That photograph of the calla is exquisite.
I highly recommend the name Ani. As a goddess of Armenia, considered the Earth Mother. There was a city named after her. Later, when the country accepted Christianity as their state religion (first in the world to do so), it was known as the City of a Thousand Churches.

I am so inspired by your simple happy endeavors. Thank you for that.
I love that quilt!!
your quilt is so beautiful
the rest of your list is also filled 
with beauty 
and lots and lots of love
rated with love
What a wonderful list. I also have a 13 year old, and this is my first trip through, so I think something is new every day. I love the photos of your garden, it looks peaceful. Now I have to go check out Arrested Development. I'm always on the lookout for older TV that I can watch on my own schedule.

Great list!
The older tapestry quilt is beautiful. It is such a skill; Ani will love her special gift from her grandmother. We will wait for the baby pictures - a continuation of this article.
I loved the entire atmosphere of this post and I especially loved the New Book part!
Thanks so much for doing my OC - and I LOVE your list! The pictures of your youngest son made me think of one of my brothers...and now I miss him... Okay, getting back to your list: I am so surprised you didn't know about Google before, but I'm really glad you discovered it; it's life-changing, isn't it? And I was also a latecomer to "Arrested Development", which I agree is just hilarious. I loved everything on your list...well, except for eating outside - I don't do bugs. :-) Thanks so much for doing a list - it was so fun and full of love and family - a perfect read.
Wow, the cat quilt is so beautiful...and the flowers...and your son! Best, best wishes for your granddaughter! Ani is a such a beautiful name, and I hope she has a smooth birth. :)
Lovely treasures, indeed, JT.
Both my grandmother and daughter have made bed quilts. My grandma used to make dresses for me with smocking. Being able to work with your hands is a gift to be treasured. Great photos, too.
Very nice. The quilt wonderful. The tea in the china cup, the absolute key to it all, presentation, attitude, serenity, and warmth.
Love the photo of the red calla! Love that you love eating outdoors, taking photos of flowers, and drinking tea from a teacup. I, too, think it makes a difference. 

So glad to discover you here on OS. Have added you to my favorites and look forward to reading more!
Jaime: I like Ani too, it's Armenian for Ann/e I think...
I swear the tea tastes better in a tea cup : )

Thanks, Scanner: How cool to receive quilts however they arrive. Our friend who was a novice quilter handmade a baby quilt for one of our sons -- it was doll-sized when finished! She was afraid it would take her a year to make a crib size. We still love it : ) Thanks for coming by !

Thanks, Rita! I love those trampoline shots too, they pretty much capture his spirit as well... 
Nice to have you come by : )

lschmoopie: I was inspired by your post ! and have been enjoying some elegance and a new "tradition" ever since.

Thanks, Kate. I used velvet for snuggability : ) Nice to see you...

Algis, I feel similarly when I read your posts. Thanks for coming by!
This was a wonderfully delightful post! I loved the energy, excitement, photos, and amazing talent you possess. Congratulations on all of it!


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