Today’s society is dictated by many influences that should be discredited yet have been allowed to have a major impact. That impact has become destructive and it has derailed our better judgment allowing the guilty to go free, the innocent to go unavenged, and traitors to be regarded as heroes. This kind of impotent and dangerous system of values is prevalent today as pop culture misguides our youth, society worships the beauty of superficiality, and wrong doing becomes negotiable.

Past and present

On a miserably hot morning in the deserts of Afghanistan June of 2009 an Army soldier makes a decision that will impact the lives of several of his comrades and decides to abandon his post. In the days of the Continental Army under General George Washington’s command deserters were executed. Up until and during World War II deserters or those who refused to take up arms could still end up in front of a firing squad.

Blood on his hands

The fateful decision to desert into the hands of the enemy being Al Qaeda ended up resulting in 6 American soldiers being shot to death by the enemy in search of Bowe Bergdahl, who would spend 5 years in captivity forgetting English and learning Farsi taught by his captors. This version of the story is highly debatable as in assuming Bergdahl was even an actual prisoner to begin with! In keeping with its irrational policies the Obama Administration made a deal to exchange 5 Taliban commanders for a US Army deserter who got 6 of his fellow troopers killed!


Sex workers at the Love Ranch, a legal brothel in Crystal, Nevada reported that former NBA basketball player and TV reality show actor, Lamar Odom, had been using cocaine and sex enhancing drugs before having a stroke and nearly dying. Lying motionless and barely registering a pulse he is later admitted a local area hospital where he struggles to hang onto life. Reports that Odom was lying in a coma as he was experiencing organ failure with blood and a white substance on his mouth and nose were confirmed by two celebrity news sources.


Shortly after being elected Prime Minister of Canada winning against his conservative opponent Justin Trudeau is all set to take over the reins once held by his father, Pierre, years before. After a few months in office and having met with President Obama who will be soon to vacate the Oval Office, a deal is struck and a prisoner is released from Guantanamo Bay, the infamous holding facility in Cuba that the US president has been trying to empty and close!

Uncanny consequence

Confessed terrorist, Omar Khadr is released from Gitmo and during a press conference listens to questions after being turned over on bail in Edmonton, Alberta. He has wounded or killed US soldiers having thrown a hand grenade that killed Sergeant Christopher Speer. In a village during heavy fighting with US forces as a Al Qaeda combatant at Ayub Keyl Omar Khadr was wounded and then evacuated to Bagram Airfield where he was than air lifted to Guantanamo Bay. He was later interrogated by Canadian and American intelligence before being charged.

Liars never prosper?

Khadr attempts to deny his confession saying that he was merely trying to get back to Canada. Having spent 10 years in Gitmo the twisted logic of Canadian law somehow rationalizes that the youngest terrorist fighter to be held at Guantanamo will now be paid restitution for his incarceration in Cuba for having fought against the US and its allies while under the command of the Al Qaeda as his own father was with the Taliban.

 Red Carpet treatment?

Only fifteen when he was recruited by Al Qaeda and severely wounded at 16 then hospitalized under American care, Khadr will now be awarded some 10 million dollars in compensations for his role in the murder of an American Army Sergeant while serving Al Qaeda as a fighter! In this twisted turn of events even Canadian writers and bloggers wondered why taxpayers in their country should be footing the bill for a convicted terrorist. However, this is the present day plight of justice. It makes no sense. One might ask what about the family of Christopher Peer?

Vengeance is mine?

Meanwhile, just recently a visibly worried Bowe Bergdahl appears in military court for sentencing. In a surprise decision by an Army Colonel presiding over the case, Bergdahl is declared not guilty, exonerated, and allowed release over time served! The only lasting ramification will be that he was not honorably discharged! What were the implications suffered by the 6 soldiers, two of which were lieutenants, that died in search for their fellow comrade? What justice was there for their husbands murdered by terrorists as they probed enemy territory for a deserter? The warped rationale of the liberal mind is beyond honor or fairness, only the escape from accountability seems the priority!

Celebrity to depravity!

In the case of Lamar Odom who quickly became society’s child in the face of what he subjected himself to as NBA acquaintances made a point of brief visits and Hollywood snowflakes were quick to tweet impassioned for his recovery. Once again another entertainment star and former athlete gets the red carpet treatment and reporting accolades from the news media as everyone pulls for his recovery. Was this the kind of role model that children growing up should aspire to when pursuing their dreams of being a star? It would seem to this writer that in the not too distant past we Americans valued professional athletes for their contribution to society not their drug abuse or their participation in prostitution.

Warped outcome

Yet, once again that glaring double standard telling us that there is a different set of moral standards and justice for the rich, the powerful, and the celebrities who seem to go unscathed while if you and I had committed the same infraction we would surely be in jail and facing the consequences! The current status of decency and fairness seems to hinge upon overlooking and even rationalizing in favor of the guilty while overlooking the heartbreak of the victims they often leave in their wake. Kloe Kardashian rushing to the arms of her stricken and estranged ex-husband, why sure! It’s good for publicity!


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Comment by Ron Powell on November 30, 2017 at 5:52pm

Bad enough you posted this drivel once,  but twice is almost too much to bear...

Comment by Maui Surfer on November 30, 2017 at 6:14pm

I haven't been there, but, in my limited understanding Love Ranch employees can refuse service to anyone they find reprehensible. I'm guessing if you've been saving up for a trip you better get ready for rejection and hit the crack head stroll instead, though even they may not find you up to par.

Comment by Doc Vega on December 14, 2017 at 3:42pm

Ron, did you hear that sound? It's the screech from the brakes coming from the Van of the your neighboring insane asylum, they're coming to take away aha!

Comment by Doc Vega on December 14, 2017 at 3:43pm

Maui, one of the few times you have actually admitted a truth, that you have limited understanding! Congrats!


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