(Stepping Lightly, As It Were)

Aloud, again, to me, the speak of what comes back, and round again, and the credence of the existence I've been given.  To peruse, use, further, .. or make choice from.  Join in a cacophony, or try to read what I hear, between.  

The forest is so important to me, the one thing, along with my family of formative years, that brought me back to the 'reality' that is accepted as Known, and .. unfortunately, argued from, in dichotomy.  No matter.  Once you've met your Spirit, you have choice, yet again.  Accept your internal voice, gut reaction, first thought, place that bet, etcet, but once known, it can never be un-known.  

Words are prays.  If you bray of your disfortune, you pray for more, Bringer.  If you trust, allow, and let go, you are the question; not the answer.

Oh, maaan!!  It doesn't get any better than that!!!

Oh.  Guess what just happened.

I'll never be THAT lucky again.  Man, that was the LIMIT!  .. on and it goes, only your own lifelihood shows what you sing, bring, further, entice, question, and trust in.

Is not one's own existence, and attendant circumstance, proof enough?  And if a matter of Proof comes to be, at all - why?  If someone agrees with you, does it give your opinion more credence?

You could start an Organized Religion on that logic's premise.

Polarity is a necessity, as it were, in that opposites attract, but also - repel.  Therein, you have the balance of nature, but also the conundrum of constant input without release, that creates a polarity that in and of itself is going to implode at some point, because Allowance, letting go, letting in, questioning, and the individuality of reason, isn't Put.  There is no counterpoint to any  premise aside from either/or.  Right/wrong.  

This argument leaves one party negated, any way round.  

You cannot have One, without the counterbalance of the Other.

Wouldn't it just be simpler to Include?  Ask?  Involve?  Share the pie?  Why hoard?  Why be Right!?  If you actually gain control of something, a situation, a piece of legislation, an argument over a neighborhood squabble, a boundary, a keepership, and overlording, for the sake of simply being the One -- what Is won?  What is the victory?  

There is no such thing as being atop anything without consideration of what holds it up there.  If you usurp, overlord, command, demand, haughty, naughty, gettin' over, or bypassing .. the question remains.

Each segment of outcry is interconnected, but each outcry is also an Against.  Environmental demise, neglect of the treasure of space left for Pristine, scolded children, neglected pets, rampant dis-ease and subsequent class actions against believing the curarè, underlings that can't get ahead because the paying work that holds up the bottom keeps being taken away in the For Granted that built the bottom in the first place has become 'futured upon.'  Bet.  Oh boy.  Another chess game, another contest, let's see who Wins! -- Why can't everyone win, and do what they love, and are intrinsically good AT doing, because that is the exact place where the wherewithall, the goods and the skill to work with and of the environment that once came into was passed on to, into, and expected (as well) to be furthered - by? 

The governing of a country is to place an Order, a standard of Rules, which were incepted to be peaceful, inclusive, and for the sake of Furtherance.  The body of this work of governance is financed by the workforce that pays out a percentage of its pay to do that.  When the Idea outweighs the Ideal, and the source of the funds that creates the body of workers that govern the workforce allows them to build a Future built upon what they might keep producing, but then creates the stoppage of that very production in furtherance of said Ideal, you therein have the heart before the course.  

Who knows where the lynchpin lie?  If the governance we employ is paid more than we? .. how did we, the workforce, get there?  How did we allow this?  And therein is also the nugget of the fruit being the pay, not the labor?

One could go on forever about crookedness, aslides, handshaking, non-sharing, but - the bottom line of anything is always Foundation.  If a storm uproots and old tree, whose roots are actually larger than it's toppage, and an entire network of wires, pipes, and conveyances to make the land behave becomes uprooted ... guess what happens?


But .. .but...!

Every person within governing is elected to do so.  Their paycheck, in essence, is signed by each and every one of us that works.  

It is the lynchpin.

I don't want to joke.  Or provoke.  Or proselytize.  It's not my place.  I simply want to comment on the Missing Element of thought, choice, impetus by your own command, verbage, wish, pray, and trust.  Each of us has a life that, upon reflection, has brought us every single thing we have wished for, or demanded.  In the end, the 'last bastion' of whew! juuuust made it--always comes.  And the wishful moment that you hope will arrive - always does.  Once you think of what you really wish .. the moment does arrive to either speak it - or delete it.  Fall to the negative side, say oh well, it didn't matter, discount your self, expect someone to read your actions instead of your words, no matter.  Life is like that; longevity is only more proving ground to reflect back upon to see how we are the Bringers of our own circumstances, more than the outward blather of dichotomy, the blather of Choose!~  Hurry!~!  There are only these two!!  


It's up to each individual to find their Sense, as well as their Non.

Safety in numbers.  Sheep, bleat.  Who says?  Consider the Source, and in that you are the source that says for you.  Trust yer gut.  All those adages.  They are the in-between, the unseen, the unspoken.  Who is climbing upon whom, and what is expected in return?  Only balance of both, by mutual interaction, discourse, and acceptance, is the Builder.  Internal reaction is the source of action.  And how you purport your Self is what brings back what you asked for.

You cannot change anything unless, and until, you become aware of it.  And by taking responsibility for your reaction incorporates your own, individual lifespan.  Each facet is an integral part of what formed you, as the individual you are, have been, and continue becoming.   And only from thence can you change anything, because you become aware of what you Brought, what you cried out, what you asked for.  And by a subtle change of awareness, action, and re-action - does something in your own sphere shift.

There is no such thing as being atop without a bottom.  Conversely, there is no bottom without a top.  They are intricately inter-balanced, but only by speak, truth, communal working, does one necessitate, and further - the other.

Every place on this earth is the best place to grow something of furtherance.  Be it exotic or commonplace, the unity of how to use it is the best way to share.  Taking always necessitates someone being left bereft.  Where is the victory in that?  Something will starve, somewhere along the line, if you don't acknowledge, and live within that chain.  Little Americas have been thrust upon the world, powers have been granted for Production -- ahh!  WITH it's limitations, usurpations if not followed by the rules - by doling out little passels of that Dream.  

But that Dream is the dominion of all.  It is not a commodity.

And to forbid, exclude, corral, sanction, legislate, demand, usurp, claim, limit or cripple the very existence of exchange, by force, dominance, or fear only creates its own demise.  Hunger is not only of food; hunger is of spirit, the will, and willingness to be in and of the land where you are, what is possible, and to live, love, and discover what joy can come from sharing.  

Open the Tea Routes, play the musics.

Open the Spice Routes once again, and play that.

The Botanical explorations gave us the world in our hands.

Cultivate them.

It is a world of such, such plenty.  So lush.  So rich.  So succulent.  So diverse. 

And every one of us has a piece of it to share. 

Everyone's hands want work.

There are adages about that, as well.


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