The Ultimate Reluctant Activist Speaking Up Again - with informational updates

Did you know both (pro-GMO) Obama, Bush II, and Clinton White Houses kept organic-only kitchens for themselves?

That Monsanto executives — makers of GMO products — have refused, personally, to eat genetically modified foods?

(update: I have now seen articles that both debunk and defend the story that Monsanto’s execs refuse GMO foods.

It is true about the organic kitchens in the Obama, Bush II, and Clinton White Houses.)

(Well Being Journal, Vol. 24, # 4, page 31: ‘Politicians Go Organic’)

This week — maybe today — Congress is expected to vote on the D.A.R.K. (Deny Americans Right to Know) Act, bill HR 1599 -  (and HR 4432 - another pro-GMO labeling bill with hearing today) - which began as a labeling of GMOs bill, but was recently altered to state that communities will not be able to ever stand up and vote to ban genetically modified crops/seed in their region by local law.

That’s right: the power for citizens to stand up against GMO crops being grown in their community will forever be stopped with passage of this dangerous bill.

If there ever was a reason to realize your voice ringing out is necessary and imperative, this is it.

This bill is a really big power grab by corporate interests.

After all, isn’t our country supposed to be We the People — not We the Corporations?

By the People

For the People

Of the People.

If any of this is important to you — please — quickly — contact your congressperson and ask them to vote against bill HR 1599—and HR 4432 - the pressure for our representatives to cave to big agribusiness is huge.

Big business — that currently is pushing to permanently silence the power of citizens’ voices speaking out against genetically modified foods.


When I posted this piece last night on Medium, I received a one sentence response from fellow Medium writer, Timothy Boucher:

"Is this real life? It all seems too much for me sometimes."

I agree entirely.

This was my response this morning:

I am the ultimate reluctant activist — and in general, am not comfortable speaking out.

But I have to speak up when it comes to this.

We will only have GMO foods if these corporations aren’t stopped by all of our protest.

United voices really do have power.

The protest can be simply an email — this was mine (anyone feel free to copy relevant parts and send to your rep):

PLEASE listen to those of us horrified by the ever-increasing power of corporations pushing GMO crops — especially in areas where We, the People, do not want them and we have stood up and passed laws stating so.

STOP passage of the DARK Act, HR 1559 — stop the passage of a law where all citizens lose that power to speak up and demand mutated seeds be banned in our communities.

I also protest against HR 4432, which also offers protection to GMO industry and undermines accurate labeling of GMO foods.

This bill giving corporations such power over both individuals and governments is a terrible, terrible precedent. Please — do not allow this to happen!

Do you know both the Bush and Obama White Houses banned GMO foods for themselves, insisting on an organic kitchen for themselves?

Do you know that Monsanto executives refuse to eat GMO foods themselves, as well?
(Well Being Journal, Vol. 24, #4)

This citizen stands up with so many others, asking to be heard, asking for The People to be in charge, not corporations.

We The People.
“…of the People, by the People, for the People…”

Thank you for listening,

UPDATE:  The DARK Act passed in *the House,* 275-150

What to do now?

Bernie Sanders on GMO labeling, in 2013.

koshersalaami's GMO discussion thread

More discussion and interesting comments

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Comment by moki ikom on July 26, 2015 at 8:41pm


" stop there is what the biocidalUSt$ hope everyone does who is NOT sufficiently versed in the modus operandi of seed monopolist, biocide engineering and production corporations. ..."

Comment by Anna Herrington on July 27, 2015 at 9:27am

Morning, Phyllis - I appreciate your coming back - I don't have the stamina for discussing these subjects to the lengths that some others have, I have to get away or I tend to spiral down and get depressed, then it's much harder to retrieve my equanimity. I could tell when I re-read my comment to you that I maybe ought to have gotten away sooner.....

and I didn't take what you wrote as aspersion, not at all. 

Thanks for your further input, moki - we can't stop resisting the aggressive corporate agendas, can we? and it does get exhausting.

but worth it, if our voices create change - and we've already seen how united voices speaking up can make waves...and the second the voices die down, the aggressive steamrolling just keeps going.

I've spent the past decades seeing how vibrant health and high quality food go hand in hand to make our bodies and minds run well - and have seen plenty of the results of eating poor quality foods in a child's development, health and ability to calm their minds. The thought of choice in food buying, choice in seed sharing, land that is non-GMO tainted, all disappearing - what the future generations will be left with....

so short-sighted, humans can be, especially when blinded by profits-as-bottom-line.

I start (almost) panicking when I think of the power those corporations have gained over our food supply and how much further they intend to control - then I head to my own garden to weed, water, and let the bees, birds, and plants soothe for awhile.

Comment by Phyllis on July 27, 2015 at 10:15am

And I'm really sorry I wasn't more clear. I'll work on that. :)

Comment by moki ikom on July 27, 2015 at 7:16pm

Anna, i really get "the reluctant activist" gig and add this comment reluctantly, but trust you can appreciate knowing that GMO awareness activism is widespread and ongoing.

Repression of GMO-biocide dissent and corporatists' subversion of Hawaii legislatures is a pair a dice... lose-lose, no combination can be a win: 

== "I don’t speak like their engineers"

Klayton Kubo lives off fishing and off his painting work. But he's also a fighter, a role he assumed more than 10 years ago after Pioneer and Syngenta established laboratories on either side of Waimea, trapping the small town in a vise. Klayton is wary of their maneuvers and of their lawyers.

“They have no respect for us,” he says. Klayton recalls how he had just finished painting his house in 2000 when it was covered with a thick red cloud. He asked Pioneer for an explanation but the company simply retorted “trade secret.” Since then, he’s constantly been hitting the same wall.

“I have no qualifications. I don’t speak like their engineers," he says. "But I do know that they’re spreading massive quantities of poison.” The activist raises his black glasses to show his reddened eyes. “And I don’t consume marijuana!” he says.

The full article: Poisons In Paradise: Hawaiians Take On Agrochemical Giants 
Follow us: @worldcrunch on Twitter | Worldcrunch on Facebook ==


[Hawai`i] has become a paradise for multinationals in the agrochemicals industry. The five companies that dominate the global seed market (Monsanto, DuPont-Pioneer, Dow Chemical, Syngenta and BASF) have established themselves there to take advantage of a climate that allows them to harvest three times in the year.
. . .

In November 2014, voters in Maui, a tourism hotspot and Monsanto stronghold, voted in favor of imposing a moratorium on GMO testing and growing until a comprehensive study proves they’re not harmful. A first in the U.S., where GMOs are both legal and ubiquitous, representing 90% of corn and soybeans production.

The day after the vote, Dow Chemical filed a complaint against the moratorium, together with Monsanto (whose lawyer Ken Robbins canceled our appointment in Honolulu). Until the federal judge rules on the matter, the moratorium is suspended. “It’s a shame because it was the result of a democratic process,” says Vincent Mina, the president of association Farmers Union United.


Comment by Myriad on July 27, 2015 at 9:06pm

I am happy in my garden, not thinking of the wider world.  But my handyman came by and busied himself fertilizing the squashes.  I said I thought that all worked automatically and he said, "There aren't any bees," and I said, ironically, "But I saw one the other day."  "Yeah, one," he said.


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