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What a handsome boy!!
Many yrs back I had a basset whose name was Blue. And, of course, PP&M had a number abt a dog w that name.

lovey dovey he is..
has lots of character
HI LL and Jon : ) 
Blue is our newest family member, from the pound last Fall. He was sitting on a bedraggled blanket in cement block 'cell' shaking like a leaf, surrounded by pit bull mixes, all muscley and intense looking (and I know the good sides of those type dogs, have had one myself, but they just fit the scenario with poor terrified Blue in the middle). We needed companion to our other dog, who can't play with big dogs after back injury years ago (our preference really, big dogs, but these little ones have taken over).
Ever since, yoga has this new aspect to it as I do the floor stuff. He came with the name Blue from his mix: Terrier and Blue Heeler. 
He's cute from the neck up ; )
Hi Linda, he's certainly wormed his way in : )
This is a terrible photo of him, by the way...
There's a good hound.
Weird in Australia anyone with red hair gets called Blue, hence Queensland Blue Heeler.
Long lived, I know that. Get a bit barrel-chested in later life ~ your Blue right now is a lucky pup.
PP&M song :
Looks like he is very curious about all those strange stretches you are doing.
Hi M! - he really is.

Kim - Ha! That was a great clip! Elias and I are laughing over my afternoon tea, his early morning coffee.
Didn't know that about Heelers, he's a Queensland Heeler, then, no red.
The Aussie barrel chest ; ) arrived right after he turned 1 year - too funny, this spotted barrel on twig legs, tiny head with huge ears. 
Smart and engaging little guy, now that he's been trained out of climbing up and over fences and gates, dashing off for hours the minute one is distracted by new cantaloupe in the garden...
James/Oldest showed up the first time and immediately Blue was dubbed Mini Keg. Ha! Ani calls him NaughtyBlue.
i dunno anymore about having another dog, in the future.
i will have georgie doggy for probably another dozen yrs
and he is enough canine for any one man for a lifetime.
and i just BABYSIT the bastard.
these days i babysit him AND his step sister (my sister's New Guy's )
she has taken some of the pressure off me to give him intense
round the clock attention.
Ears up, eyes wide--he's on high alert, all attention, and it's all given, I presume, to the yoga-ing you. Bask in it!
Hi there, Blue! You look surprised to see me. lol

This must be the Upward Dog pose.
That is one cute faced dog. He'd be fat as a football if he lived with me.
James, this settled life with pups and cats around, in a boughten house, came to us late. Jury's still out on whether I'm suited for this 'still' stuff, but it is the reality, so I filled it with critters : ) 
I'm sure a more free phase will occur down the road...although, now Blue needs a puppy friend since Kona's slowing down quite a bit, getting crotchety. So Blue watches yoga. Poor thing is bored out of his mind (not really...he gets a proper upbringing...).

Hi Jerry - he really is adorable. I think he cannot believe his luck, showing up at our house....not that we're the buy-your-dog-stuff type. Just throwing the ball, walks and swims, and ear scritches seems to be enough thrill for them : )
Oh - hi zanelle!! He is a curious pup. 
He found the right place for curious types : )
I got that view from my sheltie a lot, she liked to luck my forehead while I was down there. Fun times with dogs. Blue seems like a good guy.

I think the barrel chest is just a heeler thing, Lance had one, too. He was a mix.
Downward Dog Noes, n'cest pas? :D
Upward Person Asana I assume Blue...
Haha! Awww...what a cutie! I love his expression!
What a cutie he is!
Thanks, guys - he has livened up the place, that's for sure : )
Blue, is beautiful!!!!

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