The Truth Behind Open Borders and Flood of Refugees Into America

Every nation has a right to it's own sovereignty. It's called upholding the law. This why each nation has a border and a wall or some type of barrier clearly distinguishing the legal limit of their land and foreign territory. All nations, except the United States under President Obama enforce that boundary. It is the reason why Mexico maintains a thousand mile wall between themselves and Guatemala. It is the reason why European states maintain a protective defensible zone against Russia. It is why any nation defending its citizens, enforcing its own heritage, and is concerned with national security will have a wall on their border guarded by troops or agents ready to shoot to kill should some interloper or foreign intruders trespass upon their sovereign territory. It is an unimpeachable fact.

Naming the enemy

However in the world today we have a disease of the mind known as “Cognitive dissonance” in essence it is a refusal to acknowledge objective reality for the purpose of political agenda in most cases. This is a highly contagious disease that has afflicted those who identify themselves as liberals, leftists, Progressives, Democrats, activists, and this group is not just limited to these misguided characters it should be expanded to include collectivists, statists, Communists, and socialists though the list could identify even more of these brain damaged groups. Generally speaking, those people or groups who somehow feel their ideology is more important than anyone else's so they shall rely upon government to force their warped vision of utopia upon all others. In America typically we have indoctrinated the young into the embrace of such problematical rationale through government funded public schools.

Brainwash the young

We have force fed on stale chalk college aged students who are so oblivious to fact that they cannot distinguish between socialism and Democracy and from a Parliamentary system to a Constitutional Republic. We have allowed our politicians to run amuck in Washington all the while trusting them to look after our best interests and uphold the US Constitution, but instead they have been passing freedom robbing laws and enriching themselves at our expense. When we have fallen asleep at the wheel, failed to take interest in the legislative process, and complained about elections that we never bothered to vote in-we wonder why the American political system has indeed become a swamp of corruption.

Making fools of us all

Today the federal government wants you to continue down that path of ignorance and bliss grazing like a sheep who is surrounded by wolves. The federal government would like you to be just stupid enough to keep from identifying the theft of your Constitutional rights while they rewrite history and portray our American heroes as buffoons, racists, and domestic terrorists. They would also like you to ignore the fact that they, until recently, have refused to build a wall that was long ago funded but never acted upon. They would like you to believe that the uncontrolled influx of unvetted people from war torn nations that are ideologically opposed to our way of life is completely acceptable.

False narratives

Each and every time a terrorist kills multitudes of innocent people in American or elsewhere we are told not to feed the right wing extremist reactionary impulse. We are told that their God, their doctrine of oppression and brutality is perfectly fine and in a live and let live environment these culturally indoctrinated people will peacefully co-exist with us. Let us examine what is happening in Great Britain where an Islamic radical in a land that emphasizes strict gun control, used a car to run over 14 people and used a long knife to injure 2 police officers. Let us observe how women raped and brutalized in Sweden are afraid to remain in their own country now and how the very headquarters of refugee processing is now fenced and barb wired!

Old school vetting

The fools will tell you that America has a long history of immigrant contribution and social assimilation when at the turn of the 20th Century Ellis Island was a strict administrator of health, background checks, and ideological inquiry that sent those back who appeared to be carrying disease, had a criminal background, could not be identified, or displayed a political indifference to the American way of life. Not so anymore. Under the false narratives of the liberal persuasion we are told that we are racists if we demand that refugees be vetted. We are told that our President, who has every Constitutional authorization to order a ban from regions of the world that would threaten our domestic security if allowed to live among us is violating the civil rights of those who are not even citizens of the United States. We are told that there is an economical benefit in hosting refugees and illegal immigrants when billions are sent back to Mexico each year from states like Texas and California and the federal government uses taxpayer dollars to place refugees, house them, feed them, and educate them as they do other foreigners.


This is the insanity of the left who will use everyone else's money in the process of carrying our their big humanitarian mission while Americans living on the border are being shot and robbed. While some 306 sanctuary entities operate in America at the state, county, and local level who are in an absolute uproar over the proposition of being denied federal funding when they refuse to cooperate with the Feds over extradition of convicted criminals and those who have been deported numerous times. When we have a president (Obama) who releases convicted drug dealers from prison and allows ICE to release violent criminal illegal aliens back into the general population. What can we expect?

The source

One must ask just what incentive is there in undermining American society other than plain stupidity or treasonous rationalization? Who would want to disrupt our society and pose a threat to the civilian population by allowing people of unknown background to be located here and funded with taxpayer money? What is the agenda? Today hundreds of millions of dollars are being donated to Catholic Charities, Methodist advocacy groups, and even Baptist Christian organizations who supposedly out of the good of their hearts assist in the relocation of refugees though out the US. They are paid huge sums of money by the federal government and numerous social activist groups funded by people like George Soros to populate nations that are opposed to the kind of tyranny we see in the Middle East at the hands of Islamic extremists who have joined hands with the American left and those who want to impose Sharia Law through out the world. So there is an economic component here that enriches those who supposedly care for these poor refugees who wouldn't harm a fly on our heads, we are told.

The Big Lie!

The refugee and illegal immigration issue has become big business. It allows employers to pay pathetically below market wages. It allows political activists to spread their ideology across America. It allows the Democrats to harvest an automatic voter base at the cost of our security, economy, and job market. However, this is of little concern to these opportunists who will just regurgitate their practiced talking points that are as disingenuous as the lies the Islamic terrorists who tell us the Jewish holocaust in World War II never happened, that women are nothing more important than goats who must be controlled or severely punished if they got out of line, or that more taxes, more regulations, and more subjugation of the American citizen is justified under the Globalist agenda. Yet, the smug and self assured liberal of today ignores this reality and tells you that there is something wrong with you for standing up for your rights and your country-America!

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Comment by koshersalaami on March 31, 2017 at 8:25pm

You know liberals who think immigrants shouldn't be vetted and we should have an open border? Who? No, it is NOT racist to vet immigrants. 

You think Middle Eastern refugees aren't being vetted? Who fed you that bullshit?

You think Obama was soft on immigrant criminals? He deported more of them than George W. Bush did. 

You're right about Ellis Island checking for health. My great aunt from Poland got there but was turned back because she had an issue with her eyes. She got shot in the road by a Nazi soldier for not keeping up. Roosevelt didn't need a wall to keep desperate Jews out; he had the Atlantic. 

You want to keep Mexicans from immigrating here illegally? That's easy, way easier and cheaper than a wall. Prosecute people who hire them. No jobs, no immigrants. But the Republicans don't want to arrest their supporters, so we get this. Trump would rather spend a symbolic fortune than upset his wealthy constituents. 



Comment by Doc Vega on March 31, 2017 at 8:54pm

1) Have heard the long anthem of bigot and racist allegations since 2015 since Trump went  down to the border, witnessed the border incursions, and when neither the Democrats or the GOP would address the the border security issue Trump spoke out correctly and was demonized by the left for exactly what Im talking about so don't bullshit me!

Don't give me that bullshit about Obama upholding the immigration laws when he and Eric Holder sued the border states based upon the bullshit argument of profiling and refused to refuse federal law enforcement of immigration law forcing the states to do it then suing them fo r it like a bunch of chicken shits! Obama released 65,000 convicted illegals back into the general population in less than 1 year! While alleging that the White House relegated record deportations while releasing them in record numbers! So it was a lie! You continue to parrot the lies of the Press secretary Josh not earnest!

Fuck no! Middle East refugees are being vetted! The intelligence agencies admitted they COULD NOT VET THE REFUGEES Are you daft? Are you blind? Or Are you simply a false narrative propagator? Did the anti Dementia drug not reach your residence yet?

I don't give a damn about the difference between Ellis Island and the fucking Nazis! WTF does that have to do with the price of potatoes in fucking Idaho? Where do you fetch your drinking water anyway? In Three Mile Island?

Guess what it doesn't make a difference who wants cheap labor or not we need a fucking wall like any other damn nation uses to protect their fucking border! MURDER IS AGANST THE LAW TOO DUDE DO YOU THINK THAT BEING AGAINST THE LAW IS GOING TO STOP MURDERS? FUCK NO IT WON'T! BUT A WALL WILL DISCOURAGE A LOT OF IT! In San Diego only a cable established the border and illegals poured over the nonexistent border definition. When a wall finally got built 99% of the intrusions were stopped! CASE IN FUCKING POINT! NOW use your brain!

Comment by Maui Surfer on April 1, 2017 at 10:43am

Senhor- nice photo at the top of post, looks like it could be pretty much any streetcorner in Tejas!

Since this is at its core an artists site, perhaps you've seen the film El Norte ? Was very well received, way back in 83 so maybe you were still getting out to the movies back then and not relying so much on rabbit ears? Anyway, in case you missed it the plot was all about Guatemalans and how they passed through Mehico on their way to refugee jobs in the USA that no one else would take.

Comment by Doc Vega on April 8, 2017 at 12:41pm

Kosher channeling as Maui that photo looks more like the company you keep when your out at your Hawaiian tent city soliciting coins from the visiting tourists from Texas who still have money to travel as opposed to the losers in Oakland too busy shooting at cops and getting arrested!

Comment by Maui Surfer on April 10, 2017 at 9:58am

Doc- Oakland is the fastest growing city in the country, also, lots of black millionaires and upper middle class there, just sayin' anyways Honolulu is also a very rich city though the homeless problem is horrible, like everywhere I've been on the mainland. Nobody seems to want to do what Jesus would do, but, again, what has happened in Tejas the last few years is perhaps best illustrated by the problems for women the withholding of funds and restrictions against Planned Parenthood and the health services it provides. This is all statistical stuff, um, the kind of info K-Salaam himself would present, not the emotional stuff I usually spew on your malihini self.

Comment by Maui Surfer on April 10, 2017 at 10:01am

"the reduction in the health services it provides"

corrected, or, was it copied and pasted by a Kremlin Commie Troll ?

Comment by Doc Vega on April 12, 2017 at 6:34pm

Here is Oakland without your bullshit portrayal of this hell hole as a successful metropolis! This fully affirms what intentionally misleading bullshit you continually spew!

Violent crime rate in 2015
Oakland: 785.6
U.S. Average: 207.7

Violent crime rate in 2014
Oakland: 897.5
U.S. Average: 200.7

Violent crime rate in 2013
Oakland: 1,044.1
U.S. Average: 204.3

Violent crime rate in 2012
Oakland: 1,078.3
U.S. Average: 214.5

Violent crime rate in 2011
Oakland: 906.4
U.S. Average: 214.1

Violent crime rate in 2010
Oakland: 836.5
U.S. Average: 223.2

Violent crime rate in 2009
Oakland: 918.4
U.S. Average: 238.0

Violent crime rate in 2008
Oakland: 1,069.3
U.S. Average: 252.4

Violent crime rate in 2007
Oakland: 1,042.0
U.S. Average: 259.7

Violent crime rate in 2006
Oakland: 1,045.5
U.S. Average: 264.1

Violent crime rate in 2005
Oakland: 783.4
U.S. Average: 258.9

Violent crime rate in 2004
Oakland: 701.7
U.S. Average: 256.0

Violent crime rate in 2003
Oakland: 789.1
U.S. Average: 262.6

Violent crime rate in 2002
Oakland: 778.8
U.S. Average: 272.2

Violent crime rate in 2001
Oakland: 747.2
U.S. Average: 276.6
Property crime rate in 2015
Oakland: 564.3
U.S. Average: 220.1

Property crime rate in 2014
Oakland: 602.7
U.S. Average: 230.8

Property crime rate in 2013
Oakland: 668.7
U.S. Average: 250.4

Property crime rate in 2012
Oakland: 735.9
U.S. Average: 267.3

Property crime rate in 2011
Oakland: 620.1
U.S. Average: 273.5

Property crime rate in 2010
Oakland: 506.4
U.S. Average: 276.4

Property crime rate in 2009
Oakland: 588.9
U.S. Average: 285.6

Property crime rate in 2008
Oakland: 636.5
U.S. Average: 302.2

Property crime rate in 2007
Oakland: 729.1
U.S. Average: 309.2

Property crime rate in 2006
Oakland: 760.4
U.S. Average: 317.3

Property crime rate in 2005
Oakland: 729.0
U.S. Average: 322.3

Property crime rate in 2004
Oakland: 606.2
U.S. Average: 327.4

Property crime rate in 2003
Oakland: 602.0
U.S. Average: 334.1

Property crime rate in 2002
Oakland: 618.2
U.S. Average: 336.9

Property crime rate in 2001
Oakland: 564.9
U.S. Average: 337.2

Murders per 100,000 population

Your piece of shit city governed by a minority city council with half of the proportional police force to the city population clearly indicates what a failure liberal leadership is and what a lie the status of a city that people like you compliment as being somehow successful. One more fucking lie by the liberal left and their pathetic ability to govern! A fucking Joke! Triple the national average in domestic crime? You are so full of shit Dude!

Comment by Maui Surfer on April 13, 2017 at 10:16am

Minority? Where are you going with that rubiolito? How instructive another of OS's notable bloggers is actually in Oakland and blogging nothing but positivity about it. He is there; you are not. Who are we to believe ?

Stats? --- 

Man, I never bother to include research for others, but, this time is an exception as your hatred of really good people you have never met and know nothing about seems boundless.

Auwe ! (Alas !)


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