The Truth about MLK and American Sacred Cows


History is resplendent with mischaracterizations and even intentional cover-ups so as not to endanger or embarrass the participants who might still be alive today. Even the great heritage of nations has been known to fall contrary to the whim of truth rather than the legendary status afforded to the tale by those who would rather we did not know the truth! The sacred cows of history are supposed to be those figures of such great achievement that we not dare to tarnish their reputation lest the reality of interfering with the past be revealed and the true character of such great personalities that had an impact in great acts be discredited!

Anatomy of an illusion

Such is the case with one Doctor Martin Luther King who has been canonized by many Americans for his place in history as a civil rights leader and promoter of peaceful solutions in the face of violent protests from both sides of the riot lines drawn by police. Ultimately. Martin Luther King’s accomplishments led to the establishment of humane treatment and equality for American blacks who had been denied this opportunity by Democrat Party politicians who had refused to pass civil rights legislation decades earlier by their Republican counterparts even being responsible for the formation of the infamous Klu Klux Klan who had terrorized American negroes since the days after the Civil War.

Cleverly overlooked

Sacred Cows in American history though tend to run afoul of the facts and do not always live up to the pedestals of personal conduct attributed to them by historians often for political reasons. President John F. Kennedy was exposed for being a voracious womanizer. Great inventor Thomas Edison was proven to have stolen patents from inventor, Nikola Tesla. Former President and Supreme Commander of Allied Forces, Dwight Eisenhower supposedly had an affair with a younger woman while his wife was campaigning for the war effort which led to several embarrassing public displays conveniently overlooked.

As I say not as I do

Thomas Jefferson, one of the founding father of our nation, an accomplished architect and philosopher allegedly fathered several children with his black slave nanny at his estate. Einstein, the famed author of the “Theory of Relativity” was discovered to have given up an ill daughter for adoption. Several of America’s richest families such as the Vanderbilts and Morgans were discovered to have financed well respected endowments and Charitable Trusts dedicated to education that plotted to transform the public classroom into an indoctrination facility for socialism and government manipulation of the young child’s mind under the John Dewey doctrine!


Inconvenient truth

In a book written by one of Doctor King’s valued entourage who had faithfully appeared in public lectures as well as in the midst of confrontations during racial rioting Doctor Ralph Abernathy wrote an autobiography about his life and experiences with Martin Luther King along with his crusade to achieve civil rights. Doctor Abernathy loved King, but was conflicted by his mentor’s conduct behind the scenes and revealed this years later after he had parted ways with the civil rights movement and began giving interviews on his own. Unlike such followers as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton with questionable merits and what would come to be despicable attempts at cashing in on the works of Martin Luther King as the years rolled on and they began losing relevance as times changed, Doctor Abernathy relegated himself to improving the scholastic standards of black Americans so that they could become competitive in intellectual pursuits and technical careers.

Divulging the truth

What Doctor Abernathy revealed in his biography was covered up or overlooked for decades after it was published thanks to the politically correct hypocrisy of the left and a US media dedicated to preserving that illusion! According to Abernathy Martin Luther King has what was termed as a bestial obsession with Caucasian prostitutes! As a matter of fact, King went to great lengths to ensure that all those in his entourages were well accommodated with white prostitutes whether his congregation was in the US or oversees. Ralph Abernathy described one incident in Sweden when the King followers flew in and Martin Luther King spent more time making prostitution arrangements for his people than spreading his all prophetic message of equality to the point of embarrassment to himself and his followers!

Achilles heel of sin

Abernathy’s revelations are corroborated by the efforts of one J. Edgar Hoover, legendary FBI Director, who meticulously recorded Doctor Martin Luther King’ sexual exploits through the eavesdropping and electronic bugging of hotel rooms where the lurid encounters were committed and preserved for posterity on tape. According to sources, they reveal a troubling contradiction to the supposedly high Christian moral standards espoused by Martin Luther King in his moral advocacy and reputation as a preacher!

What of his wife?

This went on as his well respected wife often campaigned in his absence accompanied by either her children or friends of the King family as she too spread the message of racial coexistence within not just American society, but all societies in the world. It is quite ironic nowadays as character assassination of many well-known celebrities and political figures has been achieved through the unwelcome revelations of their sexual misconduct and even sexual harassment of women. If this unsavory behavior had come to light today and Martin Luther King had not been assassinated it would have cast a dark shadow upon the man’s character as it has upon such political figures as Bill Clinton. The hypocrisy is most definitely problematic. Did she know?

Today’s climate of compromise

It seems that the left has given American black athletes and performers a wide berth when it comes to sexual indiscretion. NFL players battering their wives and girlfriends have been often times covered up or met with little repercussion. It seems the victimization card often trumps some of the worst abuses that have been suffered by black women often beaten, abandoned, and left with children by the supposed dazzling personalities their indiscretions quietly pushed under the rug with out of court cash settlements. However, today Hollywood, the US media, the NFL, and Democrat party all work in consort with each other whenever possible to preserve their sacred cows and social influence at the expense of the truth and history as we know it.

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Comment by koshersalaami on January 18, 2018 at 4:29pm

Why do you think personal sexual morality is as important as helping millions of people?

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 18, 2018 at 4:57pm

Dude, you need to get laid, keep the F out of other people's sex lives in the meantime.

Comment by Ron Powell on January 18, 2018 at 5:15pm

The Chicago Tribune 

Ralph David Abernathy`s Betrayal Of His Trusting Friend

October 20, 1989|By William Raspberry, Copyright 1989, Washington Post Writers Group.

 WASHINGTON — For years, his enemies in the FBI sought to discredit Martin Luther King Jr. by leaking audio tapes of a supposed sexual encounter between King and an unnamed woman. No reputable newspaper took the bait.

Now the man who was King`s most trusted friend has succeeded in doing what his bitter enemies could not accomplish. The detailed confirmation of King`s alleged sexual escapades-three in the single night before his death-has been supplied by Ralph David Abernathy, an intimate of King for virtually the whole of King`s public career and the man tapped by King himself as his successor.

Abernathy knew about the FBI tapes, but says in his new book, ``And the Walls Came Tumbling Down,`` that he saw no evidence that King himself was concerned about the attempts to have the transcripts published. ``In fact, he seemed less concerned about public exposure than I was.``

Maybe that`s because he didn`t know his good buddy Ralph as well as he thought he did.

The question that crackles like wildfire throughout the civil rights community is: Why? Why did Abernathy betray his friend?

The answers range from jealousy (except for leading the ill-fated Poor People`s Campaign here shortly after King`s death, Abernathy never really became King`s civil rights successor) to money (``You think they would have published the book if he had left that out?``) to mental weakness (``Ralph had this stroke, you know . . .``).

None of the answers satisfies King`s erstwhile colleagues or present-day admirers, and none satisfies me.

It isn`t that I think King needs a phonied-up history to sustain his place as an American hero. Nor would I argue that the details of the night before his death are too lurid to be told.

If the account had come from an academic or journalist or historian trying to pull together a complete picture of King, I might have admired the research. If it had come from some uncommitted functionary, someone who flitted in and out of the movement in an effort to get close to what was the major story of the time, it might have served as a cautionary tale.

Who can hold it against Elizabeth Colton, for instance, that she has used her brief tenure as press secretary of the Jesse Jackson presidential campaign to bring us stories of Jackson`s unorthodox methods, his volatility and his temper? It was Jackson`s business, not Colton`s, to protect his privacy.

But in the case of Abernathy, the revelations are neither research nor insider gossip. They are tales out of school, the betrayal of a trusting friend. I`m perfectly willing to believe that Abernathy didn`t intend it that way. Some who have read the advance copy of the book call it an admiring work, an effort to render the great man in his full humanity.

My colleague Juan Williams (who read the galleys) says it is a good book- a book that eschews ``all childish deification of King`` and instead presents ``the reality of King`s mortal struggle to deal with the pressures of competitors, the media spotlight and the civil rights struggle.``

Maybe that will be my own judgment when I read the book, as, of course, I will. My purpose here, however, is not to judge the book but to question its pandering (however brief or parenthetical) to prurient interests.Abernathy says he considered deleting references to the sexual escapades

(which occupy only a few pages of the book) but was talked out of it by a an editor for Harper & Row. No doubt that is because the editor knew what Abernathy should have known: that it is the sexual revelations that will sell the book.

If Abernathy wanted to establish that King, for all our sanctification of him, had human weaknesses-including a weakness for women-couldn`t he simply have said as much? What could have been his point in supplying details that even J. Edgar Hoover never tried to peddle? What purpose did he imagine would be served by the revelations?

Here is a man at pains to paint himself as closer than a brother to King: his confidant, alter-ego and most trusted adviser. And then he proves his closeness by betraying the confidence.

According to one report, Abernathy intends to contribute his share of the book`s profits to some civil rights cause. This gesture, the rough equivalent of Judas dropping his 30 pieces of silver into the church collection basket, may be his way of acknowledging what King`s admirers already know: that Abernathy`s tales-out-of-school didn`t diminish King; they diminished Abernathy.

Comment by Token on January 18, 2018 at 6:11pm

Shame on you Vega

How dare you cast aspersions on anyone based on their sexual exploits!!!!!!

So, of course, kosher and Maui and Ron; you will certainly stipulate that Trumps alleged affair with a porn-star is no one else's business? Right?

PS Nancy Pelosi confirms that Trump's "button" is bigger than Kim Jon-un's:


      It's TWue!!!!!!  IT"S TWUE!!!!!!


Ex -President Obama is unimpressed!

The Donald replies:

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 18, 2018 at 6:20pm

Token, it is instructive that a bit much of Vega's diatribe here has to include vivid inclusions about WHITE WOMEN. I don't care who MLK, or you happen to fuck. I don't think Vega is getting any play because his frustrations shine through all the crap he spouts. If I am single I will sleep with whomever myself and the other person decide we want to. Now, Trump ... come on, his affairs have been all over the scandal sheets, and apparently a lot of Moscow hotel sheets, for decades. And, he wanted it that way, it was intentional, he tends to think he is some sort of sex god, he looks like the lousiest lay in the land, but, he don't want me and I don't want him so that don't matter. The thing with Trump is the PAY OFF, he's the one who laid out the cash to keep the Storm from brewing. Funny, he bragged to Howard Stern he kept Goodyear Rubber company in business, but then had to pay off a couple wives and how many prostitutes or assault victims form blabbing on him? So, MLK wasn't perfect, just another alpha male, surprise surprise.

Comment by Maui Surfer on January 18, 2018 at 6:26pm

BTW, can you think of another couple as fine together as our former Black Hawaiian Fearless Leader and his Chicago Goddess? Can you believe that bucket of lard Limbaugh made derogatory sexual comments about our former First Lady? I have NOTHING good to say about Trump, but, Melania has acted with class and decorum far beyond anything he could muster, even going so far as to plagiarize Michelle to make sure her speech was up to standards. And, can you imagine if Obama had a wife from the former Eastern Bloc? My Dog we would never here the end of how she was a spy, whore, Romanov, or Natasha herself.

Comment by koshersalaami on January 18, 2018 at 7:10pm

Yes, I will stipulate that Trump's affair with a porn star is no one else's business except insofar as it made the President subject to blackmail and thereby had the potential to affect public policy adversely. I criticize Trump a lot, obviously. You’ll find very few references in my writing to hair, small hands, Cheetos, or any of the rest of the bullshit that has very little to do with policy, ethics, or running a country. In terms of interpersonal sexual ethics, if we’re not careful about overvigilance we’ll have no one left. I don’t like that truth but it is one. Trump was at one point accused of being disrespectful to veterans about I think PTSD. I heard the outrage, including from Joe Biden, I watched the video, and I wrote a post defending Trump for it because I thought the accusation was bullshit. So, it turns out when I watched TV that night, did Trevor Noah, who saw what I saw. 

If you want to assume I’ll follow double standards you’ll need to do better than that.

Comment by koshersalaami on January 18, 2018 at 7:12pm

Previous comment addressed to Token

Comment by alsoknownas on January 18, 2018 at 7:21pm


I had to think about this awhile. I got here before any comments but waited.

You've shown a side in the last few weeks that most here might not think you had. A sensitive side that speaks of the let downs and failures of human interaction. I think it elevated the feelings about you in a positive way that some of us may have held. I'm saying it did for me.

The research I did, minimal at best after reading your post, led me to believe that MLK did not have a predilection of any kind for white women, prostitutes or not. 

My guess is that Coretta King knew of his wandering eye and perhaps as a reasonable person felt or knew that it was more than the eye that got down to business.

So I will ask you seriously how it could be, this long from the dalliances, that any of us should judge the man when we are not here to do so?

I'm not goading you. It's just a question.


Comment by Token on January 18, 2018 at 7:37pm


One might say the same about Bill Clinton, ( I remember saying so at the time as do many other people.)

only more so.... think, if you can Blackmail Der Donald on an otherwise not illegal affair, how much more black mailable did Bill make himself by "Not having sexual relations" with that woman? And yes, he was disbarrred for lying about ?Paula Jones? ..... but that was long after he had any Presidential power.


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