The True Trump Agenda Far From the Madding Crowd


It all began in 2015 when billionaire, Donald J. trump, threw his hat in the ring for his bid to the presidency. The competition was fierce, but largely inept among the GOP establishment. On the other end of the spectrum was Hillary Clinton, a corrupt career politician, with blood on her hands and a penchant for corruption, and Bernie Sanders, a Communist in socialist clothing with a long history of fiscal unaccountability and nothing but giveaway promises to further plunge America into inevitable currency collapse even faster. The problem, there were enough Americans, according to the fake news media that would buy into Hillary’s entitlement as first woman in the oval office or millennials who might push Bernie, the deficit madman, over the top!

True voters

What the bought off media didn’t realize and the DNC under estimated much less the GOP establishment who would go along with anybody burning the house down as long as their jobs survived, was that working class White Americans along with record numbers of Blacks and Latinos saw something in Donald J. Trump that resonated! Trump knew what the average American wanted and needed, a man of the people, according to talk radio host, Michael Savage. Why had the DC establishment ignored the open borders problem? Why had the Washington establishment voted in more taxes, more restrictive regulations that killed jobs and ignored the rising anger of those who wanted a job not handouts from big government?

Mainstream treason

MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNBC, all had received money from the Obama administration during the 787 billion dollar bail out their influence had been bought while CEO’s within those organizations had intermarried with Democrat leadership. The fix was in, but there were rumblings after 2010 when the Democrats lost record number nationwide in state, federal, and mayoral offices. The public had spoken! No more taxes! Listen to the plight of the people! But, still the GOP refused to make the very changes they promised and under John Boehner and Eric Cantor, excuses would replace results! Mitch McConnell specialized in than and even now in first assuring victory and then reporting after another loss that they had worked so hard only to fall short!

Man of the hour

Donald J. Trump not only promised results and re-energized the hopes and dreams of Americans with his dynamic personality and refusal to accept excuses. Just as the powerful corporate leader he was who did not accept excuses, he would bring that vision to Washington DC! All along the rural roads and highways across America the signs were everywhere! Trump for President! The people had spoken. Not the arrogant leftist schizoids on the west coast nor the Manhattan suits who imposed their will upon everyone else who saw through the illusion of the “Big Apple” these were the honest hard workers of America who had had enough! Yet, there was one big obstacle! That was the swamp. Nancy Pelosi said that the Obama White House would drain the swamp, but instead deepened it, thickened it, and grew it like a pot plantation!


Trump’s agenda, you ask? Lowering taxes to allow the private sector more spendable capital to stimulate the economy with. Trump, vanquishing Obama’s foolhardy Executive Orders that stifled employers from hiring and made the cost of building plants in the US prohibitive! Why? To suit ideological agendas that are more opinion than objective reality, yes! Trump signing off on the permits for the Keystone Pipeline, a job generating, source of secure cost effective energy distribution? Most definitely! A project that would provide 40 thousand jobs, provide tax revenues in all jurisdictions involved, and reduce the railroad disasters inherent in the oil and gas cars strewn all over the country causing death and fires? Most assuredly!

Tried and true

Many pointed to Trump’s agenda as Reaganesque. Why President Reagan had only lifted America from the steepest recession since the “Great Depression” and created more than 20 million jobs, a record that stands to this day while also stimulating unprecedented economic growth in his eight years. So, what could be the problem? The problem is the Democrat agenda along with Republicans In Name Only (RINO’s) who would starve the country, grow big government, create a huge welfare state, and tax the rich and Middle Class into virtual nonexistence just as every Communist regime has on the face of the planet!

Refusing to listen

The voice of the people becoming irrelevant offering empty rhetoric and promises of a government that replaces God with answers to all our problems while demonizing all who speak of self-sufficiency, free enterprise, and the dignity of self-created prosperity. Revising history to vilify our great founders so that the lemmings of the current day would see no flaws in the shared poverty of the Democrat lie America would fall victim to the designs of the left! The Donald J. Trump’s of the world, the Ronald Reagan’s of the world, the Milton Friedman’s of the world would become the fascists of the World War II era, examples of failed models never to be followed or emulated again! These tactics based upon lies used by the Soviets to enslave Russia, by Mao Zedong to isolate China under the aegis of a revolution while millions were slaughtered are the elements opposed to now President Trump!

Not Broke Don’t fix it!

America left alone, allowed to prosper according to its original blueprint of free markets, the innovation of the individual, and the belief in a God who established a morality that transcends the constraints of government: are the enemies of the Democrat Party, the leftists, the progressives who would ascribe humanity to the machine that devours the soul under the false narratives of political correctness, open borders, and the biggest lie of them all that we have no right to defend ourselves and the casualties of terrorism are much more acceptable than the vilification of a religion that promotes the savage murder of those who are not worshiping as they do!

Worldwide proof of failure

From the rapes of women in Sweden and England who have capitulated to this lie forced to accept uncontrolled unvetted Islamic immigration, to the Angela Merkels of Germany refusing to hear the plight of the people forced to suffer due to the idiocy of government sanctioned insanity because bureaucrats feel that their arrogant misconceptions justify herding the people like cattle without their votes or well-being considered, this is the opposition to president Trump and his agenda of reform and making America a true bastion of freedom that it once was and not an insane asylum of President Obama’s warped vision to be implemented by his Chicago crowd of vacuum packed ideologues thinking their form of goose stepping tactics are superior to a free people who exercise nationalism as a patriotic initiative not some Nazi White Supremacist movement that Soros funded radicals would proclaim as they attack police, campus facilities, muzzle conservative speakers, and incite the burning of communities in their process of propaganda for America.


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Comment by koshersalaami on October 20, 2017 at 1:26pm

Aside from character issues of the President, like his blatant use of the White House to make his family wealthier, there are three content problems past the rhetoric:

1. "Lowering taxes to allow the private sector more spendable capital to stimulate the economy with." That would work if the reason the private sector wasn't investing in ventures that hire people was that they didn't have enough capital to do it. There's plenty of capital available, and in fact this approach was proven not to work by George W. Bush, who gave the wealthy a tax cut and got a Jobless Recovery as the wealthy simply pocketed the money, not creating jobs. Why not? Because the reason for the lack of investment is the same as it always is: the wealthy didn't view ventures that hire people as profitable enough to invest in. Why not profitable enough? Not enough customers with money. The poor and middle class are too poor. If you want a Recovery, get them money first. It will reach the wealthy almost immediately.

2. Bernie's stands lead to more people with jobs, even government jobs, which means more taxpayers and more customers for business, both of which produce tax revenues and contribute to the expansion of the tax base. It makes no,sense to,look at Bernie's approach completely in terms of costs while ignoring benefits. 

3. Draining The Swamp was about getting lobbyists out of key positions of influence. Trump appointed a whole lot of them to his Cabinet, institutionalizing the swamp into government. 

Comment by Doc Vega on October 20, 2017 at 6:30pm

Kosher as usual you ascribe to the typical talking points of the liberal Democrats who vilify the rich as the culprits using class warfare in the absence of better evidence. Reagan's vision worked and it's principals aligned with our founding fathers worked then and will work now! Why would Trump need to enrich his family. They could go on for decades without any help from big government networking Trump made his money outside of the DC swamp. The Trump family doesn't need this! They don't need the aggravation. I think Trump wants to give back to a country that made the dream come true for him and his family. Stop playing the old and sagging class warfare game just like Bernie Sanders. It has never worked and the US is way to far in debt for it to work now!

Comment by koshersalaami on October 20, 2017 at 8:53pm


I'm not vilifying the rich. I am not in favor of getting rid of the rich. What I favor will keep some of them rich and make some of them richer. What I am saying is that taxing the wealthy less is bad for business. Business cannot continue to thrive if the customer base becomes poor. What business needs to do for its own long term survival is build up an ailing customer base. That's where tax money has to go right now and that's why it has to go there. Building up the customer base has the added advantage of building up the taxpayer base, which would reduce the deficit. 

The simple truth is that we already know from recent experience that cutting taxes on the wealthy will not create jobs but will increase the deficit. Fiscally, that's just not sound policy.

The Trump family is behaving like they do need this. That's one of my biggest objections to Trump. He didn't divest of his businesses in such a way as to separate from them. His daughter has used the White House to sell hotel services to foreign heads of state. Trump still concerns himself with his properties. The appeal of Trump was that he didn't need the money, so I wish he'd stop acting like he does. 


Comment by Ron Powell on October 20, 2017 at 9:22pm

"White Americans along with record numbers of Blacks and Latinos ..."

This is where I stopped reading this "post"....

Please provide citation of reliable source material for this assertion...

If there's anything that's true about "record numbers of Blacks and Latinos" during this past election cycle it's the fact that Black and Latino votes were suppressed in record numbers....

Comment by moki ikom on October 20, 2017 at 9:43pm

That's a funny one Doc: "Bernie Sanders, a Communist in socialist clothing with a long history of fiscal unaccountability and nothing but giveaway promises to further plunge America into inevitable currency collapse even faster."

So, ? it works likes this then: Capitalists (by definition -militant?- antiCommunist) over four centuries got us here to the edge, to the brink of "inevitable currency collapse"  and "if Communists like Sanders take over" we will plunge into an abyss only the folks who brought us to this precipice can save us from plunging into yet to be fathomed depths of hopelessness, abandon, despair in terrorUSt$' America, an implosion of hypocrUSy you could say.

Comment by Arthur James on October 21, 2017 at 5:54am


Deleters die on their birthday?

Nasty deletes. cc Save & send

to DC for archives. This joint?

Gone capo fast? Where folk go?


cc Saved

Comment by Arthur James on October 23, 2017 at 4:03am


thanks for not delting'

I'll read ` Far From The

Maddening Crowd;

off line


Comment by Doc Vega on October 23, 2017 at 8:21am

Ron Powell to quote a line from Jesse Stone, " the evidence I out there you just have to listen to it." I'm not going to do your homework for you I already did mine.

Comment by Doc Vega on October 23, 2017 at 8:24am

moki, being that you buy every lie of the mainstream media every one of their calculated lies trying to support Bernie Sanders, a loser and economic illiterate, and Hillary, an in prosecuted murderer. So, you have the right to indulge in your fantasy, but not the truth."

Comment by Doc Vega on October 23, 2017 at 8:29am

Kosher, the rich the top 1% already pay 42% of the income tax in the US the top 1% cannot possibly make up for the deficits that have been run up by the Democrats in the largest part to buy votes for themselves through welfare state policies rather than allowing free enterprise to flourish! Every one of their talking points from the lies of "trickle down economics by Hillary to Obama's rising tides do not float all boats, the typical socialist lies attempting to skew the over whelming data that made America an undefeatable world power are only the illusions of those who want to make government God using ungodly principles.


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