The suckers are in the bleachers. 

      I’m here in the hills, dizzy with anticipation and old age...your pick, pecking away at the first draft of Raytheon5, not driving. I’ve got two pages in, but have no outline to work from. I’ve not given this fifth project much thought, and don’t know how I would find my way home...without the bread crumbs. 

      I had to first note  that this fifth draft had nothing to do with the title Raytheon5, as the five is ment to mean “E”, Which in my world can mean 5. I’m no cryptologist, free mason, hypnotist, or even a decent chess player. 

      I was a big fish in my small town, neither non partisan or very bright, I opted for outdoor activities over scholarship. I did a little Jay Gatz thing, but remembered the ending, so went back to what I knew, which as the not so great outdoors of civil engineering, where I never saw a tree ring. I saw days worth of trees being ripped out of the ground, and immediately chipped. The whine of the machinery seemed like screaming, as if the trees were screaming.

       The carbon monoxide of the idling, decaying Suburban lingered in the cockpit with me, as I tried not to freeze to death during that  one of too many very cold damp New Jersey winters.

       Tree rings are historical evidence, and one of the real tools  environmental historians use to imagine a factual past, as the clowns and high wire acts divert the crowd with myths, legends, highly marked up and sugary snacks, and trinkets. 

        The past has been hijacked, but who cares? The show must make a buck, or fold. Think about the children! A few Hours of magical fun, daring, tintalating amusement to break up the monotony of day to day, back in the day. 

         The trees screamed for recognition, but over the roar of the crowd, nothing could be heard at all. The fish shivered with fear, the birds were long gone, facts ...facts remained irrelevant. 

          As I pecked out the first page of Raytheon5, I realized Slaughter House Five, had snuck back into my life yet again. With no other agenda could Raytheon5  be homage to Vonnegut’s  work, unintended?  With nothing but Ray Pinnox and a desire to balance the books to go on, I entertain the idea.

           The grifters work the duped crowd, but I’m not there, or driving. I’m here in the hills,waiting for that baby Tarentino tomato to ketchup.

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Comment by J.P. Hart on March 22, 2019 at 1:27pm

I am sure as hell not voting for Steve Bannon. Green one day red the next. And have we secured the perimeter of Fort Knox. Will the high stepping strutters call home. I've high hopes for MKE 2020. My tour company: Good Night Irene gonna roll-baby-roll. I knew it would be okay when the supermarket discounted the poinsettias just about midnight, that north star so bright so clear, nothing in the world to do. Run for the roses, maybe. Goodness through the ages? We got 'em, go get 'em let my people go.
Next thing you know, wine becomes an alcoholic beverage.

RBJ: Sum of witch is the reason why I've photoed:
Dalton Trumbo's johnny got his gun next to Jeremy Robinson's Xom-B on a striped canvass pillow.

Which cover has a peace sign?

(run for daylight kid)

Comment by Robert B. James on March 24, 2019 at 10:29pm

Garrison cap, or combination cover? 


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