The Train

Never heard the train coming in the night

Hit me before I ever had it in my sight

The train of abandonment that’s right

She’s just like a guard dog’s bite!


She’ll leave you when you least expect

Just like a nasty virus it’s bound to infect

The fool I am who failed to expect

Who got jilted with a damning effect,


I can feel that engine rolling rolling down the track

Being the fool I was got stabbed in the back

Just wasn’t enough to be good in the sack

Watch out Buddy your heart will become a snack,


I’m locked in this old emotional prison

And no quarter can be given

On the tracks of this calamitous collision

But the fool I am can’t even make a decision,


They say that time heals all wounds

But what about gale force monsoons

When your old lady is attracted to buffoons

Wake up Buddy you’ll get your answer soon!


Should have been an outlaw waiting on that train

You unfaithful women just drive a man insane

Better get back on the saddle wait for that chance again

Lord, just lay me down right where I’ve been slain!


There’s no medicine anywhere can ever kill this pain

Feels just like my life is going down the drain

Sheriff there must be a bullet with my name

Oh bury me now just leave my tombstone plain!








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