The Shabby Sheik - 1 - Sun on the Rocks

Summary of the amusement

Watched by a ceiling camera inside a Macau casino, teleoperator Clarity Nice joins the woman watching her, videographer Plum Bailey, in a live dealer gambling room broadcasting over the internet. Plum leads Clarity with her on board Heir Force One, the plane of Sheik Haroun Al-Najib, a man known colloquially as Hari, after offering to him a luxurious ring made by the firm Niaureieff, brought by Clarity to Macau, which points to an ancient sorority identified by a symbol known as the 'incomplete triangle'. Rejected by his family, known as the dumbest loss-making human of the Emirates, Hari calls on Clarity to sort his love life and make his first dollar on his own.

In general, Hari is a disaster. He likes to wear shabby clothes, which include a sweater with growths patched with puffs of woolfiller, ripped jeans, worn out brown leather shoes with one of the soles open, and housing several white pebbles. A golden bachelor with a solid reputation of lacking qualification and being indecisive whatever he does, Hari has not decided to marry, and is confused by all the women around him, who want to be near him in order to enjoy the affluent lifestyle of 'HDH', His Dumb Highness, as everyone else but himself thinks of him. Hari does not care about failure, and sees it as something inherent in business and in general.

After an email sent by error by Hari results in the landing of a consortium of journalists investigating the Sheik and the holdings of his company, Sheik Royal Assets-199 (SRA-199), Clarity helps Hari sort out some of the problems arising out of the unwanted notoriety. The mess created by Hari includes a scandal called Scrub Leaks, brought out in the open by wealth magazine Argyris, involving the Sheik's family assets and assets belonging to other powerful members of the elite. It also includes a money laundering charge by the British Virgin Islands (BVI) financial services commission, which leads Hari's girlfriend Nora Oakleyn, a journalist who works for gossip magazine Vanity Gloss, to leave him. As a result of the mess, Hari, and Clarity, are arrested and are led to jail in the capital of BVI, Tortola.

Stuck with Hari in jail, awaiting a trial which the authorities want as an example of compliance with laundering legislation, Clarity will have to find an ingenious way to leave jail, and to elude the charges against them, by bringing to the police commissioner those who tampered with the Sheik's account in Tortola. Lacking any local allies, the only way for Clarity out of Hari's mess, is to strike a deal exchanging favors with Plum, who is seeking a valuable list of connections owned by the Sheik, in order to reach the sorority headed by an older woman, Lady Mulham, which brings to their members an explanation of 'completion', in particular the completion of its symbol, the incomplete triangle.


Florentia Moenia casino live dealer room, Cotai, Macau

Special Administrative Region of China


The gambling videographer of the Florentia Moenia casino, Plum Bailey, zoomed in with her wall camera on the woman with light brown hair named Clarity Nice. The woman was approaching live dealer table one at one in the morning, and she had no official authorization to do so. The only reason Plum had let the girl in was her credential in a reality adult film known as The Golden Lamp of Casa Mollino. The girl's right hand showed a Niaureieff Alessandra ring made of yellow gold and diamonds, which she'd rarely seen, but appreciated, because it was elegant, and fetched a tag of seventy thousand dollars.

Zooming in closer to the ring with the camera and freezing the image, she noticed that one of its diamond baguettes showed a small letter v carved within it. The Incomplete Triangle, shown by that letter v, told her that there was no doubt of the ring's origin. She knew about its significance, and she also knew that the ring was for her, a way out of the croupier and casino lifestyle. The good looking videographer ran her hand along her soft blondish hair, grabbing a phone receiver to talk to the croupier in charge of table one.

"Get that girl approaching your table, Lady Mulham is going to want to see her, she's wearing a Niaureieff ring. Expose her and then bring her to table two, I want her in room five by three in the morning, before the other guests reach table one and see her."

The girl listening to the order was another good looking croupier in her mid twenties, who liked to watch her body in the mirror when aroused. Nives Celsius watched Clarity Nice sit down on a chair paired with her baccarat table, and she began to carry out the message of her supervisor, the videographer and acting boss of the live dealer rooms of the casino, broadcasting over the internet.

"Do you know this gaming area is not allowed for clients?"

"No," said Clarity.

"How did you get in?"

"A floor person told me to come here, I was looking for table one."

"No one is allowed here, this is a private area."

The Florentia Moenia was a rival of other casinos in Macau, large mega-gaming areas such as the Altira Macau, the Babylon, the Sands Macau, the Galaxy Rio, or the Venetian Macau. The word Moenia, meant 'the walls', in Latin, and so the name of the place literally meant 'the walls of Florence', reminding clients of the Italian city. The Florentia Moenia was less known than other casinos, and so it had come up with a more exclusive image, and a gambling service broadcasting over the web, which attempted to draw the attention of clients, those living outside of the local area of Macau. Potentially, those clients could come from anywhere in the world. But not anyone was allowed as client in the actual gaming rooms.

The croupier wearing a tag with the name Nives Celsius stepped closer to Clarity, to introduce her to a game of baccarat.

"Reach for two cards to play a hand against the bank."

Clarity reached for two cards from a deck. A nine and a two showed up.

"You are over nine, nine and two eleven, that's back to one."

Nives Celsius picked a card for the bank, a five.

"Pick a third card."

Clarity picked a four, adding her 'punto' stake to five. The croupier took a second card, a three, adding to eight.

"Bank wins, eight versus five. Now you have to stay here for two or three hours longer."

Nives lifted the arm of Clarity and held her hand, taking a closer look at the ring Clarity was wearing.

"This ring is not yours. Who is this ring for?"

"Someone is picking it up here, I'm not sure who is doing that."

"Where did you pick it up?"

"In Singapore, in a jewelry," said Clarity.

Nives turned away from Clarity, whispering into her headset for a few minutes. She was relaying the information to her supervisor, Plum. After a few minutes, she turned to Clarity again.

"Come with me."

Nives took Clarity by the hand. The Malibu teleoperator walked slowly away from the baccarat table, towards another table behind them, led by a second croupier, a woman wearing the tag Julia Flaminia. The girls at the other tables were talking to the cameras showing the live dealer service to online users, acting as though nothing was happening around them.

"This woman is naughty Julia, she got inside the private gaming area which broadcasts over the internet," said Nives, "take her to the Sheik in room five and show him the ring she is wearing, until he buys it. Plum wants to leave tonight with him."

Nives pointed to Clarity.

"We are leaving with her, she'll be one of his new hostesses."

"We'll bring her there in a couple of hours," said Julia, "that's when the Sheik begins to look for women around him."


All characters over 21


BANANA HUMOR for Adults previously released:

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Or Whether Corporate Nudity should be part of the Dress Code.


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Or Going Where Your Money Goes to Keep an Eye on How it disappears.


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Or Whether gold can be backed by a Renegade,

when money is backed by the cap of Castro.



Or Whether sugar can turn to salt when someone overlooks the honey.


Or How those who want you to leave your place are those who should leave in the first place.


Or How a shower can bring good weather to the bottom line.


Or looking at how you feel to let others choose how you think.


Or how the merchant of longevity

can sell a claim to live longer by monetizing wisdom.


Or discerning when vanity is worn

in order to meddle with the lives of others.

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