"THE SELF-APPLAUDING PRESIDENT"...but will he go Blind?

Ever notice Donald Trump chronically applauds himself - isn't that like Mastur...

I don't know - that's why I'm asking you!

I first noticed Trump applauding himself at his Campaign Rallies where he was his own Cheerleader.

But, boy did he blow his own horn at the State of the Union Address & I almost missed it  - I was too mesmerized by the Pence-Pez Dispenser behind him doing his thing!

Let's face it - clapping along with an audience serves a purpose - it's a cheap way to get the audience to mimic you. 

Trump's no fool - he knows exactly when to clap - he gets his followers to forget what he just said because they're too busy clapping - you know...The Simon Sez approach or Monkey See, Monkey Do!

I'll admit, as a former 80's Stand-Up Comic; I've caught myself laughing after telling a joke - but with my Act; I had to - I'm allergic to Tomatoes!

Take my joke - "My husband says Sex is like Golf - you don't have to be good at it to enjoy it...he's telling me"!

I'd giggle & then go on to "Take my daughter, please - she's more like my husband every day & a lot like her father too"!

Oh no - I didn't laugh after all my jokes - I have some pride left.  If they didn't like one; I would say,

"If you don't want to laugh - cough, okay - at least it sounds like a laugh"!

And, sometimes I would say, "I'm hearing these for the 1st time too"!  And, then I surely would laugh.

Lots of Comics laughed after telling a joke - Phyllis Diller called it 'nerves' & rising star, Eddie Murphy (when he was in character) had a honking guffaw & endeared us all.

For a Comic, if we pre-laugh - it's a plus; it can change the pacing & can assist or even save a joke.  So, I figure - by clapping for himself; Trump saved his rump over & over again - without ever letting on.

Me?  I'd rather have a laugh than applause.  No 'Standing O' for me: heck - if the laugh turns into a fart - that's nirvana!

Why, thank you!  ha ha

As you can see, I'll even go into my Toilet Humor desperation bag to make the evening a success - but not this time!

My Editor wanted to call this "Trump gives himself the Clap" but I heard there's a Medical Gag Order after the leak - no, Trump didn't write another Tweet...

...Olestra Potato Chips!


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Comment by Gayla Mills on Thursday

I hope he goes blind and his face breaks out...

Comment by marilyn sands on Thursday

ha ha  Now, you got me laughing!  Thanks Gayla

Comment by Tom Cordle on Thursday

Masturbation has caused tRump to go blind, at least when it comes to the pain and suffering of others.

And speaking of clapping – I wonder how many times Mr Proudly Promiscuous as caught the clap?

Comment by Ron Powell on Thursday


Comment by marilyn sands on Thursday

Thanks Tom!  All good questions for "The National Enquirer"!  ha ha

Comment by marilyn sands on Thursday

Thanks Ron - glad you got a kick out it - I had fun!

Comment by Gayla Mills on Thursday

I just hate him so much I can’t even...


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