I'm all for getting on with things, paring down what is excessive, and ramping up what is lacking; finding the cohesive structure that our government is in place to do.  Everyone wants work; it's what we do.  And most everyone is acceptant of the taxes we pay to have a central co-ordinate to manage the structure of the places we live, and work, in.

Much is lost in this basis with constant busy-signals, sidetracks, outcries, and the tilt of the fact of governance become overburdened with the governance of the body itself~!

Predictions, doom-says, what will happen next?!  What if?!  The what-ifs are rarely tilted toward a good, just more doom.  I only get the NY Times daily, and I have to say, "Could" seems to be the operative word throughout that paper, trying, wheedling, cajoling, into - yet more doomsaying.

All that aside, and underneath, the current static seems to be about just that ~ static.  In both senses of he word: static being interference, and static being staying in place.  Wire-tapping. Spying.  Who did what to whom, IF they did, and .. what is, or was, the result?  It's the unanswered question that keeps lingering out there in the ether.

I have to say that Mr. Trump seems, at times, to be on duty, cut to the chase, let's get down to business, which, I for one rather expected of a person who has always been, in essence, a businessman.  But then a sudden flip comes in aspersions, and the entire industry of media plays catch-up, either as soothsaying predictor, or doomsaying follow-the-dots logic.  Always wanting to know ahead of time - what is the outcome!?

This wavering has finally gotten me puzzled.  If indeed his places of being were monitored, what came of it?  If a piece of information is out somewhere where he would not like for it to be .. why draw attention to it?  

In the norm of discourse, when one party comes in as aggressor, the general response is defense.  It's just the dynamic of nature, of balance; nothing is known unless it's in comparison to something else.  Everything is a harmonic, a duality; every living thing, be it tangible or ephemeral, still has its equal and opposite counterpart.  But in Mr. Trump, I've begun to see both.  And that is, indeed, a new wrinkle.  Certainly not unique, but perhaps yes, unprecedented, at least for someone in his position.  

After all, he won the election.  

I'd venture a guess that the concept of a Sore Loser is fairly widespread.  I can't say universal, because I've only lived in one particular culture.  But surely it's not just an American joke, or some psychological depiction of Pavlov being frustrated that the cat didn't respond the same as the dog.  So I've begun to wonder, what is the reason for all this blather, outcry of unfairness, or bias?; what is the motive?  For what purpose?  To what end?  Even if it's true? 

The only way my brand of Logic can natter this out and come to some sort of conclusion is to think that perhaps the equal counterpart to a Sore Loser -- is a Sore Winner.

And that, to me, is unprecedented.


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