Noam Chomsky in Perilous Power (2007) posits that that the U.S. position with respect to Syria has always been highly opportunistic.  Take Syria and Lebanon.  The United States welcomed the Syrians into Lebanon in 1976, as did Israel, tacitly.  Because the Syrian task at the time was to massacre Palestinians, that was just fine, and there was no particular opposition to their being there.

In 1990, Bush Sr. was very favorable to the Syrians staying in Lebanon, because he wanted to bring Damascus into the anti-Iraq coalition.  Over the years, however, Washington has turned to a more natural stand.  Syria does not follow U.S. Orders.  It's a little bit like Serbia was in the 1990s. 

Strobe Talbot who was high up in the Clinton administration, agree that the main reason for the Kosovo war and the bombing of Serbia was, of course, not humanitarian but that Serbia was the last outpost in Europe not accepting integration into market system (neoliberalism).


What he meant is, they're not following orders, and they’re not joining the neoliberal consensus.  And Syria's kind of like that.  It's a rotten tooth.  In most countries the leadership just bows to the United States.  Syria doesn't.  It's a horrible leadership and has done all kinds of terrible things, but that not the reason Washington opposes it.


We can see how serious U.S. criticisms of Syria are, for its human rights violations just by looking at the history.  There is a list of states that support terror, which means mostly states the U.S. Doesn't like for some reason, and in 1994, Clinton offered to take Syria off the list of states supporting terror if the accepted the U.S.-Israeli proposals on the Golan Heights that Israel had seized in the 1967 war.  Syria wanted to get their territory back, so they didn't accept the deal, and so they stayed on the list of states supporting terror.  That tells you all you have to know.


In 2004, there came an opportunity to get rid of this rotten tooth, so together with France, U.S. Officials rammed through a UN resolution to get Syrian troops out of Lebanon and now they are pressing hard to overthrow the Syrian regime—which is a good idea, but not for their reasons.  They reasons are the same as they bombed Serbia: It was not obedient.


Will the United States do anything?  My feeling is that it's more likely to attack Syria than Iran, but I don't really think it is likely to attack either.  Syria, however, is more likely than Iran.  For one thing, Syria is much weaker.  Iran is dangerous to attack, Syria probably isn't  furthermore, I think Israel might like to do it, and they no doubt have the military force to do it easily; it wouldn’t cost the much.  So that's a possibility, although I have a feeling it's kind of remote.


The Syrian regime is an awful regime.  The Syrians ought to have an opportunity to get rid of it, but outside forces are just going to make matters worse.  And the reasons why the United States is anti-Syrian are not attractive.  France too, as far as I can tell.


Jared Kushner 'maintained private contacts with Saudi Crown Prince after Khashoggi murder'

Jared Kushner and Mohammed bin Salman have forged a close relationship that has survived the turmoil in the aftermath of the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, according to White House insiders Credit: AFP

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Comment by mary gravitt on December 15, 2018 at 2:02pm

Why the Israelis have decided to throw themselves beck into the arms of Hitler is a mystery.  But the Zionist have made their choice and they refuse to admit that this is a form of suicide under the leadership of Trump.  But as long as the money keeps flowing into the Trump coffers, he prefers coffins and not peace--A partnership made in hell.

Comment by J.P. Hart on December 16, 2018 at 1:10pm

Always wonderful to visit, Mary. Of late I've more clutter than butter. Healthy, occasionally some say wise. Weirdly Ngram Viewer spikes 'relief' in 1937, and I'm compelled to report we've a sunset final set before too long. Njoyin' 'da Packers and pass-interference Bears (fluke! there's 18 screens here, but what the May-Day I'm provided with 'just perfect' rita's, ribs if I want....I travel only with a well organized though stuffed carry-on. Extremely impressed with Beula. Jokingly she wants me to pass the washtube '...let's get Miley some buttons...!' The Bare Hands backup (trio-choir) is incredible. We're going places we've never been. I've persuaded this band of gypsies to check out Alex Haley's boyhood home in Henning,TN. Animated crowd cross-generational: oyeah mothers with their babes asleep, a couple with splendid entourage celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary. He'd been an artillery gunner at Pearl Harbor. Married on St. Nicholas Saturday 1941.
Blue skys or not, your work is a G.I.F.T. Mary Gravitt THANK YOU


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