Omarosa: Pence 'scary'

Former white House staffer Omarosa Manigault Newman has a warning for Trump haters longing for impeachment: Be careful what you wish for.  The nation could end up with Mike Pence, whom she describes as “scary” and “extreme,” on CBS' Big Brother: Celebrity Edition.”

USA TODAY (Wednesday, February 14, 2018: Iowa Press-Citizen)

Some people might say they knew his true colors all along, so why didn't I?  I'm not sure that I could have, given our long history and the slow evolution of our connection.

President Trump Responds To Omarosa's Book With Insults And Threats Of Legal Action


President Trump is attacking his former aide Omarosa Manigault Newman, calling her a "dog," among other things. The attack comes even as he denies using a racial slur on the set of his reality show The Apprentice.


President Trump is fighting back against Omarosa Manigault Newman using two of his go-to weapons - insults with offensive language and legal action. Manigault Newman, who was the highest ranking African-American on the White House staff before she was fired in December, has now written a tell-all book and is accusing Trump of, among other things, using the N-word years ago on the set of his reality television show, "The Apprentice." In a tweet today, Trump denied that any tapes of him using the racial slur exist and said the word is not in his vocabulary. The president also called Manigault Newman, quote, "wacky and deranged and a dog." NPR White House reporter Ayesha Rascoe joins me now to talk about this. Hey there, Ayesha.


CORNISH: Even while President Trump is trying to defend himself against this charge of racism, he uses words like dog and low life to attack her. So is this hurting his attempts to essentially persuade Americans that he doesn't attack people based on race?

RASCOE: For people who are concerned about Trump's language, it definitely undercuts Trump's defense of himself when it comes to issues of race. Manigault Newman raised this question in an interview with MSNBC. Basically, if he'll say this about her publicly, what is he saying about her privately? And he already had a heavy lift. His approval rating among black Americans has been low since he was running for president. And a lot of this had to do with him pushing this conspiracy theory about former President Obama that he hadn't been born in this country. That's not true, and that was seen as a racist dog whistle against the first black U.S. president.

And it's not just black people who are looking at these issues. A CBS poll came out this week that found that 58 percent of Americans disapprove of Trump's handling of racial issues and race relations. The larger context for Trump's comment about Manigault Newman is that this isn't a one-off for him, that he's been attacking black athletes, attacking LeBron James, Maxine Waters and other prominent black figures.

CORNISH: We can ask this question of many things, but why is he doing this?

RASCOE: (Laughter) This is always the question with Trump - is he acting intentionally because he thinks his language appeals to his base, or is he simply acting on instinct and not really thinking about the political ramifications? White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says that the insult for Manigault Newman was not about race, and basically Trump says offensive things about a lot of people.


SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS: The president has said similar things about a number of individuals, certainly, that are not African-American or any other minority. I can simply talk to you about the policies and the person that the president is.

RASCOE: And Sanders says the person that Trump is is someone who is working for all Americans. She pointed to the decline in unemployment for African-Americans since Trump took office and to his support for prison reform, which would help black people who have been disproportionately affected by the justice system.

CORNISH: Did Sanders say whether she's actually talked to the president about whether he's used racial slurs?

RASCOE: She was asked this. It was an interesting answer. She pointed to what Trump said on Twitter because she said she hadn't asked him directly. She says she hasn't heard him use the word, but she would not guarantee that there's not a tape of him saying it. She said, quote, "I can't guarantee anything."

CORNISH: There was also some legal action taken today to try and stop Manigault Newman from making further allegations - right? - as she continues on this book tour. What's going on?

RASCOE: Yeah. The Trump campaign filed an arbitration action against her in New York to basically try to stop her from talking about the campaign. She did sign a nondisclosure agreement when she joined...

CORNISH: Joined the campaign, not the administration.

RASCOE: Not the administration. So she did tell the AP in response that she would not be silent. So it seems like she's going to fight this. And so now you have this legal action playing out, and then you have Manigault Newman who is also alluding to releasing more of these secretly recorded conversations with the White House and campaign officials, so you may have more of that coming out.

CORNISH: Ayesha Rascoe covers the White House. Thank you so much.

RASCOE: Thank you.

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Millionaire Tom Steyer is determined to have President Donald J. Trump impeached.  This is a bad move because as the Constitution states at Amendment XXV (The Twenty-Fifth Amendment ratified February 10, 1967) Section 1.  In case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the Vice President shall become President.

Omarosa charges that Mike Pence is a misogynist.  His record of legislating against women's reproductive health rights is among the most aggressive.  During his years in Congress and as governor of Indiana he signed eight laws in less than four years to restrict abortions in his state, including the fetal anomaly bills that would have forced providers to cremate or bury fetal remains; forced women to have pre-abortion counseling, where they were told that they were destroying human life; and banned women for aborting fetuses that had been diagnosed with physical or mental disabilities and lethal conditions.


A federal judge in Indiana later blocked the law from going into effect because it unconstitutionally limited a woman's right to an abortion.


In Congress, Pence co-sponsored a bill that said hospitals could refuse to give a woman an abortion, even if she would die without receiving one, with the one exception of “forcible” rape (as if all rape weren't forced); thankfully, it did not pass.  He has legislated to limit women's access to birth control and has fought funding for Planned Parenthood.


Steyer had also better take Omarosa's disclosures in Unhinged to heart and think of the consequences that impeachment will have on the body politic.  Omarosa posits that one thing that she found disturbing during the Joint Session of Congress was how Mike Pence gazed worship-fully at the back of Trump's head for an hour straight.  Every one in the senior staff thought that Mike Pence was a Stepford Veep.  It seemed obvious that he was too perfect to be genuine.


His and Trump's personalities and worldviews were diametrically opposed.  And yet, Pence agreed with everything Trump said or did.  In real life, no one beams worship-fully at you all the time like that.  If someone looked at you that way, you'd be disturbed and think about a restraining order.  But Trump was not normal and he likes Pence's apparent worship of him so much that they established a weekly lunch together.


Perhaps his attraction to Pence was another sign of Trump's loneliness.  No one else in his life gazed at him with such adoration, certainly not his wife anymore.  (Maybe Ivanka?)


Although Rex Tillerson's criticism of Trump's literacy came long after the publication of Unhinged, Omarosa lends authenticity to his critique of Trump as a functional illiterate in high office.  Omarosa states that critics praised Donald for being “presidential” in his delivery of the speech before the Joint Session of Congress, which was the objective. 


Some noticed that he read off the Teleprompters very … very … slowly.  I knew from The Apprentice days that Donald is not a big reader.  While working with him side by side on my own briefings, I'd come to understand that he read at an eighth-or ninth-grade level.  That's fine for some, but for the leader of the free world?  We went from Barack Obama, a scholar, an academic, to Donald Trump, who was just this side of functionally literate.


Donald is very street-smart and is talented at making quick adjustments.  His adaptability has been a skill that benefited him as a businessman.  But for the job he had now, he needed to be able to read, and he struggled.  I'll go on the record and say that Donald Trump has never read from beginning to end any of the major pieces of legislation, policies, or even some of these executive orders (EO) that he has signed.


Senior advisers spoon-feed him five to ten bullet points about the legislation and forgo any discussion of the complexities.  To this day, his team pushes through Trump's EOs and bills, and Donald has only a surface-level understanding of the content he's signing into law.


When Donald once said he wanted to have an IQ-test competition with Rex Tillerson, I though, Oh no, you don't want to do that.  I know people will pint to his wealth and say, “Well, how can you say he can barely read, if he's such a great businessman?”  Donald has always relied on his charisma, his street smarts, and trusted advisers to tell him what was in the paperwork.

Everyone at the highest levels of the White House knows that Trump struggles with large documents or complex briefings.  They make excuses for his faults and justify their own complicity, as loyal cult followers do.  They believe he is the messenger, not the writer (or reader) of the message. 


Trump's charisma is all that matters.  He has an ability to convince you that he's right, and that everything is going to be fine.  You choose to believe because the alternative is terrifying, that he's not equipped with the basic skills to make crucial decisions that will impact the lives of millions of American and billions of people around the world.


These insider revelations by Omarosa should prove sobering to Steyer and make him reconsider impeachment in favor of election, and making Unhinged into a TV mini-series.  However, because Omarosa is African American and female, her insider opinion and Unhinged: A Insider's Account of the Trump White House (2018) for which Trump (in so many words) called her a “black bitch,” has been almost totally ignored or has been overshadowed by Bob Woodward's Fear In The White House


Steyer by petitioning to impeach Trump will leave Trump's administration intact with Pence, a Right-wing religious fanatic, as President; thus putting the final nail in the coffin of our American democracy, and the full-fledged installation of Fascism in the White House and the Senate. 

Texas Judge Rules Affordable Care Act Unconstitutional

A federal judge in Texas struck down the entire Affordable Care Act on Friday on the grounds that its mandate requiring most Americans to buy health insurance is unconstitutional. Here & Now's Robin Young talks with Sarah Kliff (@sarahkliff), senior policy correspondent covering health policy at Vox and host of "The Impact" podcast.

This segment aired on December 17, 2018.

Arguing whether the United States is a Constitutional Republic or a democracy won't matter if the Fascist have complete control without the Congress or Supreme Court protecting the people from the Presidency.  The Senate is impotent, and the Court is packed and cracked.


Unhinged is a Gen-X narrative in the life of, and The Dreyfus Case.  In other words it is in ways a slave narrative and a story of political intrigues.  I urge Steyer, who has the financial where-with-all, to make Unhinged into a movie or HBO/online mini-series because it contains so many pertinent inside information on what is going on in the White House.  If he is not willing to do it alone, perhaps he and Oprah—Tyler Perry can get together in this project of political enlightenment or entertainment.

USA TODAY: NATION & WORLD WATCH (Wednesday, August 1, 2018)

Trump's chief of staff agrees to stay through 2020, official says

WASHINGTON—Despite past clashes with President Donald Trump, White House chief of staff John Kelly has agreed to stay on through the 2020 election, an administration official said Tuesday.

        Kelly, who just it the one-year mark, told staff members Monday that Trump asked him to keep the job for the duration of his first term, and he accepted, according to the official.

        Trump has chafed at Kelly's attempts to restrict access to him by friends and favored aides; Kelly has chafed at Trump's efforts to go around him and make decisions without his input.  But relations between the two have improved in recent months, aides said.  <end>

White House Cabinet Turnover Continues, Mulvaney In And Zinke Out


Trump Campaign Files Complaint Against Omarosa Manigault Newman


Steve Inskeep talks to Bradley Moss, an attorney specializing in government transparency, about the Trump campaign's complaint against Manigault Newman, saying she broke her nondisclosure agreement.


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Comment by mary gravitt on December 18, 2018 at 3:09pm

Ain't payback a dog, Mr. Kelly.  But one good turn at Karma should be enough.  Mr. Stayer, don't try impeachment.  Try signing up people to vote.  That is the answer along with a mini-series on Omarosa's Unhinged.  It will like honey draw more flies.

Comment by J.P. Hart on December 20, 2018 at 11:26am

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There is a fable that when the badger had been stung all over by bees, a bear consoled him by a rhapsodic account of how he himself had just breakfasted on their honey. The badger replied peevishly, "The stings are in my flesh, and the sweetness is on your muzzle." The bear, it is said, was surprised at the badger's want of altruism. ["George Eliot," "Theophrastus Such," 1879]
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Comment by J.P. Hart on December 20, 2018 at 12:22pm

"...don't know much...:}"

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ciao, Mary Gravitt xxo
'Natch & Moi had a wonderful time here at the Concourse Madison, WI. O yeah warm terry cloth! I recollect it was Auden would labeled 'Poets ... the unpaid
legislators.' So it all comes down to the 'high-stepping strutters...' vs. the 'high caliber types...'. O well. The sun got in mine eyes. Hence I'm 'tempting to focus on another op-ed to MKE CO. Executive Chris Abele regarding Horse Mounted Sheriffs for those gorgeous parks. (Don't know if the Patron and Mango sherbet smoothies (walk don't drive??) and yeah, don-t cha know it's such a long run for a knit San Jose Sharks cap. And why is Madison Ave calling visor caps hats?
My visualist is back in Warsaw. Even Catch suppressed a yawn during my boring stories of 3 digit SAC codes. (slivers, clothespins) !O! Topically, what do you think of promoting Charlie Sheen as MC for the OSCARS.
It's wear your fish-nets to work day her at Afterthought, LLC and even this early in the morning my wish is that it be cay sa ra sa ra and not ? Syria. Apparently my flash fiction CHILDREN OF RUBBLE reads better in braille.

Comment by J.P. Hart on December 20, 2018 at 1:13pm

e as in ez unintended consequences.
Odds are Paul Ryan will not be the VA Consigliere.
Lil Bit and me have our palms clasping our ears - tea-he (Laugh Laugh) sound of an accelerating steam locomotive.

Please please keep doin' what you're doin' dear Mary Gravitt.
Are you on TED Talks?
Do you have any ribbons for an IBM Selectric

Mr. Tambourine Man (Live at the Newport Folk Festival. 1964)

Comment by mary gravitt on December 20, 2018 at 1:54pm

Tillerson is dishing the same dirt that Omarosa is.  At the mouth of two witnesses is still valid, especially one is a member of the Koch Network.  Trump needs no values because 40 % of the people have burnt theirs to follow him.  He has surpassed Hitler in fans and adoration.  And since Americans don't bother with history, some will ask "Who was he?'


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