The competition is killing us.

        I’ve long argued that there is no profit in peace. You can’t give it away. I’ve tried hard to figure a way to work the peace business profitably, but I’ve had no luck. Strength through peace is a tough sale. I’m not born yesterday...I’m aware of the issues. For one, peace does not scale up. 

          Fighting for market share is not peace. Nature is not peaceful. It’s dog eat dog out here. Strength through peace does not put Nature in a submission hold; she is doing her thing no matter what humanity does. 

           Strength is derived via cooperating with Nature, peacefully; in concert with Nature. Death is as unavoidable as rebirth. Coevoloution is simply reality, and constant. Reality evolves perpetually. Roll with it. You like MacArthur, will return, or perhaps more accurately never leave. Where to? Beyond reality? I’m quite sure none of us are going there, ever.  

            The problem with peace is that you can’t eat it. I’ve not worked out how not to starve to death, peacefully. I’m open for suggestions. People will not take starvation laying down, and neither will I. Victor Hugo never solved that one. This far up the food chain, one can easily forget how violent hunting and gathering; producing food is. I’ve gathered, hunted, and produced food. It’s a bloody mess, believe me. Just getting a parking space at Trader Joe’s can get you killed. I’ve been screamed at for playing my radio too loud in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s. It a war zone out there!

             I’m not going to war marketing strength through peace. I’m wating and seeing. I know I’ve got the product, and it works for me, but there is just no money in it. I’m stronger, strong enough to peck out Raytheon5, and sell attempt to sell it. It’s not about peace, so it might sell. I’m flexible. I understand markets, and media...It’s grammar and spelling that I missed reading Tolkien in Mr. Fury’s sixth grade English class. 

             I don’t have to bleed to lead, there is blood all over Raytheon5. Im leaving  sex out of the first draft. There’s lots of sex in Raytheon5, but I’m charging extra for it, like leather seats. You cannot run a MIC without sex, believe me. The ending of Raytheon5  will not happen without  first including a Peruvian cross dressing homosexual running HQ on the west side of Asbury Park.  Talk about diversity? It’s all in there, or could be in there. I’m not giving it away, or go to worry much at all about selling it. I’m not going to let a writing project ruin my inner peace, or sap my strength, at least not before it’s sold. 

             I’ve got plenty to do working out the peace problems, in the field, part time. It’s a conundrum, but what I do best is wait and see. I’m happier than I ever  was, but I’m not going to force strength through peace on anyone; I don’t even have a business card. 


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Comment by J.P. Hart on May 22, 2019 at 10:04am

My business card say: Creative Genius Since 1967. And after awhile I redlined the Genius. Hey there ain't no gold, RBJ.

How many deaths?

Far and away your best OS piece of the last 10,000 years, sir.

I am.

Back with WHAG rodeo.

Next spinning: Billy Joel's River of Dreams, twin play Temptations My Girl...then I'll be jet skiing with wheellie like reckless abandon life is good, maybe next year, and it's been said the coast is clear.

Beulah's finally home up n' at 'em impersonating Merry Clayton.

What good am I?

First of all


Comment by koshersalaami on May 22, 2019 at 11:21am

Is peace profitable? Depends to whom.

If you’re in the arms business, no. If you’re in politics, depends, because enemies can get you votes and can protect you from the people because they’re distracted by enemies from the crappy job you’re doing. 

If you’re an average person living in the Middle East, very, particularly if you’re not in an oil state. The Syrian migration was horribly expensive and both those who migrated and the countries that received them would be financially better off with peace. If the Palestinians ever get a state and things stabilize, Israel turns into a regional economic engine and a lot of area economies get way richer, including Israel’s as the necessity for that kind of military spending drops. 

Comment by Robert B. James on May 22, 2019 at 4:34pm

 for reading and commenting!

Dr. Hart...that sounds expensive, but cheaper than film any way. Consider your self a 2 grand a day guy, plus expenses, and I’ve low balled it, just to keep low bidder status available for your rejection. I’m pitching you at 4, and keeping anything you take less than 2 for a sunny day. 

Might as well start pecking out the screen play for R5, because I ain’t going to. Can you see a little cross dressing Peruvian with a large filet knife? You can’t make this Asbury Park shit up. But that’s the ending, or almost the ending in 2013, as the Freedom Tower opens for business:  I’m back in the original MIC ground zero, home from perma war, and I stop by HQ to see how the new deal is treating the west side.

Ray has escaped the nursing home, and is up above training the youngins on urban warfare, and the Peruvian has the bottom well under control. I visit both top and bottom, and begin on the gulf coast...Alabama plates, on the Enterprise rental. I don’t want to give the final ending up, as the MIC might not be too happy to know they’ve been under bid.

Kosh: peace is never profitable, if it was we would be swimming in it. You can’t even buy it at Trader Joe’s! You see the Germans selling peace? I’m giving it away and can’t get a bite. The Mideast? I’m not an expert. I’ve never been past Tunis, and left without a Fez. Who, in the Mideast is selling peace? Exactly! I might be in the top five peace dealers in the world, if there are five, and the last guy from my neck of the woods town to visit got tossed off a ship in his wheelchair. Klinghoffer? 

Sure we all think we want it, just like think we want clean air, water, and living soil...Yet we can’t seem to even manage that. People stop spending on war when they are broke or dead, once they get a taste for it. 

Comment by moki ikom on May 23, 2019 at 1:42am

Within the first three paragraphs i find more discord than accord... not just more more but absolute discord when it comes to such notions as "Death is as unavoidable as rebirth" ... rebirth? WTF? You believe got dibs on a second conscious-self round here on Earth or somewhere else? 

"You like MacArthur, will return, or perhaps more accurately never leave."  Bullshit. One dies, one is gone forever, in perpetuity.  

Maybe i'll come back to read beyond your post's beginning... no loss no gain from this pov, just more bs on the bs continuum... imua, ms wld say

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 23, 2019 at 7:21am

Creativity doesn't have to be. A gauntlet. Plenty of light. Cool with the numbers, RBJ. Far out cool. That's the rule. I visualize a good table at
TAVERN ON THE GREEN. Let me see if this Chinese solar calc. kicks in. 4 times 365 splendids out to 1460 and no, let's not hold out for the great Thomas Pynchon to enumerate the zeros. Anything that can get me back upstairs at the Pfister. Per diem in details. Essential vitamins hey those bloody Marys. Fast forward mid June?
Shall we look forward to even Sheryl Crow christening the boat? Two drifters bobbing the Intercoastal Waterway.
Santiago Beach.
Soul sisters more than welcome.
Walter's Route, High Calylpso!

Comment by Robert B. James on May 23, 2019 at 7:35am

MI: I got dibs on nothing. You whine bullshit with no counter argument? I’m doing science not opinion. Make your case or shut the fuck up. Your arrogance is only overshadowed by your ignorance. Bring it, or just be nice, and keep reading.

I deal with geniuses like you every day out there, with nothing  to offer but more negative vibes.  I’m sticking with physics until you enlighten us with your thinking. 

Thanks for commenting, look forward to hearing your A game. 


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