I’m a private sector historian. I have not now, or ever have been an employee of the US government or any of its agencies. 

      I’m no more a fan of the public sector than I am of the private sector. I am not an ingrate. The opportunity to achieve the freedom that I inherited by being born who, when, and where I was has not been taken for granted by me. 

       Having invested considerable time and effort to understand my privilege and the true cost of it;  I find it hard to blame myself, but I can easily read the faces of those who do blame me, and people who look like me for inheriting the opportunity to achieve in ways that were limited and strictly managed by the elders in a community that I had no choice but to be conceived, born, and raised within. 

        I served this community for thirty years as they ceaselessly attempted to modify my behavior...and I did my best to appear modified. I wore the shoes and spoke the english. I eventually became what they offered me at fifteen, after twenty years of allowing myself to be weaponized and deployed in a command and control system that I was incapable of understanding. 

        I did not inherit freedom. I did inherit the opportunity to achieve freedom, which I have achieved...without ever having been an employee of the US government or any of its agencies. I am not a corporate anything and never was. I took money for services to avoid poverty, did what they paid me to do, and moved on.

         I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve freedom, and hope that they do not run into traffic their first time off of the leash like we all did. Traffic is far deadlier now than it was when I was a kid. 

          I am not driving.   


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Comment by koshersalaami on November 30, 2018 at 10:26am

I’m afraid I need a little more elaboration or perhaps translation to understand this

Comment by J.P. Hart on November 30, 2018 at 2:01pm

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Comment by Robert B. James on November 30, 2018 at 10:59pm

KS: fear knot. Specific questions required, the world of the at least part goy is strange but very simple. Good as Gold! 

JP: hadWilleMayscard, nightgamesinsummeronradio...longballhitterpickupgamesonly.  Spinning wheel got to go round....


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