Kosh has accused, actually pointed out accurately, that much of what I put down to words is mainly autobiographical, and, I admit I will not stoop often to citing sources anymore online, google it, better yet duckduck it.

What this old body with a brain that still feels the same anger as it did when they tried to draft me, or when Shrub the Lesser lied us into a war that has killed millions and destroyed decades of work in the Cradle of Civilization, can tell you is there is only ONE WAY to get political results ... YOU HAVE TO TAKE BACK POWER BY FORCE, hopefully of the vote. Nothing else will work, the scum are just profiteers who are all Joel Osteens of various backgrounds. They have their faithful fooled into dropping dollars in the basket, and they have their masters paying them behind the faithful fools backs, and why those fools can't see that is due to a long hard revision of herstory, paid for with fake text books talking shit about Carpet Baggers and Scalawags, and how bad Mexicans were at the Alamo, um, it was their Alamo, remember? And the list goes on...

So, when I tell you that we had to fight the cops hand to hand to finally stop the draft you better fucking believe it, or you will get more of the same. Support these Florida kids, watch their social media explode into a movement that is nation, and then worldwide, and see how big a scared congressman can look when a fifteen year old girl finally corners his bald headed ass.

This shit has finally peaked, we are there. I was an NRA member, we went to class and cleaned our rifles and made bullets and got our marksman badges. I paid my dues, which were like two dollars a year or something ... but I did not pay for this crap, killing babies with firearms whose only use is to rip the most possible flesh off of anything it hits, making the idea of it being for hunting a joke. Yeah, lets get that wild boar with an AR and knock half the ribs off before the BBQ even starts.

Those of you who know nothing about guns, and I understand if you never even want to touch one, need to learn the various types and when to use what for which. And, I got a street sweeper buried in grease just in case you redneck vermin ever want to really get down.

Imua (Onward) Auwe (Alas)

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Comment by Ron Powell on February 20, 2018 at 10:59pm

As I've been saying, when people take their grievances to the streets, shit happens. 

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 20, 2018 at 11:40pm

Ron, I'm not big on self pity, my life has been one long beach party for the most part, a few serious breaks, but overall, a cakewalk. That said, I have been furious at some of the responses to your posts. The lack of experience of these readers stops them not for one second to chime in with "their opinion" as if it is worth two cents or even a bag of shit. WE TAKE POWER BACK FROM THOSE WHO STOLE IT, END OF STORY. And, that is how this story will end. My old NRA is gone for good, but, with online classes it won't be hard to replace basic maintenance. What will be missing is the camaraderie, he lifelong friendships, the pig oven luaus and the rest of what hunting used to be. Our next problem will be that any asshole can print a gun with a 3D printer. Right now they are just pistols that explode in the hands of the credulous fools using them, but that technology will soon advance. I plan to print carbon fiber armor, and I am not fucking kidding. Not just from fools with printed guns, but from drones in the sky. We'll be printing our own helmets to protect us while we zero in and mortar those motherfuckers right out of the air. Ah, the future.

Comment by moki ikom on February 20, 2018 at 11:41pm

Read that hawaiian -hawai`ian- ?- "take back power by force"? really?

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 20, 2018 at 11:45pm

Yeah, really, and don't even try and pull any Polynesian shit with me. I was lucky to hunt pigs on the Big Island, I was unlucky to be hunted by PIGS in 1969 in Berkeley. This isn't some existential sophomore class, this is the real thing, blood and fucking guts. I've seen it before, we took it back, Reagan fooled the fools, and now they have it again. Obama was too busy saving their jobs to do as much as he might have, so here we fucking are, on our own again. Worthless Dems who look like Humphrey and NAZI Rethugs who look like Stalin, er, Putin.

Comment by moki ikom on February 20, 2018 at 11:53pm

Shrub the Lesser and his Donald Rumsfeld created -survivors of holocausts committed upon them are, in this capitalist world economy become- refugees more Middle East refugees ((remember, Syria was point on USraeli bush2etal triangle of evil on the planet) for everyone in the world to deal worth than did or have terrorUSt$' Zionazi aggressions and subterfuges commissioned upon Africa and Southwest Asia generally,  Palestine specifically.

Comment by Ron Powell on February 21, 2018 at 7:38am

@MS; "The lack of experience of these readers stops them not for one second to chime in with "their opinion" as if it is worth two cents or even a bag of shit."

There are people here who are extremely incredulous re the notion that any black person anywhere can possibly know more than they do about anything, including being black and the black experience in this country...

They are willing to accept certain pronouncements from people of color who have been anointed by the white media power structure to "represent" or articulate certain perspectives or points of view... 

Generally these are people who have achieved some form of celebrity status and have acquired a financial profile that makes them acceptable or palatable to white audiences...

Comment by koshersalaami on February 21, 2018 at 7:53am


That’s not an accusation. What I was telling you is in your case we needed more context. Your experience set is unusual enough that knowing where you come from gets difficult. 

Comment by koshersalaami on February 21, 2018 at 8:09am

Your reference to taking power by force is a bit ambiguous. When you say Hopefully by the vote, I don’t know what you mean by force. At first I thought you meant violence. 

By force in terms of the vote is without question necessary. Violence is another question, for one thing because it doesn’t work. I can’t think of any instance where violence won a legislative change.

Comment by Ron Powell on February 21, 2018 at 8:30am

@Kosh; "I can’t think of any instance where violence won a legislative change."

The Revolutionary War 

The Civil War 

The Civil Unrest of the 60s

Violence or the existential threat of violence has been instrumental in the legislative history of this country since day one.

Comment by Maui Surfer on February 21, 2018 at 9:19am

"Violence is as American as Cherry Pie ..."  ...  eh, Ron?

H. Rap Brown

And who would know better? Sorry Kosh- you mis-took my affection for your interest in my writing with something else altogether. Sorry the rest of you don't have Ron and I's experiences. Sorry that IT IS VIOLENCE that takes back power. What if they actually do rig the voting machines? Then what? You going to sit on your but and complain? I will take a place up high and aim down.

Where I come from is the world of the Global Nomad. I've been places where human life isn't worth two cents, and dined with kings. I had a "board boy" in Peru who hauled my stick to the ocean for me, and a beautiful Japanese (yes, Peru is full of them) bringing cocktails down to the sand. I've also wondered near Jeffries Bay in South Africa if I would ever get out alive. So, that's a bit about my past, and just a very little bit. I hold no grudge against you though for living your life, I think playing music makes you an honorary Polynesian, as we nearly all do it, and I like your laymen's economics as much as anything I've ever come across.


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