I've been observing the trump horse and pony show pretty closely and I find it as fascinating to watch as I do speeded up videos of the chysalis of a butterfly but not nearly as pretty - watching trump churn and squirm and metamophosis instantly to whichever trump "his people" (fans) want to be in the presence of.

monkey facts about trump:

for a decade he's mentioned in interviews he thinks he'd be a great president, says he's been urged by "many" to run. 

clevery cultivated the craziest of the crazies - the extreme right, aka tea party since obamas presidency.  pumped them up with outlandish lies about insider info he has yet to reveal and unsubstantiated "proof" that the president's real birthplace was kenya; claims there's a private detective "on" an unexposed cabal who managed to place a faux public birth notice in advance of the birth as well as filing an official Hawaiian birth certificate before the president was ever born and other intracacies and preposterous nonsense.  just the thought that someone was ready to expose the "Halfrican Usurper" mades the little teapots all warm and squishy.  

ladies and gentlemen - possibly the next president of the united states 

why would anyone in their right mind want to be associated with those nutcutlets?  well, for starters because they're insane and his candidacy is insane and he needed people to support him.  and this group is so disenfranchised, they routinely embrace the stupidest lies and most self destructive positions and policies, all without batting an eye - because they claim to "hate government".  the fact that many are seniors and/or are living on disability and social security, makes them the perfect unquestioning cushion upon which trump built his wackadoodle populist empire - because most importantly - they're colorful and LOUD and get lots and lots of press with screaming demonstrations showing flags in distress, ugly, paranoid signs and ridiculous head gear.  

until these last few years trump supported liberal candidates and causes, and came out vocally as pro choice, etc.

so when questioned about his (new) extreme right/conservative beliefs, he had absolutely no answer whatsoever.  with abortion, chris mathews put him on the spot and forced one but with his back to the wall, trump could only sputter reactions and inanities - thank you chris mathews, because seeing trump had no answers he put some in his mouth.  it was great television but proved Trump has no interest in issues, no answers or political positions.  so why is he here?  maybe it's something he wants to do with his life that's really really great. 

(I have no way of knowing if he meant what he said - but I don't think he did.  I don't think he gives a rat's ass about abortion one way or the other.)

as I wrote in ron powell's blog: 

to be totally honest my feelings are very mixed and I wonder what trump is about.  I don't want you to think I'm thinking about him because I want to vote for him - but I find his the most curious candidacy I've ever witnessed and I do spend a good deal of time thinking about trump, his strategy, who he is, who he's shown himself to be in the past and who he says he is now.  I don't know.  it doens't add up.  his strategy is clear.  he will evolve or metamorphose into whatever kind of creature he thinks he needs to be.  it's entirely subjective and I believe, entirely spontaneous.  this is a remarkable campaign.  I've got some time today and i think I'm going to write about him, because I'm carefully watching and evaluatinng.  i'm not a political expert but I'm damn good at marketing and feeling out trends.  I have a sense of him but not a complete picture.

you're right - his followers will upset the cart if he doens't get the nomination, but what might be revealed in his presidential candidacy may or may not please the voters that get him into that position.  I don't assume anything about trump - much less about his platform or how he will proceed after cleveland.

if he follows the pattern he's been following, I believe he will worm his way towards the left because to beat hillary, he'll have to move into her territory. and her territory isn't so well guarded that he can't land grab it.    

he's already shuffled to the left on medicare, medicaid and social security.  he appears - and this is my translation of what he's hinting at and nothing concrete because he never says anything concrete except for that fabulous giant wall - like the chinese built (with slave labor).  in his foreign policy speech, he positioned mostly to the left.  no intervention.  except isis and then balls to the wall.  he's set himself up on both sides of the issue.  

john bolton likes him.  I find that somewhat worrisome because it means the right is rallying around the inevitable.  

so what am I saying?
I don't know.

I don't know who trump is.  but I have a glimmer from years of being a new yorker and quasi fan. I know he's definitely a huckster, a consumate liar, and an excellent negotiator adept at extracting money from other pockets to "develop" (meaning promote) projects with a trump name plunked on top.

he is a known land grabber and bully to any daring to oppose his plans.  he most recently convinced the entire nice little country of scotland to permit him to turn a magnificent stretch of untouched raw coastline into a golf course by promising them the moon and thousands of jobs.  to date, scotland is not happy with the trump moon or the piddling few jobs created. 

in summary - it looks to me like he'll say and do whatever it takes to get the votes to become our fabulous number one.  and his candidacy has been wildly successful to date.  every day the press yammers about the "end" but trump keeps beating his drum like a gilded energizer bunny. 

will he succeed in California?  what choice do republicans have? if fifteen republicans vote, trump wins by ten votes. 

trump has remarkable instincts and a media savvy like no politician ever before - he is an entertainer and these qualities give him an enormous advantage - his wild kabuki character is entirely self made and it's a well known and very popular tv character.  I have no doubt he'll be "firing" hillary in a few weeks.  

and for all her qualifications hillary is merely and routinely a politician and shes not very good with kabuki or the public or switching gears.  she is limited to about three different faces and she'll need a lot more than that to trounce this guy.  

trump knows who america is and what the country wants now - which is a break from whatever it's been that they've been doing in washington.   he's made a fortune being someone who cuts through the crap.  or created the entire scenario that says he has.

either way, it doesn't matter.   perception is all. 

he's never out of his trump character. (du jour)

where he ends and the bullshit takes over is hard to say.  I know he'd probably like to scrawl his name across the world like a motion picture logo.  

yet, I will admit there appears to be something earnest in his words when he speaks of making america great again - that's what my antenna picks up - he might want to up our pudding rations......  but what d0es that mean exactly?  how much more pudding can we expect?  who's going to pay for it?  

who can figure what he has in store for America? my guess is towering walls are the least of it.  (will he plunk his name across a nicer one? we should definitely start a pool on that!)

maya angelou said when someone shows you who they are, believe them.  

yet I cannot for the life of me figure who or what trump is, nomatter what he says today.  this year he's a card carrying racist misogynist slug.  but hes already downsizing the asshole and inching his way towards modifying it and seducing the country's elusive undecideds and middle of the road independents.  he's our foremost national greased weasel. 

1997 article offering a less hyperbolic, well rounded picture of trump the hustler/salesman from the New Yorker: 

Trump Solo - The New Yorker

he's no sarah palin.  

I don't think.  

but I don't know. 

is he any worse than nearly every politician who promises one thing and delivers very little if anything to us because of "the deal"?  i'm not sure.  I'm pretty disenfranchised myself, so I don't trust any of them.  (bernie notwithstanding)

our system has been reset.   if I were an angrier woman and not a progressive, if I weren't a born New Yorker familiar with the Trump hustle, I could easily let myself be sold because you can see that aside from the violent outbursts, most of those people are having a blast at those rallys.   but the possibilities are too real and too ugly for me to go to the dark side however silly it seems to be.  it just might not be after all.  

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Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on April 30, 2016 at 4:45pm

In another life I'm sure Trump either barked for a carnival or dealt three card Monte on the sidewalk some place.  $Hillary, on the other hand, either knitted in front of the guillotine or was a syphilitic pirate wench whoring for tots of grog.

The keyword in both of those descriptions is "either"...  no one knows who or what they were in another life anymore than we know who or what they are today.  Even who or what they say they are today is subject to change, and/or for sale, tomorrow.

All I know is that I ain't voting for "either" one of them because they are both smarmy liars, hucksters and narcissistic assholes (none of which are qualities I want in a President).

Comment by Foolish Monkey on April 30, 2016 at 5:00pm

Amy - I'm not sure who I'm voting for - I will cast my one little vote and make the best of it.  I'll probably write in Bernie's name because he's my candidate.  Don't have to decide yet so I won't..  Trump's an idiotic candidate.  I'm stymied why he's getting the number of votes he's getting. 

Comment by JMac1949 Today on April 30, 2016 at 5:01pm

That Trump is a huckster goes without saying.  That he panders to the worst fears and instincts of the American people while promising to "Make America Great Again"  is rhetorical jujitsu.  I have little doubt that he'll be nominated, less doubt that HRC will crush him in November.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on April 30, 2016 at 5:10pm

JMac, there are only 2% more registered Democrats vs. Republicans in the US.  When you subtract the 40+% of Sanders voters who have CLEARLY stated they will not vote for her and add in the HUUUUUGE number of Independents who think she is even worse than Trump, I wouldn't touch that bet.

Comment by Foolish Monkey on April 30, 2016 at 5:14pm

What's sad is he is that cynical, doing exactly what you say JM.  He's tapped into fear and hate and paranoia and disenfranchisement and he's covering every base..

What makes it sadder is that he's right about his base.  And that its such a large base, he will get the nomination.  What's worse is he could win.  Lets never forget Reagan.  Landslide.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on April 30, 2016 at 5:21pm

Given Trump's ability to outrage most women and minorities, as well as rational white men, I'm inclined to think that when push comes to shove that not only will moderate suburban independents but moderate Republicans will vote for HRC just to stop Trump.  Hell, even the Koch Brothers are thinking about supporting Hillary:

On April 23, 2016, Charles Koch was briefly on air on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopolous. During that interview, ABC Correspondent Jonathan Karl asked Koch, “So is it possible that another Clinton could be better than another Republican this time around?"

Koch responded, “It’s possible. It’s possible.”

When pushed by Karl about whether he could see himself supporting Hillary Clinton, Koch hesitated, “Well... we would have to believe her actions will be quite different from her rhetoric, let’s put it that way.”

Not sure if Koch was bullshitting to scare Republicans into voting for Kasich, but not surprised that he thinks he could do business with HRC, shaking my head and voting for the Bern, then Jill Stein in November.

Comment by Ron Powell on April 30, 2016 at 6:11pm
"I'm stymied why he's getting the number of votes he's getting."

I don’t see why any of you can be stymied re Trump's popularity.

Start with racism and go down hil from there.

The man is spewing racial bigotry and hatred from every pour in his carcass, and you folks still can't see why he's the number one vote getter for the party that has been exploiting racial animus since the 60s.

If you don't wake up from the stupor of denial and blindness,
you'll wake up with him as president.

THEN WHAT! A great big OOPS from those of you who will never have to fear for your life because of the color of your skin.

Wake the fuck up! Goddammit! Wake the fuck up!
Comment by JMac1949 Today on April 30, 2016 at 6:19pm

Such is the luxury of voting in California... HRC will completely destroy Trump here, so I get to vote Green and blame Texas.

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on April 30, 2016 at 6:47pm

"...you folks still can't see why he's the number one vote getter for the party that has been exploiting racial animus since the 60s."

Oh bullshit, RoPo!

The Republicans aren't a bit worse than the Democrats are in that regard.  You seem to forget just who passed the 1993 Crime Bill, which party backed welfare "reform", which party has the majority of support from the Prison for Profit lobbyists, etc., etc., etc.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on April 30, 2016 at 7:06pm

Etc, etc, etc...  too damn true... except DEms aren't passing voter ID laws to "prevent" bogus "election fraud."  Texas Voter ID Law ;-)


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