The Persecution and Exoneration of Immanuel Velikovsky

We have been given the impression by academia, the media, and our government that science is an objective attempt at establishing truth through careful study and thorough research. We were taught in school that scientific principal was at the heart of all of our core social beliefs and understanding of the universe. We were told that as far as science was concerned God was a myth. We were told that evolution according to Darwin was how nature provided for creation of all species. Yet, over recent decades we have found gaping holes in the scientific method that shed light on the politics of science. We have found that science is not treated so much as an objective pursuit of reality, but an insurance policy for educators that do not want to be embarrassed. Men of the scientific establishment who have built a monument to themselves do not want to be proven wrong.

Unforeseen consequences

Many times in the past science has been up ended by discoveries that contradicted the accepted body of concrete assumption. Instead of welcoming an exciting new possibility by a dedicated researcher often times this can result in backlash for the one who discovers a new earth shaking development that revolutionizes our concepts. We find that preconceived notions were wildly inaccurate. Yet, rather than congratulate that achiever he is often met with hostility becoming the target of those who want to destroy his reputation even his career! Immanuel Velikovsky was literally crucified for his discoveries!

Establishment intolerance

Immanuel, quite coincidentally meaning “God with us”, was not an astronomer or planetary scientist, but a psychiatrist by profession, Even though he was a close friend of Albert Einstein, he was considered an outsider to the world of physics and cosmology, yet some of his findings were so revolutionary that even though they explained mysteries long before they could be verified by other corroborating evidence he was attacked rather than lionized for his findings! Even today, there are those who have tried to minimize his contribution to science and the universe as we see it today.

Famous books

In books such as “Worlds in Collision” and “Ages in Chaos” Immanuel Velikovsky demonstrated a violent and unpredictable solar system where life could be extinguished suddenly by the actions of extraterrestrial bodies such as asteroids or comets. He even disproved Darwinism as the only explanation to evolution and species development. Still science clings to old assumptions and refuses to give way to findings that more clearly solve theoretic problems. Science is supposed to be a continuing study of nature, biological regime, and molecular understanding, yet we have found it being used to wrongfully justify political agendas without sufficient evidence in the face of pure lies simply to control who gets endowments and donations for further study and who ends up being chastised. Manmade climate change is one such example that science is now facing as a disputed paradigm.

Avant garde  

Immanuel Velikovsky correctly predicted major discoveries that could only be verified by future technology while releasing books that many of the science establishment frowned on as being made to appeal to laymen rather than to the academic circles. Once his articles were being published in well-known journals a hostile campaign rose up against him led by one astronomer, Harlow Shapley, head of Harvard. Magazine Editors who dared publish Velikovsky’s work were fired and in one case even spat upon! So, we can see how our presumption of intellectual integrity in the scientific world is misconstrued.

Major predictions

Immanuel theorized, for instance, that the planet Venus would be very hot when many astronomers considered that our “sister planet” would be shrouded in rain clouds or cooler dust and gases. He correctly predicted that the planet Jupiter would give off radio signals, and it did! This greatly increased his reputation for being a credible scientist. Velikovsky postulated that planets were capable of being captured by the gravitation pull of celestial influences such as larger planets or stars. His theories also led to the realization that the most likely cause of the mass dinosaur extinction was due to the impact of a huge destructive asteroid that brought planetary scale shock wave like a gigantic nuclear blast. This would have easily caused an annihilation of ancient life on earth as we know it.   

Opposing falsehoods

In the implications of his astronomic findings we see that Darwinian Theory is incorrect. Evolution is not a long drawn out process taking millions or billions of years for species to develop and environmentally adapt. Velikovsky implies that the massive trauma created by these catastrophic insults by asteroids, comets, or volcanic means are likely to create spontaneous adaption due to mutation in contradiction to Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” scheme for successful strategy of a species. What Velikovsky also intimated through his theory was that mankind suffers collective amnesia as a reaction to these continental scale disasters that have wiped out the civilizations that were once great and all powerful.

Historic reference

Immanuel used the historic timing of Biblical and Rabbinical text to correlate dates of major tragedies that affected mankind throughout the ages providing for lost continents swallowed by the ocean along with the societies that once thrived on those landmasses. Yet, Immanuel went even further. He took the findings of Paleontology extracting the data taken by the studies of fossils and completed the explanations needed to paint the entire picture. When the remains of dinosaur herbivores were noted as having died instantaneously with unchewed vegetation still in their mouths Velikovsky used this as further verifying of proof that a massive upheaval in the earth’s crust had instantly destroyed ancient life in the wake of an asteroid or comet strike! While science was leaning in the direction of some kind of pathogen that had caused a deadly outbreak upon dinosaurs he had correctly solved the puzzle and was hated for it!

Past scientific blunders

What other examples can we think of that clearly demonstrate the arrogant misconceptions of science that were proven wrong? How did the Coelacanth make an appearance in the waters of the Indian Ocean in 1937 when science told us the species had died out 60 million years ago? The planet Mars was assumed to have surface water in the form of canals. We know this to be a fallacy today after landing Rovers on the surface. Science doubts the existence of Atlantis and recently satellite data has discovered a giant continental mass in the Indian Ocean upon which a powerful civilization once flourished and yet was destroyed by massive giant tsunamis the height of skyscrapers when we’re told that the plate tectonics of the present day provided for a complete picture of continental drift. Science assumed that Pluto was the furthest planet from the sun but now we have discovered the Kyber Belt, a distant ring of sub planets and primordial material left over from the birth of the solar system perhaps also being the breeding ground for comets! We now know that when science told us that the “Green House Effect” could cause a global polar climate years later it could be the source of global warming and this assumption is up for debate as well!

Intolerance even today

One can think of Giardono Bruno, a friar and mathematician of the 1500’s who theorized that the solar system that made up our planet earth, the sun, and other planets must also be a process that exists through-out the galaxy and out into the universe as well with worlds like our planet that would also possess thinking and intelligent beings! When his findings were presented to the Vatican and Catholic Church he was treated like a heretic and executed horrifically. Included in his punishment was a stake driven though his throat that would force him to look up into the heavens and acknowledge God’s dominion. Such was the tolerant nature of science at the time, and it seems some things never change.


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