Im not in favor of faster, but there it is. I’m off routine and into the Red Rocket to see how the kids running my show are running my show three hundred miles from here. They call the shots, and I do as I’m told...mostly. 

      The new thing is not mine to manage, or critique. I’m an outside dog going to the vets, like. I’m not ultra urban, or even driving electric, into their version of tomorrow land. I pretend to understand, but don’t. 

                                            Still I go.

        I go because Ray did, my own father refused to play, and there is a lot of him in me. But after my father died there was Ray, who led me out of the maze and into this thing of theirs, not his or mine...theirs, the MIC. 

        I go. The pace has quickened.  I’m not in charge, I’m just a student teacher in the back of the theater. No more no less. I’ve got nothing to add, except presence. I’m on my way. Presence matters. I will show, and try to be the old man, I am. No more no less. Six hundred miles.  

         After all, I am their dog trained thing, and that’s that. I’m not a solo act by a long shot. I obey, mostly.

                                 And it’s going to rain!          

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Comment by Maui Surfer on May 21, 2019 at 8:13am

MIC MIC MIC Eisenhower Eisenhower Eisenhower. Hard Stop.

Comment by J.P. Hart on May 21, 2019 at 12:32pm

U.S. fighter jets intercept Russian warplanes off the coast of Alaska...?

One day you're Pony League All Star...blink dry eyedly...cybering Roger Dat re: Wheels on Meals.
I feel like a gunslinger with undiagnosed Lou Gehrig's.
Thought for a good while 'bout influential great books such as: Cormac McCarthy's The Road and inquisitively...did I read Hubert Selby Jr.'s The the right place at the wrong time...? As I'd dwelled (how could I run out of coffee)far away long ago from that tolling bell...statistics, Sparky? As where's that TX sage who'd adroitly counsel: tend the blog. Mend the song...Yowser: the strongman of haiku. So's it the Military Industrial Complex vs. the Putin Industrial Complex? MIC V. PIC. Such is the juncture when I've been ready willing and capable to 'arms-length-micro-chaos'...
RBJ: During the season of cap & gown, why'd the bad guy forget the best rule of streets and LAW, grin and frown: THE BEST WORDS ARE X FAR: STAND DOWN.
Budgets squared yin and yang, disparaging reads re: coral #s on these screens: no secrets to reveal! Steel drum tom-toms: wild dogs cry out in the night: LO;} Gone too that childhood board game: United Nations.
Of late, I'd participated in another K-Mart sell-down. Shoulda hoarded up on those huge landscape jigsaw puzzles...whatismore: I'd penciled much of my siesta hour(s) for sketchy structure of a new traditional novel outline.
Maybe I'll just unwind reviewing Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's slides.

whistling a happy tune
(dark)(pants afire)
freeze frame of those final moments...WAIT: 365 Catholic Saints for a random touch of wisdom + lore [red was the color that my baby wore].

Misfiled! Joker's wild!... The Castle of Otranto will haffta suffice.
Plausibility of Fire & Ice.

(dark) Horace Walpole! WE LOVE YOU LIKE THE MOONLIGHT! How's IT? Too much yellow chalk on dawn rain pavement!

Dick Neeley you're missed! "Theodore or a phantom he's unhinged the trapdoor..."
RBJ: Say it LOUD

Comment by Robert B. James on May 21, 2019 at 9:10pm

Thanks for reading and commenting! 

MS: The MIC is not that MIC. That MIC is long gone. This MIC is also ten subs deep Bourne, and off the books.  

Dr. Hart; Putin does not legislate morality, therefore  he will prevail over fascism. Indeed, American Fascism is crashing. Putin’s pay or die is straightforward, not lawyered up. What will outlive Putin is strength through peace. Wait and see is the best course, peacefully growing stronger block by unified block. Peace is security, National  Security. Projecting peace, pays off.  I’m the low bidder. Nobody does Peace cheaper,  guaranteed.  Raytheon5 is not cheap, and for sail. 


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