the oscar shmoscar snoozeorama ends with a bang

I thought the oscars started our really great - I had hope.  the timberlake bit was upbeat and kimmel was funny, but for me, the weight of all the faux glory and ultra self congratulation and pretension began weighing it and me down so I fell asleep with the hubbins and missed all the fun.  

see, it gets to me - I figure the oscars is an awards ceremony.  winners should be able to thank whoever they want for as long as they want.  but within twenty minutes, the oscar usher/police were dragging off two guys who received their shiny oscars beforecthe second guy could finish his first sentence. (can't recall the category but it was early on) ...

then kimmel announced something rather odd - they were pranking people on a hollywood tour bus - bringing these ordinary folks into the theater, told they were about to see a costume display - and opened the doors and quickly ushered them into the full blown ceremony, a small group of ordinary human beings, to use as an "everyman/woman" centerpiece to the show, showing how egalitarian regular guy all those gorgeous big headed stars really are.  

the tour people were, of course bewitched bothered and bewildered by THE most famous of the all encompassing spectacles of glitz and glamour and dazzle they happened to be plunked right smack dab in the middle of, ushered right UP FRONT AND ALL PERSONAL straight to Kimmel who without missing a beat - launched into his HI LAR I OUS bit, inviting both sides of the cultural divide to look upon one another and touch and then moving along to encourage the tour bus volken to hug and shake hands and tell their life stories.

then denzel got dragged into the act and either took it upon himself or was encouraged - I don't recall because this was right about the time this bit went surreal off the charts - so there's denzel conducting a weird mini marriage ceremony. meanwhile kimmel's holding a Q and A - ON TELEVISION - but most of this passel of hoodwinked humanity were still in the shock/freaked/thrilled/desperately trying to take selfies while controlling their breathing and BP stage.  So no one could come up with an answer to a simple question like LOOK AROUND - who's your favorite actor here?  

 and come on - who could possibly come up with even their own name when there's an army of production technicians and a gigantic audience six tiers high watching with an entire orchestra and ushers and moviestars AND OSCARS and meryl streep TOE TO TOE WITH YOU and cameras and shit right in your face, donuts falling out of the ceiling and jennifer anniston passing her very own personal 14K gold sunglasses to you - just because YOU are in the center of this circus. 

genuine la la land

I love film, I love Hollywood glitz and glamour but I don't harbor illusions that the hollywood elite are regular people dying to bust out of their PR constraints and have a beer or a slice with me.  Some MIGHT if I happened to pique their fancy, but I suspect there was a good deal passing around antiseptic gel when the bus volken were ushered away somewhere and finally, the big show went to commercial.

all I could think of watching this cringeworthy circus was would any of these actors shake those Ordinary Hands or give them the time of day and even piss on them if they were on fire if this wasn't live television being watched by about seventy gazillion people all over the world?  but on a positive note I figured, they HAD to have been recompensed because there ARE labor laws, so at least they had the experience, and the bucks, but still...I have no doubt they're watching the videos and seeing their own unrehearsed, very human reactions is causing nervous breakdowns in some of them.  personally, I'd sue. 

Sting was fantastic, but even he couldn't save me and I started fading, konked out, and missed all the rest including the historic big screwup, which wouldn't be such a big deal if this were just an awards ceremony but the OSCARS, Price Waterhouse? it came off and still comes off as pretty ghastly and very very strange.  

something stinking in denmark?

Odd that this never ever happened before - they're so fastidious - (duplicate CARDS?) and when it did it, it just so happened to the BEST PICTURE, the big upset contender which happened to be about a poor black gay person.  I'm surprised.  But not.  Lately I'm finding the country I love is peopled with a lot of stupid nuts.

so I'm wondering what in hell is going to be the explanation.  I can't imagine and I have an imagination.  but this - this is some kind of I don't believe screwup.   heads better roll. 

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Comment by alsoknownas on February 27, 2017 at 8:55am

Haven't seen any of the movies so I didn't care.

It was on in the background but once I saw Sting my gag reflex kicked in and that was it. Off.

Comment by JMac1949 Today on February 27, 2017 at 9:03am

Like aka, I only watch movies on TV... so it's no big deal.  Last night I watched Elementary and the PBS series marathon Victoria.

Comment by Foolish Monkey on February 27, 2017 at 9:06am

oh I love sting.  we've seen moonlight. and manchester.  and the denzel (of course).  haven't seen lalaland.  

it was pretty strange, this oscars.  I used to love it.  my husband, too.  we'd force ourselves to stay awake but I can't get past the fact that they've turned something that's rightfully theirs, the industry's, into a show. and because it's so controlled, it's boring.  

Comment by Foolish Monkey on February 27, 2017 at 9:12am

oh you people!  this is oscars!!

well used to be.  now it's really really not.  it's like superbowl halftime - totally staged. 

Comment by Foolish Monkey on February 27, 2017 at 9:45am

it used to go on and on and on, sometimes past 1am.  and it was wonderful!  now it's a commercial in a commercial in a commercial. 

Comment by Ron Powell on February 27, 2017 at 10:02am

Couldn't resist:

Comment by Foolish Monkey on February 27, 2017 at 10:04am

as the clown king would tweet



I think it was done on purpose.  

Comment by Safe Bet's Amy on February 27, 2017 at 10:05am


This morning when I heard that "White Helmets" received an Oscar I threw up a little in my mouth.

"White Helmets" won the short documentary award and was SUPPOSEDLY about the "moderate rebels" in Syria, but are actually members of the CIA assisted propaganda wing of Al-Qaeda  and the movie is pure anti-Assad propaganda, blatantly false lies and pure & utter bullshit.

If a CIA sponsored and armed terrorist group, who willingly murders innocent women and children, can win an Oscar then the Oscars can kiss my beige ass and GTFO.


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Comment by Foolish Monkey on February 27, 2017 at 10:34am

you know, I did a quicky search and I came up with a couple of sites that corroborate this.  I dont know amy...when initially I saw them on TV, I was moved.  but I'm not stupid enough to think it's not possible.  I don't know who these people are, where they come from, or who the CIA supports, who they don't support, why or how or what the fuck they're doing or why or how they do it.  the CIA is a living breathing maelstrom.  it comes, it creates ...something..havoc....discontent......then it goes elsewhere.  or it doesn't.  and this big bag of hot shit we leave all over the world's doorstep is all ours.  

but it wouldn't surprise me if it was CIA.  not in the least. 

Comment by Myriad on February 27, 2017 at 10:52am

I was going to watch the beginning, for the monolog, but missed it ... watched a little, caught the surprised tour group bit, which was cute and cringey, and then caught up on some slow, weird, gloomy procedurals (Kettering Incident, Wallander, Hinterland), tuned back in for the after-commentary to find I'd missed a colossal goof-up - just as well, talk about cringey...


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